Aleppo as an Islamic Emirate – the “Jihadists” Goal




Al-Watan Syrian newspaper quoted civilians who left their homes in Daria city of Damascus countryside that their city turned into a stronghold for the terrorists who came from several areas in Damascus countryside to carry out the Battle of Damascus.

The residents confirmed that most of the insurgents are foreigners who were wearing the symbol of al-Qaeda and have heavy armoury and mortar launchers.

The newspaper pointed out that the militants are about 2000-4000 fighters who entered large quantity of explosives, booby-trapped roads and buildings and barricaded in houses that they broke in earlier.

The newspaper also stated that the Syrian Army has surrounded the city and started moving forward through its four axises, causing large losses of the militants.

“The bodies of fighters are all over the city” the newspaper wrote, “lots of the corpses were burned, where other militants are still barricading in buildings, mosques and governmental institutions”

The newspaper added that the Syrian Army is predicted to settle the battle in the next few days after removing explosive charges and secure the roads in the city.

“Al-Watan” said that the Syrian Army has a new strategy in its current battle that includes attracting lots of terrorists inside the city and eliminating them.

About Aleppo, the newspaper said that the Islamic groups that link with al-Qaeda have strengthened in their positions in several neighborhoods of Aleppo city.

“The Islamists hold sway over the city after Arab and foreign “Jihadists” entered, attempting to make the city an Islamic emirate” the newspaper stated.