UK Secret Intelligence Report Warns of Return of Female British Terrorists from Syria, Iraq

LONDON- A secret intelligence report warns that "jihadi brides" are plotting to return to Britain to carry out "lone-wolf" terror attacks as droves of ISIS wives and children return home, the Sunday Express reported Today.

The classified analysis for Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May says women and children who have travelled to be with ISIS fighters - or have been born - in Syria and Iraq, will be able to escape terror prosecutions if they convince police they were coerced into travelling to the Middle East by husbands or parents.

According to the report, seen by The Mail on Sunday, their return poses an unprecedented threat to the UK and Europe.

Several Western countries, including Britain, have ignored Syria's repeated warnings of terrorism backfiring on the regimes that supported terrorist organizations, particularly Syria and Iraq, aiming to destabilize the Middle East, the Syrian News Agency SANA Arabic reported.

Some European countries, including France, Belgium and Germany, witnessed terrorist attacks in which tens of people were killed and hundreds of others were wounded, the agency added.

 Counter-terrorism forces across Europe are preparing for violent terrorists (jihadi men) to return to Britain from Syria. There are fears that European terrorists fighting in Syria and Iraq, will return to the West to spread terror.

However, this is the first time the extended threat of their wives and children has been recorded.

The document says the terror group (ISIS) is more likely than ever to use women and children to carry out attacks in Europe as a desperate bid to extend its reign of terror.

Intelligence officers added there will be so many female ISIS "jihadis" returning it will be impossible to police.

The report says: “The threat women pose is likely to be greater than the available intelligence allows us to assess.”

It adds that most of the British people have travelled to Syria and Iraq have joined ISIS.

Nikita Malik, an ISIS expert from think-tank the Quilliam Foundation, said: “We have seen child soldiers in other theatres of war, but nothing like under ISIS, who brainwash children through their schools.”

False identities and forged documents will most likely be used to get back into the UK and they will delete any photos on social media which show any evidence of their support for ISIS, the report says.

British women, including Aqsa Mahmoud, 22, of Glasgow and the “white widow” Sally-Anne Jones, 46, of Gillingham, Kent - who took her 11-year-old son with her to Syria - have been trained by the terror group’s female morality police, the Al-Khansa Brigade, infamous for torturing other women.