Eid: FSA controls Tripoli




The political relations official in the Arab Democratic party Rifat Eid hailed Monday the Lebanese Army's procedures to restore calm in Tripoli.

In an interview with al-Ahed News site, Eid revealed that "the LA deployed its units in the hot spots between Jabal Mohsen and Bab al-Tabbaneh after carrying a series of wide raids."

As he stressed that his party will offer all possible facilities for the success of the truce, Eid urged all sides to protect the LA i.e. performing its duties.

In parallel, the party's top official warned that "targeting the LA would lead to serious consequences, especially that there is an intention to drag Lebanon into the repercussions of the Syrian crisis."

In this context, Eid accused the "Free Syrian Army" militia of being responsible of Northern events.

Eid, who confirmed that the FSA members control the city, revealed that the Future bloc MPs informed Interior Minister Marwan Charbel during his visit to the North that they control only 40% of the insurgents in the city.

"The remaining members are under the FSA command," he unveiled, and noted that "the head of the Future Movement, MP Saad Hariri, is obsessed with returning to power at any cost."

Meanwhile, the head of Arab Democratic party stated that "Hariri cares neither for the dead nor for the wounded in the North."

"He doesn't care if Tripoli is burned city or demolished. What is important to him is to return to power," Eid viewed.

According to him, Future militants escalated the battle to cover up all what is related to Tal Kalakh ambush and the frustrating consequences.

He also reiterated that his party was the first to call for returning the bodies of the people who died in Tal Kalakh.

"Why do they continue fighting? Isn't it for covering their failures?" Eid wondered.

On another level, he neglected the calls for the dissolution and elimination of his party from Jabal Mohsen , the confiscation of its weapons and suing its members.

"Those who are demanding such titles aim at the displacement of the Muslim Alawitte sect to implement their plan of establishing an Emirate in Tripoli," Eid said.

Moreover, the official declared: "We will accept only a basket of solutions and we want to be part of the dialogue as well as of all aspects in the state."

"Tripoli is a city everyone, and we will not be dragged to any temptation," he said, and hoped that "the government expels all strangers who wreak havoc on earth."

As he announced his party's commitment to the self- dissociation policy, Eid accused the other side of spreading tension to achieve personal and factional interests.

Source: al-Ahed News