Turkish Journalist: Saudi Regime Responsible for Spread of Extremist Terrorism

Turkish journalist has blamed Bani Saud regime for the spread of extremist terrorism, which raises the slogan of Islam while it has nothing to do with this tolerant religion. She has asserted that this regime is one of the allies of Zionist extremist terrorism.

In an article published Friday in the Turkish 'Cumhuriyet' newspaper, Nuray Mert warned against the danger of the new alliance formed between head of the Turkish regime Racep Tayyip Erdogan and Bani Saud regime after the failure of the conspiracy on Syria.

 "The new alliance was formed during Erdogan's recent visits to Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia," the journalist said, describing the new alliance as 'heinous' and comes within US President Donald Trump's policy that defends the Israeli entity.

Mert also labeled the regime of Qatar as 'rotten and corrupt', which is only interested in buying palaces in European countries and enslaving foreign workers in Qatar.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey are among the countries that support terrorist organizations in Syria in accordance with the US-Zionist Plot that aims to fragment the region and to have hegemony over its wealth.

Basma Qaddour