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America behind Syria's Violence

''America was behind Syria's violence…. And I tell the Americans: 'You must read well what you did in Afghanistan and Somalia. I don't understand your slogan of fighting international terrorism when you are supporting this terrorism in Syria. We believe that the USA is the major player against Syria and the rest are its instruments.'' said Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem, On August 28th, 2012, to the renowned journalist Robert Fisk of the Independent.

With this in mind, one cannot but to wonder why the USA has been playing such a destructive role! Is it because Syria is what it is since the early seventies as the country of resistance, tolerance, steadfastness, Arabism, and secularity! Is it because Syria has been, given its pivotal geopolitical strategic location and policies, the bone in the throat of warmongers and greedy powers! In fact, it is because of all the mentioned, not to mention the unjustified severe headache caused ironically by Syria's strategic relations with its real friends in the region- in defense of the oppressed.

Actually, the frequent  news reports and information, including those by the Washington-Post, New York Times, CNN  and other US media means, regarding the US logistic support, training, and its  intelligence information sharing with armed terrorist groups targeting everything Syrian, raise almost the eyebrows of every Syrian, filling them, at least, with anger! The Syrians, who saved many of American lives in the aftermath of Sept.11th terrorist attacks,  have done their best to have a relation with the US based on reciprocal respect, understanding, and joint cooperation against every form of terrorism, extremism and backwardness.

On Sept. 12, 2001, President Bashar  Al-Assad sent a hear-felt cable to the then US counterpart, George W. Bush condemning the terrorist attacks against innocent civilians and vital posts in the USA. Mr. Al-Assad, on behalf of the Syrians and of his own, offered condolences to the American people and to the bereaved families and urged for international cooperation as to uproot all form of terrorism and as to guarantee man's right to live in security and peace every where in the world.

On Oct. 31, 2001, and in a joint press conference  with the visiting former British premier, Tony Blair, President Al-Assad reiterated Syria's condemnation of the Sept. 11 attacks against the US saying '' The Syrian condemnation doesn't come from what happened on Sept. 11th, but as a result for other factors including the Syrian deep-rooted and old principles throughout ages, social, religious" recalling what Syria suffered of terrorism in the mid of the 70's and what follows asserting the need for " tackling the causes which motivate and proliferate terrorism recalling the late president, Hafez Assad, 1985 dispatching of Syria officials worldwide as to call for the convocation of an international conference to define and combat terrorism. Mr. Assad said: "To tackle the issue of terrorism is to start with defining this vocabulary'' is to '' define its form and nature" and then is to '' analyze its causes"', '' We have to deal with the reasons and not with results" of terrorism.

Terrorism by US definition, according to the US yearly congress report, is the "premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against non-combatant targets by sub-national groups or clandestine agents, usually intended to influence an audience." If so, why has the Government of the USA  been involved in encouraging such a "premeditated, politically motivated violence'' against Syria, which according to a statement in 2002 by US State Department official, Richard W. Erdman, the chief State Department specialist for Syria, "saved American lives," in the aftermath of September 11 terrorist attacks! And not to forget, of course, the Syrian AbdelRahman Zeitoun , who emigrated to the USA two decades ago and  risked his life as to save many American lives during Catherina.

So, not only the Expatriates and Foreign Minister does not understand ''your slogan of fighting international terrorism when you are supporting this terrorism in Syria''; we do believe that such a US support, not to mention the US calls on armed groups as not to surrender their arms of killing, and the US ashamed rejection to condemn terrorist acts perpetrated by the armed terrorist groups in Syria, violates every international and human rights shrine and law. It is the US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton herself, who said in statements before the 2-day US  House of Appropriations Committee on April 24-25, 2009: ''let`s remember here… the people we are fighting today we funded them twenty years ago…and great, let them come from Saudi Arabia and other countries, importing their Wahabi brand of Islam.'' Mrs. Clinton herself on September 12, 2012, described the attack against the US Consulate in Benghazi, in which its Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed, as ''an attack that should shock the conscience of people of all faiths around the world. We condemn in the strongest terms this senseless act of violence''.

Mrs. Clinton, I beg to differ your Excellency, had the United States been 'a force for peace and progress in the world'', as you have claimed on Sept. 12th, 2012,  the USA would not have supported the ongoing terrorism by foreign-backed mercenary terrorist 'brand' s. if ''There is no higher priority than protecting our men and women wherever they serve.'' As have stated in the same speech, our second to non priority, and the real true jihad if to say, is but to protect our people and country from the foreign-backed mercenary terrorist 'brand' s. And may God continue to bless the Syrian Arab Republic. Amen!

Personally, I think that such a US foreign policy- among many other things- and after about 11 years of a condolence cable to the Americans, is what has moved the president of the great majority of THE Syrians,  H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad ,to saying  directly and transparently, in his Cumhuriyet interview on July 3, 2012, that the '' American position is already hostile to Syria in this crisis. They are part of the problem. They support the terrorists very clearly!


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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NATO Reckless Policy!

Contemplating sadly the ongoing in my country, the cradle of civilization, tens if not hundreds of TV footages, our martyrs names of armed forces, civilians, intellectuals, scientists and colleagues shocked, albeit filled me with pride and honour, my inner conscience and seared into my soul!  Why were they martyred by some of their own people? Why so at the hands of foreign-backed mercenary terrorists? These terrorists were recruited, trained and brain-washed at times before being sent to us -en masse- from across the borders!

To quote but some of the sources regarding the dirty involvement of outsiders in the hopefully soon-to-end crisis, I cite the Russian Pravda's article by Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey, who underscored that such outsiders weren't only involved in the training and aiding of terrorists, but even of ' directing murderous strikes against Government forces'

Bancroft-Hinchey cited a report by an Italian journalist: Achille Lollo, correspondent of the publication Brasil de Fato, analyzing reports in several international media outlets and publications including the Sunday Times, the German Bild am Sonntag and the French radio programme Bfmtv-Rmc.

The analyses concluded that some of NATO countries are indeed involved in supporting the terrorist armed groups in the ongoing unjust war against Syria. The reports in the data analyzed by journalist Lollo underlined that the British, German and French governments have authorized the deployment of Special Forces to the combat zones to support the terrorist armed groups in-action not only against Syrians, but against every civilized humanity.

The analyses of the press data, including the report of the Sunday Times, pointed out that NATO special operations forces are also involved in 'monitoring and providing advice in terrorist strikes against Government forces, and that the 'British special forces directed and participated in a murderous ambush against the Syrian regular army' aided by the 'British, French and German weapons stored in the NATO base in Benghazi, Libya, which are being ferried to Adana, Turkey, a NATO base used as a command centre'  for the armed terrorist groups.

The reports astonishingly reveal the role of Qatar, supposedly Arab and not a NATO member, which is paying '10,000 USD a month for the desertion of a regular soldier and up to 100,000 USD for senior officers'!

On November 14th, 2011, Russia's veteran Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, was quoted by the Interfax News Agency as saying that the Western nations are illicitly providing arms to Syria’s opposition and nobody is commenting on it and no one is admitting it, but the facts are impossible to contradict.

Media news and  reports reveal that Cache of weapons, tunnels, military equipment and  huge quantities of ammunition used by the mercenary armed terrorist groups against the Syrians , especially in the Governorates of Aleppo and Idlib, are NATO-made with the words ''NATO BALL'' carved on these sophisticated means of killing. According to ANNA- NEWS video report broadcast on the 7th of last March, among the weapons Seized, not to mention  "Lutfallah II" seized by the Lebanese Authorities, there are Belgian assault FN FAL rifles Fusil Automatique Léger (“Light Automatic Rifle”) / FAL, a self-loading, selective fire battle rifle which was produced by the Belgian armaments manufacturer Fabrique Nationale de Herstal (FN). Hand grenades from Switzerland, thermal imaging devices, tons of ammunition of the caliber .308 (sniper ammo), antitank missiles from Turkey, and the antihaemorrhagic compound “QuikClot”, which was developed and is still used by the U.S. military.

Actually, the warning issued recently, in a BBC interview, by General Robert Mood , ex-leader of UNSMIS (United Nations Supervision Mission in Syria) that Western governments supporting the opposition, with either money or weapons, risk prolonging the conflict, should never be unheeded for. If some were not to take General Mood's warning seriously- as they did with his report and before with General Dabi's report; would the just and noble call by His Holiness, the Pope, be taken into consideration? The pontiff, Benedict XVI, condemned, in press statements during his recent visit to Lebanon, the smuggling of weapons from any country to Syria as a "grave sin". The Pope said: "The import of weapons has to finally stop," and "Without the import of arms the war cannot continue. Instead of importing weapons, which is a grave sin, we have to import ideas of peace and creativity."

The around-the-clock smuggling of weapons and terrorists from across  borders , in particular the borders with neighbouring countries: Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and not to mention, of course,  the Israeli-made weapons, should  immediately stop, as to enable the Syrians to end the crisis- exported to them by the trouble makers- by themselves and only by themselves.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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Legitimate Right of Self-Defence

The ongoing in Syria is but the legitimate right of self-defence against different Arab, regional and international trouble-makers, who do thrive on the suffering and pain of others!

The majority of the Syrian peaceful and harmonious society have for so long prided themselves in their unique model life of tolerance, amity and fraternity. These very Syrians are nowadays caught in a dilemma regarding the unjustifiable ferocity of  the attacks carried against them by foreign-backed groups of ignorant terrorists who- for different silly reasons- sold their souls to Satan, sadly, some in return for the promised Hurriayat,  others for even small amounts of money!

This has never been the Syrian mentality, psychology or way of life. The Syrians are very well-known worldwide for their genius, peacefulness, amity and fraternity. One would wonder in such a case whether living in a nightmare or unbearable reality! Personally, I think this is but the blueprints of the groups exported to our country from across the borders by very well known so-called Sheikhs of darkness, by lords of war, invasions and destruction.

It is such a rotten exported to us commodity which motivates a highly respected and veteran politician like President Vladimir Putin of Russia to state, in a recent RTTV interview, that the opposition's use of foreign fighters, particularly al Qaeda militants, is dangerous: "you might just as well unlock Guantanamo, arm all of its inmates and bring them to Syria to do the fighting - it's practically the same kind of people."

Actually, some countries have already unlocked their own Guantanamos, sending their home-made terrorists in so-called 'jihadi' missions against the Syrians People. On the 3rd of September, the Minister of information, Omran al-Zoubi, did raise a rhetorical question regarding those who can set free '' Turkish inmates and send them to fight in another country'', and who can '' get them out of prison and send them to Syria'', citing the case of  Osman Karahan,  Al Qaeda lawyer- charged once with funding members of Al-Qaeda- who was killed in Aleppo, not to mention the fact that the terrorists who were with Karahan were responsible for blowing up a British bank, consulate and two synagogues in Istanbul in 2003, killing 63 people and wounding 750, before being arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment.

 However, the majority, thanks to the sacrifices of our heroes in the Armed and security forces, have had their decisive stand in defense of Syria's integrity, sovereignty, and unity. Undoubtedly, the exploiters and thieves of earth and human resources, mainly of oil and gas, are to be held accountable for their non-leaving a peaceful people live in peace.


     Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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Media Piracy Won’t Silence the Voice of People

Since the very beginning of the crisis in Syria, it was very clear that a fierce media campaign started to be launched against Syria through certain Arab-speaking channels that played the role instigation, forging facts and misleading the world public opinion towards the reality of what is going on in Syria. As the Syrian national media shouldered the responsibility of confronting these hireling channels and exposing their lies and fabrications, it was inevitable for the parties involved in the conspiracy against Syria to seek for ways to silence the Syrian national media through halting the transmission of the Syrian satellite channels on the Arab Sat and the Nile Sat.

Cutting the broadcast of Syrian satellite channels is considered as the climax and the most hostile act in the media war against Syria and the Syrian people. The Syrian channels’ blackout is a desperate attempt to undermine the resistant role of the Syrian people, army and media against the powers of hegemony in the world represented by the US, Israel and their regional and Arab allies.

Such serious violation aimed at hiding the reality of events on the ground and opening the door in front of instigative extremist and Zionist media to fabricate events serving Zionism and oil monarchies' premeditated agendas which aim, among other things, to enable Israel perpetuate its occupation of the Arab territories, plunder Arab resources and spread wars and havoc in the Arab states through igniting sectarian wars among their peoples.

Cutting the broadcast of the Syrian TV channels is an arbitrary procedure which aims at silencing the voice of the Syrian national media. The reason behind the Arab League's decision to cut the broadcast of the Syrian satellite channels on the ArabSat and NileSat was the success achieved by the national media in relaying the reality to the public opinion in Syria and aboard, and expressing the conscience of the Syrian citizen.  The decision proved the success of the Syrian media in confronting the conspiracy and exposing the Arab and western misleading campaign as partner in shedding the Syrian blood and provided new evidence on the failure of Syria's enemies in achieving their sinister goals thanks to the strong national unity among the Syrians and their rallying behind the wise leadership of President Bashar Al-Assad.

It is very important to refer that the countries which have adopted such move don't possess their decisions, but they implement only what indicates to the nature of the change ordered by the US, Europe in the Arab region. They are just pawns and servants of the diktat passed to them by their masters in Washington and Tel Aviv.  The decision stresses their submission to the Zionist-western project backed by the Gulf rulers whose only aim is to preserve their rule even if this was at the expense of the Arab people and resources.

Every journalist and free and democratic human condemns this arbitrary move. Every free man in our world knows well the real objective of this decision so he will stand in honour of Syria's martyrs who sacrificed their souls to raise the Syrian voice.

The Syrian national media with all its institutions and cadres, which confronted the conspiracy, is able to find ways that help it continue conveying the truth to the Syrian people and the Arab and international public opinion.

All attempts targeting the Syrian media will fail as it belongs to the Syrian people and conveys the reality. It will preserve its professionalism to expose the fabrications of other media which has a foreign agenda to implement in favour of the American Zionist project in the region.





Opposition Conference in Damascus: a Step towards National Reconciliation

The  opposition conference  of the Syrian " homeland " , held on September 26th in Damascus , was attended  by several numbers of opposition members, including some dissident 'officers'  as parties to the dialogue. Some of them announced  giving up dissidence and putting  their capabilities  once again  for the sake of  " Syria 's unity"  and work to maintain " reform , rather than destruction and sabotage", in the interest of the Syrian people, as they stated.

Addressing the conference, lt. Col. Khalid Abdul Rahman al-Zalem , said as a representative  of the military council  in the southern region of  the so-called  " free army": "We reject to have  a Syrian carrying arms  against his Syrian brother….we think  about the outgrowth of our beloved country and found out that alleviating the suffering  of our people requires,'' asserting the need for the efforts of all the faithful and  loyal in Syria, and for cooperation with the Ministry of National Reconciliation, voicing rejection to blood-shedding and to the killing of innocent people.

He also stressed that: "the road is open for the rest of the comrades in arms  to return back, because the solution  in Syria is political, and we must all agree on what Syria  and the Syrian people need , through maintaining reforms, no destruction.''

Another redeemer, the former commander of armed groups in Aleppo, Yasser al-Abed, said addressing the conferees: " I support your efforts to resolve the crisis, and I am with you for achieving that. They wanted to burn our country. The target is our homeland, and for that I gave up arms."

However, this was the second meeting for the opposition political groups inside the Syrian homeland, which brings together more than 30 political parties and trends.

The opposition event was licensed under the new " law of parties". It was attended by forces that have an established history in the country, such as the communists, the Syrian nationalists, in addition to other powers , demanding peaceful change .

What is striking  about this conference was that  a number of participating forces announced its opening after  they were excluded  from another conference  held by the " inside opposition" , called " the rescue conference" , when  the " national coordination body", considered  these forces ( which participated in the  September 26th gathering "  as not an opposition, rather more inclined to be part of the ruling party, and therefore it has no place  in the opposition team. 

Such a situation, pushed  these excluded sides to react solely and   convene another conference  to debate an initiative  embarking on finding a  political solution in the country  and  attempting a peaceful change , so as to avoid  the country  further death and destruction  and more economic and human losses , as suggested in statements issued by these sides. 

"The national dialogue conference ", organized  by the national Syrian opposition,  was held in Damascus on  September 23rd. It was under the title "the National conference to save Syria". It was based on "rejecting outside  interference "  and " non shedding of the blood of the Syrians". The conference was held in line with the convening of the  UN general Assembly's annual meetings . This was in an attempt  to bring about parity between the West , which sponsors " the Istanbul council " and others, a group categorized as   " enemies of the Syrian people", by pushing  the Syrian national opposition to launch  a program that opens the way for a political process  which Moscow sponsors  large part of it. The conference was  attended by delegations representing 20 Syrian political delegations, the Russian and Chinese ambassadors in Damascus , representatives for the  Egyptian, Algerian and Indian  embassies and  EU diplomat accredited  in Damascus.

According to the Russian ambassador in Damascus  Muhammadov  :" the main objective of the conference  is to put an end  to the violence, immediately by  both the government or the armed groups, while  the second  goal  is to transform  the current confrontation between the government and the opposition into the course of a political solution.


Certain components of the Syrian opposition opted to boycott it.  These included the official in charge  of the national coordination  aboard Haitham al-Manna, despite his assertion  that he will personally participate  in the conference. Manna justified the boycott  that " his return to Damascus  needs protection" which ,for the time being, isn't ensured.


The aim of the conference was  to save Syria of what is " plotted against her , in the service of foreign goals and objectives", through a course of a political solution to the crisis which  provides for  achieving Syria 's people 's aspirations  and relieve Syria  of its 18th- month ordeal  .

In a suspicious timing , two days before  the convening of the conference , two leading figures  from the opposition " Syrian national coordination board" were abducted by unknown terrorist group after returning back from Beijing , according to a statement by  the Syrian  Ministry of Information . But, the defendant in the eyes of the Chairman of the Coordinating Body Hassan Abdel Azim was ready. It was 'the regime "', whom he accused of  «standing behind the disappearance of opponents. It is clear that the purpose behind the abduction was to «thwart the conference" , which was  also boycotted by the state-building Movement» led «LouayHussein, who believed that the conference would be no more than  an oratorical festival . He added: «the conference does not offer a clear plan of action, expressing his belief that« real solutions and field results will be absent from the conference for reasons including what he called the " tyrant regime'' which still exists.


In concurrence with these developments,   Ankara announced that it moved military vehicles towards the border with Syria, at the time, when Brig. General Mustafa el-Sheikh of the so called " Syrian free army" said  that his gunmen  moved to inside Syria, in the hope  of establishing a " self-ruled  buffer zone" , that can provide  the opposition with  anti-aircraft weapon, according to the Foreign policy magazine on its August  31, 2012.

Another Opposition conference was organized by the Parisian opposition, led by the so called " "the Syrian national Council"   on September 22nd. According to the " new statesman " magazine , member of the said council Burhan Ghalioun has eulogized  what he called the ''revolution''  led by  the council , but he did not stop demonizing the Syrian regime , which he alleged of " launching a war  on its citizens", accusing the council of " working aimlessly." Meantime, two members of the conference Suheir Atasi and  Brig. Akil Hashim called for  foreign powers intervention  in Syria , while  other topics of the conference  revolved  on Sectarianism and the Kurdish question.

Meantime, both Russia and China reiterated their just position, that they would not allow the issuance of a UN resolution to impose a no-fly zone in Syria. As the United States seems, busying itself with Presidential elections, unwilling nor ready for an adventurous  military risk, as the Turkish military  junta is not either  willing to do so.


Tomader Fateh