Misled Syrians Must Return to Their Homeland and Conscience




Foreign parties and their agents in Syria  have been sparing no effort to undermine the Syrian state and the political system in the country, either by  exploiting and inciting certain categories in the Syrian society to fuel the crisis, under false slogans like “reform and change”, or by toughening economic pressure and tightening political siege on Syria, not to mention the armed groups’ crimes and the accompanying anti-Syria vicious media campaign.

Most recent aggressive attempt by these foreign parties, has been threatening Syria of both direct and indirect foreign intervention through her neighbor, Turkey, under the pretext of protecting Turkey from the Syrian threat.

These attempts have led to nothing but to more bloodshed and destruction countrywide.

All have realized that there is a state of balance which controls conflicting powers and prolongs the crisis under the absence of a political will by the foreign parties and the “opposition” to go ahead in a political path that draws up a road map leading to a way out of the crisis. However, the Syrian Army have proved great ability to repel and smash the armed terrorist groups hiding within the country’s cities, districts and populated areas and who have been receiving all forms of support by some Western and regional powers.

The failure of the foreign parties and the armed opposition in achieving strategic gains on ground made them work hard to create some illegal political councils and coalitions abroad and to propagate them as legitimate in order to get political recognition by the world as being representatives of the Syrian people.

Now, as these forces are facing a deadlock, it seems that the solution has become evident to all. The misled Syrians must return to their homeland and conscience and seek dialogue in order to close the doors before foreign schemes, as Syria’s enemies care only about their interests without even feeling pain for the bloodshed in Syria and the high price being paid by all the Syrians.

Dr. Khalaf al-Miftah

 Translated by H. Moustafa




Chemical Weapon Claims, New Pretext to Interfere in Syria




Allegations being circulated about the Syrian government’s plan to use chemical weapons against its people are nothing but a desperate attempt by the United States and Europe, who lead the anti-Syria alliance, to get a pretext to interfere in the Syrian affairs and launch a military strike against the country as they did in Iraq where they claimed the existence of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).

Though Syria has repeatedly reiterated that it won’t use chemical weapons, if they exist, against its people under any circumstances, the enemies of Syria have been keen to fabricate scenarios and warn Syria against the use of chemical weapons. The aim has been to prevent terrorists from dropping their weapons and enhance their collapsed morale due to the hero Syrian Arab Army's qualitative operations against them.

Warnings against the repercussions of an alleged Syrian plan to use chemical weapons have all of a sudden become a top priority to anti-Syria media, particularly in the U.S. and Europe. The daily repetition of such warning statements indicates the West's intention to adopt the chemical weapons file as an excuse to interfere in Syria. Such propaganda aims at misguiding  the world public opinion, preparing it psychologically to accept any direct aggression by the West against Syria and turning the world's attention away from the West’s involvement in the Syrian affair through providing financial, logistic and political support to terrorist groups.

The West’s vicious campaign regarding chemical weapons coincides with NATO’s decision to deploy Patriot missiles near the Turkish border with Syria. Both moves aim to delude the world about the alleged danger coming from Syria, despite the fact that Turkey is the party which is hosting terrorists on its land, building them training camps and sending them to Syria to kill innocent people and undermine the Syrian state after being supplied with different kinds of weapons.

Observes don’t rule out the possibility that the architects and implementers of the current heinous campaign against Syria would supply terrorist groups with specific chemical weapons and urge them to use these weapons against Syrian civilians, thereby, paving the way for a wider media and political campaign against Syria that ends with a direct military intervention in the country.

Social networking websites have posted a YouTube video showing al-Qaeda-linked terrorists while manufacturing a poisonous gas from chemical materials they had got from a Turkish company. The gas was tested on rabbits, according to the Turkish “Yurt” newspaper. 

“Some al-Qaeda members are producing chemical weapons in a laboratory near the city of Gaziantep and threatening of using this weapon against Syrian civilians, the newspaper said, pointing out that Erdogan's Justice and Development Party government knows about these activities.

The history of the West is full of lies and falsifications. All of us still remember the Iraqi example and the pre-invasion campaign in which the U.S. and European parties created baseless news about the existence of Mass Destruction Weapons in Iraq, but, later, they couldn’t provide a single evidence of their claims.

The issue of chemical weapons is a psychological war method being adopted against the Syrians to incite the whole world against Syria. It matches the massacres used to be committed by terrorist groups before each time an international forum is held to discuss the Syrian issue with the purpose of mobilizing efforts to pressure Syria and adopt resolutions condemning it at all UN commissions. 

H.  Moustafa




The Turkish Escalation


It is hard to explain the attitude made by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan toward the crisis in Syria, unless we read the Turkish Political calculations and study Erdogan's dreaming project.

 Erdogan wants to lead the Islamic world by using new Sultanate concepts and the new Islamic movements (Muslim Brotherhood) in the region.

These Islamic movements removed and mounted on the popular movement in many Arabs countries.

 A new pact between U.S.A and Emerging Islamic movements (Muslim Brotherhood) was made to create a new middle east, this pact had been prepared since Obama speech in 2009.

Obama speech described the smooth power, the American values and Abandonment of  military power to keep the U.S. strategic interests and American National Security.

This pact will become future US strategy to serve the new American strategy in our region.

U.S.A.  uses another way to do this strategy; this way has less economic, human cost by using regional powers (Turkey) instead of Israel, because Israel is not qualified any longer to do this role due to the public mood and its negative attitude in the region.

American strategy and Erdogan's dreams met at this point because Erdogan's dream has an opportunity and momentary historical chance especially that Arab's region lives in unstable conditions.

We don't underestimate the street against some corrupt regimes in other countries, but we focus on the way especially that Emerging Islamic movements which hijacked the popular movement.

Former U.S. Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, had talked about the unstable conditions (Creative chaos). 

The only obstacle against the pact among US and western powers and the Emerging Islamic movements (Muslim Brother hood) will be Syria, so they (USA and Turkey) are trying to shift the Syrian from playing the role of Resistance.

The Turkish role comes here through the intervention of Syrian internal affairs by pushing situations to further escalation and blocking any opportunities for political solutions and taking the Syrian to the point of irreversibility. They believe this will lead to the fall of the Syrian political regime and will destroy the Syrian state through its depletion economically, militarily and socially; and this will pave the way for foreign opposition forces to gain power and implement strategies of the Western world (US-Israeli camp).

US, Western powers and Turkey were unable to defeat Syria by using the hard and soft powers, so they are waving the direct use of military force by installing Patriot missiles in Turkish land.

The missiles aim to achieve several objectives: first to protect Israel and Turkey from any attack (Syria, Iraq and Iran) and second to use Turkey as a platform for NATO against Russia and that will lead the region to cold war again.

This, however, will be reflected negatively on Turkish people and will serve US and Israel for free, and will push the people in the region for Conflict, infighting and rivalry.


Dr. Khalf al-Miftah

Translation: M.T


The West and the Culture of Hatred




Despite all "Dialogue of Civilizations" forums held worldwide with the purpose of bridging gaps between peoples of the world and combating all types of extremism and racism, and despite the big role played by the media to promote the principles of amity, tolerance and cooperation, Western media reports and publications intended to give the impression that these forums were nothing but a kind of talk and reality on the ground was the opposite. The talk about tolerance seemed to be circulated only among the elite without even reaching to public opinion circles or decision makers so as a new base for violence and hatred-free world is built.

Examples of the West's false calls for tolerance are so many, but here two stories proving Westerners' hypocrisy. Once, the US media reported bad news about an American citizen of a Syrian origin being arrested with an alleged "charge" of saving some people and animals from drowning amid the hurricane which hit the American coasts in 2005. News reports from America that time, pointed out that the peoples of the hurricane-hit areas, including those saved by Abdul Rahman Zaytoun, the US citizen of Syrian origin, had decided to celebrate the man by building him a statue to be a model of tolerance, humanitarian deed and sacrifice. But, all of a sudden, the man became wanted and he was later arrested by the FBI and led to solitary confinement with the pre-made charge of being an al-Qaeda member. Of course, the FBI's alleged "evidence" was that he was a Muslim of an Arab origin and that he didn't provide help out of humanitarian motives but to propagate Islam and al-Qaeda mentality.

This incident brings to the minds another story, this time of a Pakistani with a US citizenship. The man, who lived in New York, saw a dog attacking a child in a garden, so he hurried to save the kid.  A person, who then introduced himself as a journalist, suddenly approached him and asked him about his name in order to prepare an article about the incident and publish it in his New York-based newspaper, but the man refused. The journalist told the man: "Well, I will write that a New Yorker saved a child from a mad dog with your picture beside." The man said: "I'm not an American, I'm a Pakistani. Next day, the shock was that the newspaper headlined the article as follows: " A Pakistani attacks a dog in a New York garden and the FBI suspects he belongs to al-Qaeda."

These two examples are true evidence of the West's deeply rooted hostility to the Arabs and Muslims, particularly in the United States. This leads to key questions; what kind of relationship will be established between the West and the East in the new millennium? Will it be that of conflict or that of cooperation? Will it be that of civilizations conflict or that of a cultural race based on cooperation and harmony among human beings? Many questions like these need to be answered by intellectuals and politicians.


Dr. Khalaf al-Moftah




Knowing More about the American Elections




The U.S. presidential elections are gaining special importance , thanks to America 's position  on the international political map, being the largest military and economic  power in the world . It is, perhaps, the only country that announces its political strategy under the title: "how can we proceed in leading the world."  

The essence of competition among the contestants to get to the White House from both parties reflects this fact that others like to talk about, even in the two  American political  and media speeches,  apart from saying that , this strategy constitutes the permanent  subject-matter  in  the  studies and researches centers  all over the USA.

There is a unique privacy in the mechanism  of the American democracy. It is a way to get the majority of votes in the elections, in what is so-called college elections, when total votes go to the candidate who wins the relative majority for each state. 

 Perhaps , the strange paradox happens  when we see that a  US President  has won the majority  electoral ballots , without getting  the majority of votes .This , however, is what had happened with President  W. Bush in the  pre- last election, not to mention the way the voting mechanism, as the right to vote is limited only  to persons registered in electoral lists, in  what constitutes only about three-quarters of eligible voters. The other paradox  is that the percentage of those who take part in elections effectively, according to statistics  conducted by , polling centers , do not exceed,  at their  best , fifty  five percent of those eligible to vote. If we know that the one who wins the elections to the presidency is the one who  gets more than half of the votes in the  College electoral calculations, it means mathematically that one who gets around seventeen percent of the votes of the total number of voters becomes the President of the  USA . In this point, in particular,   lies the importance of the Jewish lobby in the USA, where all American Jews and their supporters  activate  wide  public relations campaign in  support  to this or that candidate, especially that American Jews are concentrated in seven U.S. states, including New York and they  make up about two and a half percent of the total electorate, representing  a significant proportion compared to what is stated  in terms of the percentage of participants and the chances of winning for each candidate. A matter which gives great importance to their votes and influence in the American media and political body.  A fact which largely explains the great interest of candidates  for the  American presidency  in appealing  to  Jews, in general, and  the Zionist entity, in particular, in the context of the electoral bazaar, where  a political observer  of what  is happening  in the political arena,  the so-called maintaining the  security of Israel and supporting it,  is but the  greatest common denominator of all the contenders to get to the White House, whether they are Republicans or Democrats.

 Perhaps the question that can be addressed  to us  as Arabs in the framework of this democratic game is about the role  to be  played  in the Democratic and Political context of  these  elections.  Should we take into account the Arab and Islamic presence in the USA, not to mention the financial investments and economic influence in the American economic, media and institutional joints? Can these forces and components that run regular public relations campaign be able to influence the results of the elections, as to be taken into the political account of candidates for the presidency or other elected democratic institutions. And more precisely,  is there a possibility for creating an Arab lobby in America, a country , which considers the  forming of lobbies as  one of the components of the democratic process that are entitled to legal authorization to operate  in public?

 No doubt,   the answer to that is yes. But, is there an Arab political will incline in this direction. And if the answer is no, would it be possible for the Arab community and cultural institutions, diplomatic and civil society forces and expatriate organizations in America to play such a role? This is a question we address to all of them.


Dr. Khalaf al-Moftah