The Turkish Administration supports Al-Qaeda

The political analyst and editor-in-chief of ULUSAL TV, Adnan Turkkan, said in an interview in terms of the situation in Turkey`s neighbouring country Syria that the influx of the Western-backed foreign militants into Syria comes as the Turkish government under Erdogan is set to deploy six Patriot missile batteries in different Turkish cities along its about 900-kilometer long border with Syria.

Also the Russian, Iranian and Iraqi governments are sceptical about the real reasons for the deployment of Patriot missile batteries at the Turkish-Syrian border by NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization – but some call it North Atlantic Terrorist Organization).

NATO recently stated the questionable plan to deploy about six Patriot missile batteries to Turkey in order to “protect Turkey” from potential missile strikes by its neighbouring country Syria although the possibility of a Syrian missile strike against Turkey is next to nothing, virtually zero. Some believe that this stated reason of a missile strike by Syria against Turkey will never happen and that this is only a pretext by NATO.

The Netherlands will soon dispatch about 360 troops to the Turkish-Syrian border and also two Patriot missile batteries. The German and American government provide two Patriot missile batteries and about 400 troops each to handle and control these missile batteries in Turkish cities near the border to Syria.

Of course, some of these troops have already arrived in Turkey and also AWACS (AEW&C – airborne early warning and control) are already active over Turkish soil. The NATO missile batteries will become fully functional by the end of January 2013, also some source have already said that some of these Patriot missile batteries are already positioned in Turkish cities near the border to Syria and already functional.

According to a source of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty / Terror Organization), each of these Patriot Missile battery has an average of 12 missile launchers. The source of NATIO spoke on the condition of anonymity because the regulations of the Western alliance do not allow him to speak about these topics on the record.

PressTV has further information about the Patriot missile batteries which are deployed to Turkey by some NATO countries such as Germany and Netherlands

It is no real surprise that the German government is at the front line of the deployment of these Patriot missile batteries to the Turkish-Syrian border. The German administration under Chancellor Angela Merkel has taken the side of a war party against the secular and sovereign Syria since the beginning of the crisis in this country of the Middle East. After the German government had no much benefit from the war against Libya and other dubious events in Arab countries, they are now zealous in their attempts to gain some benefits after the fall of the Syrian government .

Furthermore, the German government is clearly among the war parties against Syria and is using propaganda to justify their non-democratic stances while they do not care about the Syrian population. The statements and acts of the German government and even the opposition parties confirm their criminal intentions and their inhuman machinations against Syria and the Syrian people.

The propaganda of German media has achieved the next level and since the beginning of the violence and crisis in Syria, they only prove their subordinate role and that the so-called “free press” in Germany is nothing else than a huge farce. In terms of the German government it seems obvious after the recent months that the leadership and even the opposition parties justify their statements and machinations by propaganda and lies in order to gain benefits and to please the real leaders such as the United States and Israel.

They want their share of Syria after the fall of the Syrian government and they do not care about the Syrian population. They condemn Salafists (Salafis) on German soil while they support these radical forces in the staged “jihad” against the Syrian secular government. There are so many hypocritical statements and acts by the German government which just confirm the statement of some who are saying that Germany has no own foreign policy and is instead subordinated to the orders of the United States and Israel.

Meanwhile, another Turkish opposition party has stated that the Turkish leadership under the Ottoman madman Erdogan helps foreign militants and religious fanatics to find their way into Syria and even helps them in their fight against the Syrian Arab army and the Syrian government in Damascus.

This Turkish opposition party has accused the Turkish government in Ankara of assisting dubious foreign-backed mercenaries and Islamists in finding their way into Syria over the Turkish-Syrian border.

Some members of the big Turkish opposition party (the Republican People’s Party) said that Saudi and Libyan militants are freely entering the neighbouring country Syria via the Turkish-Syrian border. This information is not new but it is further evidence that these accusations against the Turkish administration under Erdogan are true.

Furthermore, these members of the Turkish Republican People’s Party also said that the Erdogan administration in Turkey is using the Turkish army for dubious operations. For example, they said that the Turkish military escorts and protects the Islamists and militants on their way to join the Western-backed terrorist groups in Syria.

It is understandable that more and more honest experts of the affairs in the Middle East believe that all this is an anti-Syria plot which is headed by the US administration with the help of some European governments. Of course, also the totalitarian dictatorships like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the best allies of the West, have a main role in this alliance of state terrorism against Syria – because of economic and questionable religious reasons.

In addition, none of these members of the war party against Syria and the Syrian people care about the minorities in this country of the Middle East. They support radical Islamists, militants, religious fanatics and others although these fanatic groups are not only a threat to the minority in Syria but will also become a threat for the neighboring states of Syria and even for other regions of this planet.

The blather about human rights, democracy and freedom is just a pretext of these Western governments to justify their misanthropic acts in order to gain benefits. The sad point is that these hypocritical lies are still working and that the majority of Western people just do not care.

While it is obvious that the machinations of Germany, France, Britain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and especially Israel, Turkey and the United States fuel the violence and unrest in Syria and that these powers are not interested in a peaceful solution of the crisis in this country of the Middle East.

Adnan Turkkan, the political analyst and editor-in-chief of ULUSAL TV, which was already mentioned in the beginning of this post, also confirmed that foreign-backed terrorists are going through Turkey in order to penetrate into Syria. Mr Turkkan called them criminals and prisoners from Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

The Turkish political analyst also stated that the Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia took all their prisoners out of their jails and sent them to Turkey to go to Syria to join terrorists there, which is already confirmed by a leaked document.

Furthermore, the editor-in-chief of ULUSAL TV also mentioned the number of 3,000 al-Qaeda (“Al-CIAda”) members at the Turkish border to Syria which are also causing tension in Turkey, of course. The Turkish government, headed by the Ottoman madmen Erdogan, is supporting these religious fanatics and terrorists in order to continue the proxy war against the neighboring country.