American Book: A New Approach to the Definition of Terrorism




For a long time, the cultural and media scene in the USA remained closed to any writing dealing with the Zionist entity as a  structure and behavior,  by virtue of the media , political and economic influence  of the World Zionist Movement and its  practiced falsification of Western  consciousness on the reality  of what happened and is happening in the region.

There are few academic writings that dealt with that Zionist entity.  An important precedent in this area indicates a significant shift in this direction,  was a book published recently by  Columbia University, one of the most famous  American universities , authored  by  two Israeli writers: Ami Pedahzur and Arie Perliger, entitled "Jewish Terrorism in Israel".

 Forwarding the book, the prestigious university  indicated that  the book more than a  best seller, as it took  a ten-year academic effort   of specialists in terrorism and national security issues.

According to critics, the importance of the book does not only  stem from its  ever " untold" theme, nor of the fact that the authors are Israeli Jews, but because the two authors  were able after several years of research and investigation to have access to thousands of important  and secret documents of the Israeli  governments pertinent to Zionist terrorism since even before the creation  of the Zionist entity,  and how this helped in creating the conditions  to implant  this entity  in occupied Palestine.

The book includes dozens of interviews with former terrorists who were  known to Zionist and American  intelligence services , with persons  who cooperated with them  in the West,  as well as with politicians and security officials involved.

The two authors also held more than six opinion polls came across  over 4800 people representing  different scientific and academic levels and segments who embraced and backed the terrorists throughout several decades.  The two authors expressed a point of view about the relationship between terrorism and religion, considering  that terrorism is not confined to religion or ideology, rather a phenomenon  which is growing, wherever generating environments,  incubating it , are available.   They depict parallelism and similarity in the movement between the terrorist groups  in all religions.

The new philosophy that the two authors added was  that the doctrine itself is not generating violence, but the  militancy within any culture , which considers itself  the target or exposed  to envision a defensive front  against an external threat contributes to generate violence. The two authors introduced a new approach to the definition of terrorism centered on  some points: The use of violence;  a stimulation by   political motive;  the intention to spread fear and terror among victims, the victims  are to be civilians .

Perhaps, the most notable in the book is giving numbers and dates about the Zionist terrorism in Palestine and abroad. The  book included 3 databases covering  309 terrorist  Jewish attacks  in Palestine since 1932 until 2008, i.e. before barbaric aggression against  and about 224 of different  figures of  various ranks  involved in these attacks,  with a detailed explanation of the mechanism of action of the Zionist  terrorist networks,  their interdependence and inter- coordination .

The two authors went deeply into the history, shedding   light on the far-in time  record  of terrorist operations carried out by  the Jews. They started from the Jewish  Hasmonean family , whose members launched attacks against the Roman rulers in Palestine and poisoned the rivers and wells – which was by the way the first terrorist acts recorded in history –This early terrorist act shows  us the similarity between yesterday and today and how terrorism and extremism nested  within the structure and ideology  of this  entity.  A fact revealed on the lips and  pens  of  the entity 's two  countrymen, namely the two Jewish authors.

Worthy mentioning that all Jewish organizations in USA  ignored the book , with a clear objective not to highlight it  or create the motivation among readers to buy it. A matter, which will eventually influence  the  attitude of the American  cultural and academic circles  and  the American public opinion, altogether. 

From here emerges  the  important role to be played by Arab media , the  Arab communities in America and  sides concerned in the Arab League and embassies, so that efforts should be  materialized for a   remarkable  presence  and outstanding writings    of prominent  Arab writers and analysts  to be published in open  American and  World  media.  Such a presence can be maintained by explaining the content of the said book to the American Public opinion  and in making  it available at various levels of media means  as well as on the internet , where   the Americans constitute a large segment of its users.

  However, carrying out  such an activity, is  not only a moral, national and  humanitarian duty, but  also an opportunity to unmask  the history of Zionism in an environment,  which for  long period of  times remained outside our academic and  media  activities outreach , when Zionist media  proceeded in fabricating lies ,  deceiving  and distorting  the truth , portraying  Arabs, especially the Palestinians  as criminals and the Zionists as a victim!


Dr. Khalaf Al-Moftah




Sanctions on Syria Hurt Ordinary People




Franklin Lamb, a US author, lawyer and Professor of International Law, has recently visited Damascus to do a research on the impacts of the Western sanctions imposed on Syria. 

He questioned the legality of these sanctions and showed how terrible their effects were on Syrian families.

Discussing the sanctions issue with some officials, traders and even students, Lamb found out that the sanctions imposed on Syria are “illegal under international customary law and should be outlawed by an international convention because they are political, rather obviously designed to achieve regime changes.”

He came up with a result that sanctions are also “fundamentally indiscriminate targeting and endangering innocent civilian population particularly the poor.”

Lamb criticized as nonsense the claims made in Washington and Europe that the increasing layers of sanctions target only the “regime’s leader” and its policies. He stressing that those seriously affected are actually the ordinary people not the government officials, reminding in this connection of the case in Iraq “where US organized sanctions have been found to be a main cause of nearly 500,000 deaths of children.”

According to Lamb, the sanctions, designed for application to Syria, also violate the UN Charter which commands that all members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the purposes of the United Nations.

Explaining what the situation is under the unjust sanctions, Lamb quoted one of his interviewees, who seemed very upset by the tremendous effect of the sanctions, particularly on prices, as saying: “prices have risen at least 40 percent on average, especially consumer goods and basic food, like meat, milk, bread, vegetables, fruits etc. Eggs and chicken have doubled in price and are unavailable in some small shops. Lines are getting longer at some gas stations in some parts of Damascus. The sanctions have also forced many people to close their factories in Damascus and Aleppo, because of lack of raw materials, and the spiral increase in their prices. Besides, some of the Syrian youth are considering travelling because of the lack of job opportunities and frustration. Some of the idle young are joining gangs and being recruited by “jihadists” groups offering cash and weapons along with indoctrination.”

The interviewee pointed out that this crisis has also “forced employers to discharge people to cut down expenses and warmongers have benefitted from the crisis.

Lamb’s research sums up the issue by stressing that the Western-imposed sanctions have hurt the ordinary Syrian people more than the government by far.


Hamda Moustafa




Suffering is the First Step towards Victory




"Please, Mom I beg you,   do not look form the window, they will shoot you, please do not die, I love you, that is what my little boy said that day".

She suddenly stopped talking, as if she were  trying to control her emotions and arrange the   words that she wanted  to say. She went on: "on that day, where I was sharing my children their  breakfast, we heard a strong sound it was so strong that it shook the house walls. That sound was followed by heavy shooting". Samia, a 41year told me when I asked her about the current situation in her district.  

"The children trembled a lot and started crying.  I quickly took the children to a safe room where there are no windows  overlooking the street. Then I phoned my husband who was at work and told him about what happened asking him to stay where he is until I ask him stressing that everything is fine and there is nothing to worry about.

I stopped for a moment thinking what will happen and what I have to do, especially that I was alone with the children;  so I have to calm them  and to act quickly and wisely;  so that I can protect myself and the kids at  the same time", she continued with a sweet smile on her lips..

 "The fighting has intensified, especially when  elements of the People's Committees repelled the sources of fire in an attempt to put out the barbaric attack and defend innocent people in the neighborhood.

I asked my  elder daughter to put our clothes and necessary needs in a big bag, while I was  busy colleting  the papers, important documents and valuables and put them in a special bag to take it with us if we have to leave the house," she added.

"The silence prevailed for a moment during which we thought that everything was over, but unfortunately, a strong explosion happened in our street that shook our house and neighboring houses .we knew later that the armed elements of the terrorist group have targeted the distribution  transformer in our neighborhood.

After the attack was repulsed silence prevailed again. Most residents packed their belongings up and left, but I was still waiting for the arrival of my husband to the house to see what we will do.

When my husband returned we decided to stay in our house especially that  the existence of the valiant members of the People's Committees, who proved great ability to thwart any attempt of another terrorist attack, was to make us feel safe, but the strong fear of the kids besides the continued  gunfire that we heard  lefty  no other choice for us but to leave," Samia said.

"We went to the home of relatives of us in one of the suburbs of Damascus. They have welcomed us so much. They were very kind  and that makes  us feel like we're really in our house.

At night my little son whispered to me: Please, Mom I want to go home, I miss my bed and my pillow . I told him that we will return  back when it would be possible. He kissed me hiding  his tears.

I smiled in an attempt to relieve pain , fears and sorrows of all the people around me, encourage them and make them optimistic, but I was very sad resisting  a strong desire to cry. I am convinced that tomorrow will be the most beautiful and that what we are experiencing today is nothing but a difficult  test of our will and our steadfastness in the face of this world conspiracy against Syria. This made me feel that  I'm as strong as I did not feel before. I knew very well how to smile amid tears and how to tell all "good night" and do not sleep", she stressed proudly.

"After three days, I phoned my neighbor  and asked her about the situation in the district. She answered that most people had left their homes, there is no water, no electricity and there are no shops for selling vegetables or even bread ..

We decided to go and inspect the house; so we left the kids at our relatives . On the way my little daughter phoned me  and asked me to bring her Hla, she meant her doll of course. The neighborhood was lifeless . When I entered the house I could not control myself I burst into tears I've missed every corner of it. I watered plants and took with me all the things for which I came and did not forget Hala of course".

"When we came back , the children met us very happy as if they did not see us for a very long time, they  did not believe that they  will see us again; they believe that the terrorists were going to kill us ,  my elder daughter told me later.

In the evening, my little daughter, hugging her doll, slept happy for the first time since we left home.

In the morning she came to me and said do you know that Hala told me she wanted to go home? when shall we go back, Mom? I smiled trying to hide my tears and I told her tell Hala we will return home soon," she said bitterly ......

"Being displaced, Samia continued, makes human experiences  overlapping and contradictory feelings that make him live in a state of instability, anxiety, discomfort, grief and despair but, thanks God, We have a great balance of patience and hope that makes us sure that  the coming days will carry the best so we decided to return to our beloved Kingdom to our house despite all the risks and difficulties that can confront us".

"We have certainty that when we leave our homes we give the opportunity for terrorists  to achieve victory because he who leaves his home leaves his homeland and this will never be done. We will stay and challenge their terror because we are the strongest and we are the right and the right always triumphs." she concluded.

Amal Farhat





The Priest who Broke his Oath

All of a sudden, the Italian Father Paolo Dall’Oglio, who has been living in Syria  for more than three decades took a surprising step  in severely criticizing  the Syrian government and holding it responsible for the bloodshed  taking part in the country.

Under the direct care and prompt support of the Syrian government for rev. Dall ' Oglio, Mar Musa has become a centre of interfaith dialogue between Christians and Muslims and a destination for others who arrive and stay awhile, provided they are prepared to take part in cooking and cleaning

Most  of the Syrians  including  a Christian majority who used to follow up the events he had run under slogans of  dialogue of religions, were shocked finding him  just a mere  hypocrite  when he alienated himself from the " sublime divinely message" which  he claimed and instead started to infuse hatred and provoke sectarianism among the Syrians.  He flagrantly interfered in the internal affairs of the country saying : " The international community cannot turn its back on the Syrian people, who are being tortured, jailed and killed for the simple act of demanding freedom of expression." 

In May 2012,  and in another provocative action, he sent a letter to special UN envoy Kofi Annan calling for the deployment of 30,000 UN troops to protect Syrian civilians from harm.

In the tours which took him to Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles and New York, and other areas in Canada, he justified  the terrorist acts carried out  in various parts of Syria, though in  each passing day  more evidence is clear that al-Qaeda fighters have been arriving in the country to carry out 'jihad' against the Syrians and their country.

 Unsatisfied with  his  continued accusations ,the Syrian Foreign and   Expatriates Ministry expressed  regret over Dall ' Oglio's  non- abidance  to his spiritual duties and his participation in the disinformation campaign against Syria,  which hosted him  and facilitated his mission  as her honorable guest for a long time.

The ministry said in a statement  on September 20th  "Rev. Paolo Dall'  Oglio, who  was an eye witness for  great  achievements made in various political, economic and social spheres in Syria, instead of calling for national reconciliation  among the people he alleged to care for , he  launched  hostile campaigns attacking Syria and justifying terrorist acts carried out by armed guerillas  and Salafi jihadist and other al-Qaeda affiliated groups. "

Rev. Paolo 's tour and  malevolent statements   came  following his deportation by concerned ecclesiastical authorities in Syria, because he had deviated and alienated himself from  the  religious mission he dedicated himself to   and his  interference in the internal affairs of Syria , in  favor of terrorist groups. A matter which wasproved  in later  statements Dall 'Oglio , demanding  the imposition of a no-fly on Syria outside the framework of the UN Security Council and thereby, placing   himself in the ditch of  the enemies of Syria.
In fact, what he has been doing is in contradiction  with  all moral principles  heralded by divine monotheistic  religions and comes as a free service  to the enemies of Syria.

Nevertheless,  Syria  will continue  to fight terrorism, which targets her own existence  and consolidate her  cultural and religious values,  and perpetuate  the  values and principles for  the unity of her  people . Syria will also continue to unmask all unholy  attempts made to tarnish her  image before the world public opinion in the service of  known agenda.

However, the  monastery of Mar Musa, which was built  in the 6th century and  is perched high up on a cliff in desert hills, about 80 kilometers to the  north of Damascus, will remain a symbol for Syria 's  national unity, interfaith and tolerance.

The visitor to the monastery who has to ascend hundreds of stone steps  before reaching  its church with unmatched priceless frescoes depicting the Jesus 's last Supper will always find true priests or Sheikhs, who do not break their oaths.

 Tomader Fateh




America behind Syria's Violence

''America was behind Syria's violence…. And I tell the Americans: 'You must read well what you did in Afghanistan and Somalia. I don't understand your slogan of fighting international terrorism when you are supporting this terrorism in Syria. We believe that the USA is the major player against Syria and the rest are its instruments.'' said Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem, On August 28th, 2012, to the renowned journalist Robert Fisk of the Independent.

With this in mind, one cannot but to wonder why the USA has been playing such a destructive role! Is it because Syria is what it is since the early seventies as the country of resistance, tolerance, steadfastness, Arabism, and secularity! Is it because Syria has been, given its pivotal geopolitical strategic location and policies, the bone in the throat of warmongers and greedy powers! In fact, it is because of all the mentioned, not to mention the unjustified severe headache caused ironically by Syria's strategic relations with its real friends in the region- in defense of the oppressed.

Actually, the frequent  news reports and information, including those by the Washington-Post, New York Times, CNN  and other US media means, regarding the US logistic support, training, and its  intelligence information sharing with armed terrorist groups targeting everything Syrian, raise almost the eyebrows of every Syrian, filling them, at least, with anger! The Syrians, who saved many of American lives in the aftermath of Sept.11th terrorist attacks,  have done their best to have a relation with the US based on reciprocal respect, understanding, and joint cooperation against every form of terrorism, extremism and backwardness.

On Sept. 12, 2001, President Bashar  Al-Assad sent a hear-felt cable to the then US counterpart, George W. Bush condemning the terrorist attacks against innocent civilians and vital posts in the USA. Mr. Al-Assad, on behalf of the Syrians and of his own, offered condolences to the American people and to the bereaved families and urged for international cooperation as to uproot all form of terrorism and as to guarantee man's right to live in security and peace every where in the world.

On Oct. 31, 2001, and in a joint press conference  with the visiting former British premier, Tony Blair, President Al-Assad reiterated Syria's condemnation of the Sept. 11 attacks against the US saying '' The Syrian condemnation doesn't come from what happened on Sept. 11th, but as a result for other factors including the Syrian deep-rooted and old principles throughout ages, social, religious" recalling what Syria suffered of terrorism in the mid of the 70's and what follows asserting the need for " tackling the causes which motivate and proliferate terrorism recalling the late president, Hafez Assad, 1985 dispatching of Syria officials worldwide as to call for the convocation of an international conference to define and combat terrorism. Mr. Assad said: "To tackle the issue of terrorism is to start with defining this vocabulary'' is to '' define its form and nature" and then is to '' analyze its causes"', '' We have to deal with the reasons and not with results" of terrorism.

Terrorism by US definition, according to the US yearly congress report, is the "premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against non-combatant targets by sub-national groups or clandestine agents, usually intended to influence an audience." If so, why has the Government of the USA  been involved in encouraging such a "premeditated, politically motivated violence'' against Syria, which according to a statement in 2002 by US State Department official, Richard W. Erdman, the chief State Department specialist for Syria, "saved American lives," in the aftermath of September 11 terrorist attacks! And not to forget, of course, the Syrian AbdelRahman Zeitoun , who emigrated to the USA two decades ago and  risked his life as to save many American lives during Catherina.

So, not only the Expatriates and Foreign Minister does not understand ''your slogan of fighting international terrorism when you are supporting this terrorism in Syria''; we do believe that such a US support, not to mention the US calls on armed groups as not to surrender their arms of killing, and the US ashamed rejection to condemn terrorist acts perpetrated by the armed terrorist groups in Syria, violates every international and human rights shrine and law. It is the US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton herself, who said in statements before the 2-day US  House of Appropriations Committee on April 24-25, 2009: ''let`s remember here… the people we are fighting today we funded them twenty years ago…and great, let them come from Saudi Arabia and other countries, importing their Wahabi brand of Islam.'' Mrs. Clinton herself on September 12, 2012, described the attack against the US Consulate in Benghazi, in which its Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed, as ''an attack that should shock the conscience of people of all faiths around the world. We condemn in the strongest terms this senseless act of violence''.

Mrs. Clinton, I beg to differ your Excellency, had the United States been 'a force for peace and progress in the world'', as you have claimed on Sept. 12th, 2012,  the USA would not have supported the ongoing terrorism by foreign-backed mercenary terrorist 'brand' s. if ''There is no higher priority than protecting our men and women wherever they serve.'' As have stated in the same speech, our second to non priority, and the real true jihad if to say, is but to protect our people and country from the foreign-backed mercenary terrorist 'brand' s. And may God continue to bless the Syrian Arab Republic. Amen!

Personally, I think that such a US foreign policy- among many other things- and after about 11 years of a condolence cable to the Americans, is what has moved the president of the great majority of THE Syrians,  H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad ,to saying  directly and transparently, in his Cumhuriyet interview on July 3, 2012, that the '' American position is already hostile to Syria in this crisis. They are part of the problem. They support the terrorists very clearly!


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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