Collapse of terrorist organizations in Aleppo pains supporters- Omani paper

The Omani al-Watan newspaper has asserted that the forces of evil, which have been involved in the plot of destroying Syria, are trying to stop the victory being achieved by Syrian Arab army and its allies in Aleppo city.

It clarified that these forces of evil draft UN resolutions under humanitarian pretexts or other fabrications in order to stop Aleppo's progress towards the great victory over the plot of destroying Syria.

 "As the Syrian Arab army and its allies advance on the ground in several  flashpoint areas in general and in Aleppo city in particular, fabrications and lies of fear over fate of civilians raised in a desperate attempt to help terrorist organizations that are in their death throes," the paper said in its editorial.

It added: "The escape of tens of thousands of Syrian families from terrorist-held areas in Aleppo city towards Syrian army-held areas refutes conspirators' claims and shows civilians' fear of terrorists organizations."

The editorial conclude by saying that all those who have taken the boat of terrorism against Syria are now in the last moment race to avoid the boat sinking in the flood of the victory which will be achieved by Syrian Arab army and its allies.

Basma Qaddour