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Biden’s Inhumanity on Syria

The U.S. hypocrisy to come will be even greater than anything tried by the Trump administration.

By:  Patrick Lawrence

For a time after Joe Biden took office not quite three months ago, among the questions raised was how the new administration would address the Syria question.

I do not think we will have to wonder about this much longer. It is early days yet, but one now detects the Biden’s administration’s Syria policy in faint outline. From what one can make out, it is bleak, it is vicious, it is unconscionably cruel to the Syrian people.

Washington plans to rehabilitate Al-Nusra Front terrorist organization to commit more crimes in Syria: US website

The American World Socialist website has described the interview recently conducted by the US Public Broadcasting Service’s (PBS) Frontline program with Abu Mohammad Al-Jolani, the founder of the Al Nusra Front, Al Qaeda's affiliate in Syria, as an attempt by Washington to whitewash the bloody history of the Al Nusra Front’s terrorism in Syria and to rehabilitate this internationally blacklisted extremist organization with the aim of using it in committing more crimes in Syria and starting a new stage of war on the country.

US has no option but to stop lawbreaking after defeat of pressure policy: Iran

Iran’s administration says the United States has been left with no choice but to end its law-breaking policies “in the very near future” given the failure of Washington’s so-called maximum pressure campaign in the face of the Iranian nation’s resistance.

Ali Rabiei, the administration’s spokesman, made the remarks at a media briefing in Tehran on Tuesday, as the parties to the 2015 nuclear deal are preparing to meet in Vienna later in the day to discuss the future of the multilateral agreement, officially named the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Press TV reported.

“On Tuesday, we will be witnessing a new chapter in the process of defeating coercion and resurrecting the JCPOA,” he said.

“As we predicted at the height of bullying and pressure by [former US president Donald] Trump’s regime, the US — now disappointed with the previous wrong path — will eventually confess that ‘maximum pressure’ has failed, and that there is no choice but to revive the JCPOA and get all parties return to their commitments.”

    He added, “Today, we say with confidence that in the very near future, the US administration has no option but to terminate its law-breaking behaviors. Unilateral sanctions as well as violations of international agreements and regulations will also end. The Vienna meeting, which will take place today, is an opportunity for all sides to exchange views on how and when to return to the JCPOA obligations.”

Israeli settlers uprooted and destroyed scores of olive saplings for Palestinian farmers

Israeli settlers today uprooted and destroyed scores of olive saplings for Palestinian farmers in the village of Qusra, near the city of Nablus in the occupied West Bank, according to local sources.
Mayor of Qusra, Emad Hasan, told WAFA that a group of settlers who came from the illegal settlement outpost of Esh Kodesh sneaked their way into a ranch near the village, where they uprooted about 100 olive saplings belonging to two local Palestinian villagers. The two landowners were identified as Jawad Hasan and Abdulazim Abulafi.

Erdogan’s regime turns a blind eye to Turkish terrorist who joined al-Qaeda in Syria: Swedish website

News reports continue to unveil the Turkish regime’s support for terrorist organizations in Syria with the aim of achieving its Ottoman dreams in the country.

The Swedish Nordic Monitor website published a report on Friday clarifying that the Turkish regime has turned a blind eye to a Turkish terrorist who has worked for Al-Qaeda terrorist organization and sought to form an armed faction of Turkish terrorists with the aim of fighting the Syrian Arab army and carrying out extremist activities in Syria.

According to intelligence documents obtained by the Swedish website, Halil Kurtuluş (aka Abu Muhammed Ali), a 45-year-old resident of Turkey’s northwestern city of Bursa, had gone back and forth between Turkey and Syria since 2012 in order to fight alongside “jihadist” groups including al-Qaeda and its offshoots after receiving training by the Tablighi Jamaat in Pakistan.

Despite multiple arrests, he consistently managed to get out of jail in Turkey.

Biden’s administration not in a hurry to withdraw its occupation troops from Syria

The MENA 24 TV reported yesterday citing the American Military News website that officials in the White House said that the Administration of the US President Joe Biden is not in a hurry to withdraw the US occupation forces from the Syrian territories in Al-Tanf and the Al-Jazira regions.

The administration of US President Joe Biden does not seem to be in a hurry to withdraw the 900 American soldiers still in Syria.

Palestinian detainee in Israeli jail on Hunger strike for 37 days

A Palestinian held in administrative detention in Israel since January 27, 2020, has been on hunger strike for 37 days in protest against his continued detention, today said the Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Commission.

It said Imad Batran, 47, from the southern West Bank city of Hebron, went on hunger strike after his administrative detention was renewed for the fourth time in a row on January 21, and which is supposed to end on May 17, unless renewed once again.