Ottoman Empire: dreams of Turkey over Iraq, Syria




Some Iranian MPs stressed that the present Turkish rulers are dreaming of having an Ottoman empire in Iraq and Syria though the time will certainly not going back and said,” The US, having spent millions of dollars in Iraq, have not achieved its objectives in Iraq and that is the very reason it has led its international objectives in the conduit of the present regional changes and in cooperation with Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan and some countries has developed wide range of plans for Iraq including disintegration of the country.

According to Taqrib News Agency (TNA) wide demonstrations of the people in Salah ad Din, Anbar and Mosul Provinces against Nouri al Maliki government proves that a new plot is being hatched by the alliance of some domestic, regional and international agents in the form of Shia-Sunni disagreements.

Last week the State of Law Coalition led by Iraqi Premier Nouri al Maliki announced,” Turkey and Qatar, leading the demonstrations in Anbar Province, are the agents that fan the sectarian disagreements among Iraqi nationals and waging chaos in the country.

Kamal al Saedi, a representative of the State of Law Coalition announced,” We have informed sources that Turkey is behind the recent chaos in Iraq.”

The important point on the recent changes in Iraq is the role that Turkey is playing in cooperation with Qatar and Saudi Arabia as the factors behind the recent unrest in Iraq, particularly in relation with the sectarian clashes.

Some members of the National Security Council and Foreign Policy Commission of the Parliament in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) explained their views on the reason for intervention of some regional countries in the domestic affairs of Iraq and the interests they are following amid the crisis in Syria and Iraq.

Turkey is dreaming of achieving an Ottoman Empire in Iraq, Syria.

Ebrahim Agha Mohammadi, member of the National Security Council and Foreign Policy in Iran Parliament noted the hopes of the west for a destabilized Iraq following Saddam Hussein and said,” Iraqi nationals maintained their unity though the alien forces kept on hatching plots in this country.” And added,” An example for that is penetration of the Zionist regime in Kurdistan and the struggles of the petrified Arabs for undermining stability and breach of unity in Iraq.”

He referred to the role of Islam in topple of Saddam Hussein, former Iraqi dictator and also ruling of the people in the country saying,” Arab petrified states try to prevent Islamic Awakening to enter countries like Qatar and Saudi Arabia and in this line they spend their funds for hiring and deployment of mercenaries to Syria and Iraq.”

Iranian MP also noted the critical health situation of Jalal Talibani, Iraqi President and said,” The situation of Jalal Talibani is not known yet and the western and Arab countries are making the best of the situation to fan sectarian discussions in line with breaching Iraqi groups and disunite the people; therefore, whenever Iraqi President may pass away, under the pretext of appointing a substitute, they would discuss the topic of integration of Iraq on top of their agenda.”

Ebrahim Agha Mohammadi, criticized anti-Iraq measures taken by Turkey in alliance with Qatar and Saudi Arabia and stressed,” Present rulers in Turkey are dreaming of an Ottoman empire in Iraq, while it is certain that the time will never go back and Turkish officials will know their flaw.”

He added,” At the moment Turkish officials are following ways for a full adoption of the destabilized countries and intervene in the domestic affairs of Iraq under the same pretext.”

Member of Iran’s Parliament urged Iraqi nation to stay vigil against this Arab-western plot and said,” Iraqi people have to be aware that some countries, in a bid to prevent the spread of Islamic Awakening into their countries, are trying to destabilize other countries like Iraq.”

US, puppeteer of Iraq scenario

Mahdi Sanaee, another Member of the National Security Commission and Foreign Policy in Iran Parliament slammed the moves for hatching plots in Iraq and said,” Iraq has turned into a land for regional and international races.”

He added,” The present Iraqi nation is a democratic one though some countries have their political interpretations from the domestic changes of the country turning that into an excuse to penetrate into Iraq.”

Iranian MP also said,” On the other hand the US, having spent millions of dollars in Iraq, feels that it has not achieved its objectives in this country; therefore, it has led its international objectives in the conduit of the regional changes and in alliance with Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Jordan, have set wide plans for Iraq, including disintegration of the country, on top of its agenda.

Mahdi Sanayee highlighted the importance of vigilance of the Iraqi authorities saying,” Iraqi officials have to beware lest that some do not make the best of religious disagreements because the crisis would turn into an untamable fire.”

This Iranian official underscored economic growth of Iraq, relative stability and also domestic unity as the most important issues to be maintained by Iraqi authorities.

He rebuked Turkey for pursuing ways to hijack the changes in Arab countries and weakening of resistance and said,” Turkish officials think that past decade changes in the region and international arena have not been to their benefit while Turkey has always been following the ideal of neo-Ottomanism in the Middle East.