Birds Born To Fly

Needless to say ,Syria is currently under an international organized terrorism. Consequently, the said systematic aggression has severely affected the infrastructure and the economic format as well.All these relentless efforts aim at destroying the homeland's unity.

But ,there is an apparent fact that the Syrians are clinging to their homeland similarly as bird born to fly.

Actually, no one denies that some Arab countries spearheaded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar are sparing no effort to fund and arm terrorists groups in Syria with the aim of to destroy Syria,the cradle of civilization. out of envy and jealous as the said countries are nothing but a distorted and disabled new –born baby.

Syria,where history was born,do believe in dialogue ,differences and accept the other's thoughts while Syria's enemies are still living in medieval ages .It is worldwide known that women are prohibited from diving a car in Saudi Arabia while its rulers are deeply involved in funding ignorant across the globe.

To those ,there is a solid message by the Syrians ,hands off Syria .your terrorism has deepened our cohesion and responsibility towards our beloved country.

Ahmad Orabi Baaj

Edited and translated by:Mayssa Wassouf

“Non Lethal” Aid!!

Non lethal aid, a new deceitful term created by Western politicians to cover their support for the Syrian armed "opposition". But what does this term mean and can weapons be non lethal? Do they only wound or do they kill in silence? Can these lethal weapons distinguish between a Syrian and another?  How ironic is this!!

The new US Secretary of State announced during his recent visit to Saudi Arabia that the U.S. will continue to support the opposition until it is able to attain a peaceful solution. He also ignored and didn't comment on the Saudi minister's call for keeping arms supply to the armed terrorist groups in Syria. This means that the Syrian bloodshed will continue as it isn't among the United States’ priorities to order its agents and tools in the region to stop this bloodbath.

Those, who claim keenness to help the Syrian people, mainly in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United States, are sending non lethal gifts, “peaceful” terrorists who will bring “peace” to Syria according to the American way!!

Statements by Western officials including the British, about their countries' intention to send “non lethal” weapons to terrorists and on easing the European Union’s arm embargo on the terrorists, are but a farce. What kind of embargo are they talking about and what sort of softhearted weapons are they sending? Does this mean that the stuffing of the explosive devices to be used in the coming terrorist bombings will be reduced or will children at the bombing site be excluded from death?!!!

In fact, neither a peaceful solution is possible in Syria nor bloodshed will stop unless the non stopped flow of trained terrorists and arms into Syria, mainly across the Turkish borders, is halted.

It seems that the U.S. is adopting a self distancing policy as regards the issue of indirect armament by ordering those who keep US weapons in their stores to send the arms to the terrorist groups in Syria and by providing secret training to terrorists in Jordan.

Thus, the US government eludes its electors, by adopting the evidently contradicted policy of supporting terrorism while claiming in the media that it is fighting it.

Actually, the U.S. has nothing to worry about as the French and British agents, not to mention their tools in the region, are ready to cover any shortage of open or direct support to armed groups in Syria.

Ahmad Orabi Baaj

Translated and Edited by H. Mustafa  

Their Moral Predicament

Condemnation and denunciation by some countries and international organizations towards  the terrorist massacre perpetrated recently against the Syrian people are not enough. What we need is practical, clear and decisive positions taken by major countries and international organizations  and all those who claim the war on terrorism and the need to confront it, drying up its sources, hit its patrons and sponsors.

Terrorism is an incurable disease and needs to be uprooted because it spreads rapidly and becomes out of control. This means that if terrorism is not treated in its ambush, it will burn everything.  

The West, which is talking about the threat of terrorism on its countries and feared its moving from Syria lies in a moral crisis. The west  does not see its devastated risks on the  Syrians, but it fears the moving of terrorism to it and therein lies the European racism, lack of the human and the moral dimension in the approach of Western countries towards the Syrian crisis and discretionary and opportunism in dealing with the issue of terrorism.

The indifference to the West, including massacres, killings and bloodshed in Syria and not taking serious positions that push the political process through actual pressure on the opposition parties makes of the West's countries a partner and an active instigator in the ongoing crime committed against the Syrians. When the Syrian government agreed to unconditional dialogue with all opposition parties and presented a vision to contribute to resolve the crisis based on the priority of stopping the violence and re-displaced and alleviate the suffering of the Syrians a priority for all citizens, we found more opposition parties, especially the armed one, backed by Western, jump over it and put power and governance a priority in their accounts uncaring of the sufferings of the Syrians, proving for all that the opposition is inhabited with the obsession of power and governance and its political identity which represents the priorities of foreign forces supporting it because their accounts, strategies and agendas based on interest and of political content and pours in the context of international conflict in the region.

The Syrian crisis revealed a lot of lies and deceptive addresses that some powers, regional and international organizations launched in order to cover the ambitions and interests such as fighting terrorism, respect for the principle of national sovereignty and economic partnership, international responsibility, human rights and to ensure co-existence and harmony among different religions and cultures, to ensure international peace and security. When these sublime terms object and collide with the strategies and interests of the hegemonic powers and arrogance, the proof appears to everyone that the glow of interests is much stronger than principles and ideas.

 Dr. Khalaf al Miftah

Translated by: Sh. Kh.

Syria or not?


Many media outlets are talking about how a Danish TV mistook a video game version of Damascus for the actual city.

 On February 26th during a news report on Syria the image behind the news presenter in Danish TV2, was supposedly of Damascus. Only it wasn’t- it was from a video game called “ Assassin’s creed ‘’ And it took one whole week for that Danish TV channel to recognize its mistake ! Well the head of the news apologized for that mistake and said “ It was a reminder to us all of the importance of verifying the sources of the pictures”

 But this isn’t the first time that there have been mistakes in reporting over Syria. A 2003 photo taken in Iraq by the Italian journalist Marco di Lauro was mistakenly used by the BBC to illustrate a report about the massacre of Houla. The BBC said that that picture had been sent to them by a political activist. That photo was very distinct as it showed a child running through the corpses and it made many headlines back in 2003. Simply inconceivable how the BBC could have mistaken it for one coming out of Syria!

 The BBC has other mistakes though – In a news bulletin on Syria , the newsreader appeared in front of the logo for the fictitious United Nations Space Command from Microsoft’s Halo game. Apparently that was mistaken for the logo of United Nations Security Council.

 Another well known misrepresentation of the truth was carried out by France 24television channel  in the summer of 2011 when they announced on screen that Lamia Chakkour Syria’s ambassadress to France had resigned. This was quickly denied by Lamia Chakkour herself and she threatened France 24 with a law suit for that act of disinformation.

 There are many other such incidents. Incidents that show that there is a campaign of disinformation waged against Syria. Syrians must now make the effort to research every single article and every single photo that is presented to them by Western media.

 The purpose of a photo,in general, is to move its viewer to consider the consequences of his or her action or inaction – but faced with a sea of inaccuracies it is very difficult for the viewer to come to any decision. First the viewer should research the authenticity of that photo.

 Over on the other  side ( By that I mean the west ) this doesn’t happen. In the rare event that a photo or a film or an article makes its way there, it is immediately ridiculed and dismissed as Syrian government propaganda . Images of innocent victims of violence , specifically children that should move its viewers to tears have little effect in the west where a likely reaction is “ they brought this upon themselves ‘’

 This is clear not only from the horrors filtering out of Syria but from those previously filtered out of Palestine. Any photo that shows Palestinians suffering and which gets published say in an American newspaper, gets criticized by Zionist and Jewish organizations as biased. By biased they mean that the American newspaper should have made clear that photo was the result of what the Palestinians made the Israelis do- and not the result of Israeli barbarism!!

 All of this can and did result in a Danish TV channel depicting an image from a video game to describe a scene in Syria, for there is a huge gap between how things are and how the west conceives them to be. It will take a lot of work on both sides to sweep away centuries of distrust and dislike. Maybe then we will get a true picture of what is happening in Syria rather than a picture out of a computer game simply because it fits the imagination of how the west views what is happening in Syria.

Reem Haddad

No Wonder ...

The ministerial committee in charge of implementing the political program has followed its meetings and consultations over the past few days with different parties, national, political and social forces, which represent the various components of the Syrian society. It is expected that the result of those consultations for the formation of a national approach that encompass those national and social forces within the crucible of a single national permit launching dialogue between the Syrians .... all Syrians on the basis of citizenship and patriotism.

Despite the attempts of terrorism to disrupt this national path, but they did not succeed and will not succeed and what happened of terrorism made the Syrians more united. The terrorist attack in al Mazraa area in  Damascus could not hinder the progress of the preparation of the dialogue and did not reduce the space to talk about dialogue between the Syrians. Consultations and activities between parties at the meeting with the ministerial committee continued on how best means to take the Syrians to safety and achieve a society of equality and justice, where the Syrians see in dialogue the beginning of the light that leads to what we want as citizens and institutions.

The majority of Syrians has an increasing conviction that those who call themselves opponents abroad to enjoy what they see on the screens of murder and criminality against their compatriots to shut up, no longer Syrians would like to hear their hypocrisy and lies. Honest citizens, they majority of the Syrian people, know well and do not want to be represented by them and their ilk, there is no illusion about the limited vision of their disciples, or listen to them.

The Syrian people, who seek to negotiate with its components and constituents will never hold talks with killers, make dialogue only on the basis of citizenship and belonging. Who does not have such patriot factors, the Syrians believe that those killers do not represent them or to be partners in making a dialogue.

In the political scene, the Syrians were not surprised of the United States current trial to disrupt the Security Council resolution condemning the terrorist attack in Damascus. It is very expected, especially the United States is considered one of the most  countries supporting terrorism in modern history.

It is not the first time that the United States impedes a resolution to condemn what is happening of terrorism in Syria, and certainly it will not be the last ... This is not surprising, because the intersection of U.S. interests with terrorism and the terrorist groups is still the mainstream. The United States is still pursuing a policy of dual employment of terrorism and its recent assistance to terrorists is a conclusive evidence.


Ahmed Orabi Ba'aj

Translated by: Sh. Kh.