France betrayed both French and Syrian peoples

The French MoDem MP Jean Lassalle, who is a candidate for the 2017 presidential election, has declared that France betrayed and deceived its people through distorting realities of events in Syria.

He underscored the need to give an explanation to the French people about the persons who are supported by Saudi Arabia and Qatar and the French government has sold them weapons in Syria.

"I have noticed Aleppo residents' will to live and to continue life despite destruction caused by terrorists," Lassalle, who was a member of a French delegation visited Syria few days ago, told La Chaîne Info (LCI).

 Meanwhile, Member of the French National Assembly Thierry Mariani told Russia Today that the liberation of Aleppo city from terrorists is an important event, stressing that Syrians do not care about France's hostile stances towards their country.

"Over the past years, Paris has rejected dialogue with Damascus and it has become absent in political field," Mariani added, describing his country's policy towards Syria as 'disastrous'.

"France was like ostrich burying its head in the sand. It does not want to recognize that terrorism, which is practicing murder in Syria, France, Brussel , Germany and other countries, is a common enemy," he said.

On his part, the French MP Nicolas Dhuicq stressed that 15-20% of Aleppo city was destroyed, calling on his country to restore political and economic relations with Syria and to cement them.

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