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Turkey Proved the falsity of its Islamic theories

Pirouz Mojtahed Zadeh :NATO has reportedly agreed to increase Israel’s participation in its activities in 2013 after Ankara eased its opposition to the move following the alliance’s approval of the deployment of Patriot missiles to Turkey.

Regarding the recent position of Turkey, the political analyst, Pirouz Mojtahed Zadeh in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) delineated the issue.

“Turkey by committing such action proved the falsity of all its Islamic theories and proved that Turkey, no matter having Islamic or non-Islamic system, is the major basis of U.S for supporting the regime of Zionism in Middle East,” said the political analyst.

He went on, “Turkey’s officials showed their real nature of their policy in the Middle East

and proved this fact that they are the member of NATO regardless to their religion.”

The recent position of Ankara officials and their support of Israel and NATO members does not reveal anything except abiding by the rules of United State.

“So we concluded that from Jeo poletic and strategic perspective, Turkey with or without Islamic system, is the major basis of U.S for supporting the regime of Zionism in Middle East

“Turkey does not have any interest in Middle East, and after World War II the country cut its tie with countries in Middles except the regime of Israel,” the political commentator mentioned.

“Turkey through using such an alibi, that is the effect of chaos in Syria on the boarders of Turkey; tries to enter into the opposition phase with the system of Basshar Asad,” Mojtahed Zadeh pointed out.

“The Turkish officials actually claim that migrating Syrian refugees to Turkish remove security in this country,” he said.

“The bottom line is that these refugees also migrate to Iraq and Jordon, but no problem happened in those foresaid countries,” the political commentator mentioned.

Regarding Turkey’s Okay to approving of Israel’s status in NATO, and the potential peril threat other countries in the region such as Iran, the political analyst underscored, “ I do not observe any peril from Turkey, since the country is not in the position to enter into military operation against Iran.”

“Even If Turkey is after such aim, the U.S and NATO do not let this country to accomplish its goal,” he mentioned.

Mojtahed Zadeh went on,” from the other side if Israel wanted to attack Iran, the regime would do that before.”

“Attacking Iran questions the existence of Israel regime; so the regime of Zionism try to use different subterfuges to urge U.S attack on Iran, that all its attempts did not work considering up to here,” he mentioned.

The political commentator added, “Although the military power of Iran in this arena is considerable but we should not turn a blind eye to strategic and Geopolitics power of Iran.”

“The U.S when attacked Iraq and Afghanistan, faced fiasco; given that the country does not dare to attack Iran,” the political analyst mentioned.

“Deployment of Patriot missiles to Turkey and on the Syria’s borders is nothing more than a show which held by the U.S under the title of Defense shield in Eastern Europe and around Israel,” he said.

“The silver point is that even these missiles showed before that they are not that much powerful; in as much as they could not stop launching Missiles by Saddam to Israel,” Mojtahed Zadeh said.

“In short, the military and defensive power of Iran and Turkey should not be compared with each other, since these two countries are each other’s neighbor and it is not expected that their defensive system faced the two countries with danger,” he concluded.

Source: Taqrib news agency