Indian Journalist Affirms Supporters of Terrorism Will Pay High Price for Their Mistakes

Indian journalist Vijay Prashad has affirmed that the western countries plus regimes in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan, which have supported terrorist organizations in Syria over the past years, will pay a high price for their mistakes through waves of attacks that will hit them.

 He said in an article published in the 'Hindu' newspaper that the West tried to repeat the Libyan scenario in Syria but the situation in this country [Syria] was different. "The Syrian army has proved that it is an organized army and it is able to confront terrorist organizations."

The journalist added: "western countries, particularly the United States, have adopted new plans after the failure of their plans for direct military intervention. The new plans aim to weaken Syria and to create chaos through increasing support for terrorist organizations.. Mercenaries and arms have been conveyed to these organizations in Syria via Turkey."

"Halting the fight in Syria and the forthcoming talks in Astana could be the beginning of the end of the crisis in Syria," Prashad concluded.

Vijay Prashad is an Indian historian, journalist and commentator. He is a professor of international studies at Trinity College.

Basma Qaddour