Voltaire: Mossad along with al-Qaeda attacked Yarmouk Camp

The clashes started on December 9 in the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp (south of Damascus) have revealed new alliances, the French Voltaire network has reported.

It sees that the strategic objective of the attack was to involve Palestinians in the crisis in Syria, mobilizing them on a sectarian basis. But the refugees did not allow themselves to be manipulated.

"Elements of Hamas loyal to Meshaal allowed fighters of the Al-Nousra Front (Levantine branch of Al-Qaeda) to enter the camp where they mainly clashed with men of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine ", the network said.

It now appears that the al-Qaeda fighters were not only made up of Muslim extremists, but also included Israeli Mossad agents.

They had specific plans to corner the leaders of other Palestinian factions and eliminate them. Not finding them, they allowed the other members of Al-Qaida to systematically loot the empty apartments of these leaders, according to the network.

After a week of heavy fighting, elements of al-Qaida, Mossad-included, retreated and the camp was declared a "neutral zone."

Around 120 000 inhabitants, out of 180000, had fled the camp at the request of the Syrian authorities that offered them temporary sheltersin Damascus hotels, schools and gyms.

Most are now backing home, While some proffered to go to Lebanon.

Countdown has begun

In a relevant context related to the crisis in Syria, Thiery Meyssan, the network's Editor-in-Chief, has said: "The countdown has begun. As soon as the new Obama administration will be confirmed by the Senate, it will present a peace plan for Syria to the Security Council."

While the French press persists in announcing the "imminent fall" of Syria," the reality on the ground has turned around completely.

As expected, General David Petraeus, the architect of the war on Syria, fell into the trap that had been set up for him and was forced to resign, Meyssan said.

In strategic terms, Meyssan sees the war is already over, asserting that the so-called Free Syrian Army has lost and has no chance of achieving victory.

Meanwhile, in Washington, the National Intelligence Council cynically announced that "international jihadism" will soon disappear. Other allies of the United States should now ask themselves whether this new equation does not imply that they too will be sacrificed.

Compiled by: B.Q