US, EU Use 'Human Rights and Freedom' as Slogans to Justify Aggression on Syria- Omani Paper

The United States of America, Europe and their allies have used 'human rights, freedom, democracy and justice' as slogans to justify their aggression and conspiracy against Syria, according to the Omani al-Watan newspaper.

The paper said in its editorial today that crocodile tears are shed whenever the Syrian Arab army achieves success in field mission within the framework of perusing terrorist organizations in Syrian areas and destroys the morale of these organizations which receive support from conspirators.

"Political exploitation of humanitarian situation and the talk of Syrian citizen's rights and the need to deliver humanitarian aid to Syrian civilians in areas besieged by terrorist organizations aim to blackmail the Syrian state and its allies through launching provocative media campaign and to deliver aid to terrorist organizations in order to go ahead with practicing terrorism against Syrian civilians and the Syrian states' infrastructures," the paper clarified.

 It pointed out that talk of the so-called 'safe zones' and refugees in Syria coincides with political and military developments, such as the announcement of comprehensive cessation of hostilities and the holding of Astana meeting, that are in the favor of the Syrian state.

"The United States and its allies were absent during these developments. So Washington with the new US administration tries to say that it is able to shuffle cards . Therefore it talked about the so-called 'safe zones' in Syria", the paper concluded.

Basma Qaddour