I am with President Bashar al- Assad more than ever(Franjieh)




Head of Lebanese Marada Movement MP Suleiman Franjieh hoped that, the Lebanese Army is firm in banning strife.

In an interview with MTV channel, Franjieh viewed that "a political and governmental cover was provided for the LA to deploy in Tripoli. However, if no such cover was present, the LA will withdraw."

As he explained that the LA can't control security with compromise, he unveiled that contacts were escalated to overcome the obstacles. "And the LA deployed for the first time in Bab al-Tabbaneh and this is very good," the MP added.

Moreover, Franjieh reiterated that "any discussion on arms needs confidence."

"We must admit that everyone owns weapons in Lebanon," he said, and noted that "the resistance weapons are in their legitimate position."

The Marada leader further reminded of March 14 conspiracy against the resistance during 2006 "Israeli" aggression on Lebanon.

"March 14 owns the great sums of money and not March 8," he said.

In parallel, Franjieh added: "March 14 wants the transition to statehood to happen according to its vision, which is based on disarming Hizbullah, while they don't mention the arms of the Palestinians. They want to remove the pro-Syria Palestinian arms and to keep the arms of the other Palestinian factions inside the camps."

On the Syrian front, Franjieh repeated his support to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime. "Today I'm with al-Assad more than I was three years ago," he asserted.

"A lot of Lebanese politicians ask me if I'm still with al-Assad, whom they say will lose. To them alliances are based on gains. To me, he is winning and al-Assad regime is good for Christians and minorities," the MP clarified.

He further stressed that Lebanon's interest is in dissociating itself from interfering in the Syrian conflict.

Moreover, Franjieh accused March 14 of seeking to topple the Syrian regime ahead of toppling the resistance. "They bet on the partitioning of the neighboring country and subsequently of Lebanon," he said.

The MP also highlighted that "supporting Syria's opposition is sectarian and all what is linked to the so-called "revolution is based on money."

Commenting on MP Okab Saqr's recordings, Franjieh said: "Oqab Saqr's masters, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, have publicly announced that they want to arm the Syrian opposition and I don't think that Saqr would distance himself."

"At least half of the Lebanese view that Saqr is involved in Syria," the MP said, and wondered: "Why are they shy? Couldn't they make Abu Ibrahim release at least one of the Lebanese hostages in Syria?"

He also accused the Future Movement of being "involved in financing, arming and recruitment," noting that "those who were killed in Tall Kalakh paid the price of political choices aimed at strengthening the Americans' position in the negotiations with Russia over Syria."


Source: MTV