Algerian Army Monitors Tunisian Camps Training Terrorists to Fight in Syria




TRIPOLI, TUNISIA,(ST) _Investigations  conducted by the Algerian  army on military camps where  armed militias in Tunisia  are trained  revealed that these camps are training terrorists who seek to  join terrorist organizations fighting in Syria and Iraq.

The Algerian newspaper El Khabar (News)  reported that preliminary information confirms that supervisors  for the training centers came from Libya to Tunisia  to train the armed militias and then dispatch them to Syria.

The paper added  that when   authentic information were received on monitoring  three training centers for training armed groups in Jandouba area in Tunisia, 60 Km from the Algerian borders,  commander of the Algerian  gendarmerie ( police)   Maj. Gen. Ahmad Busteila met  with officials in charge to discuss the matter and avoid access of terrorists to Algeria or use the Algerian land  as a corridor to implement  their goals.

In this context , the paper said that the Algerian army killed al-Qaeda affiliated Libyan terrorist in the Islamic Maghreb  in  an operation in the East of the country where also three other gunmen  were arrested , whereas  one Algerian municipal guard was killed.

The newspaper reported that preliminary investigations by a special  army squad after the elimination of  several militants in  the recent military operation to the east of the country proved that one of the terrorists  is a 30-year old  man holds a Libyan nationality and was one of the  most dangerous terrorists in the area..


Syria Times