The Mourned and the Un-mourned!

Undoubtedly, it was a horrific death for Lee Rigby, who was a soldier in the British army; Totally uncalled for and purposeless. And the whole world stood in shock as it received the details of what happened to that soldier. Published, was a step by step breakdown of the final minutes, that led to his death and what happened afterwards when the police were called. A film was shown of the petrified police woman, who was the first to arrive at the scene and the film continued to show the police firing at the two assailants Michael Adebewale and Michael Adebolago(both from Muslim backgrounds)                                   .

Obama was quick to comment on the incident that happened in South East London (Woolwich) calling it horrific and talking about the fight against terror .

David Cameron also spoke to the media condemning the horrific act saying that the act would not divide Britain, but rather make it stronger . People paid tribute by laying flowers near the place Lee Rigby was murdered – sorrow and disbelief etched on all their faces .

In short the whole world mourned Lee Rigby – a drummer in the British army . Even the Queen acknowledged his death privately, by meeting with those who formed part of his chain of command . The Muslim Council of Great Britain said its thoughts were with the victim’s family following the “truly barbaric act “.

And so he should be mourned !

And it is only right that he be mourned that way !

But why then, do the thousands upon thousands of Syrian soldiers who die just as ''atrocious'' if not more, never get mentioned, and when they are mentioned, then they are mentioned as a number and remain nameless.

Why do the tears of their mothers and wives never get the attention that they deserve while the whole world saw Lee’s mother’s tears flowing down her face, talking about her son .

An officer in the Syrian Army, nameless up till now, except in close circles had his head chopped off and then barbecued on top of a grill . A YouTube video of this was released. His mother, from the country side of Lattakia, has no tears to show the world. She offers only her silence and it speaks the world ! Another Syrian soldier had his heart and other organs eaten by his killer and documented by that same killer who said that his cannibalistic action could be mirrored by others like him – or yet another officer who had his head sawed off , by a twelve year old child , to the encouragement and acclaim of those around him .

A question arises . Where was Obama and Cameron when all this happened? Why was there no condemnation coming from them ? Why did the world resolutely ignore these deaths and deny them the right of being grieved over ? Is it there dark skin or dark eyes that don’t merit the attention- or their religion which ironically, is a part of their reason for being killed – considered by the fundamentalists who kill them as not being Muslim enough – or not being the  right brand of Islam!     


Reem Haddad

US Deception Policy


undoubtedly the current international political scene centered strongly on the necessity of dialogue between the Syrian government and the opposition as stated recently by us secretary of state this means that there are clear concessions from Washington and its significant and insignificant allies regarding the crisis of Syria .

 US policy is characterized throughout history by deception and the statements of the American officials that are directed to their insignificant visitors show some kind of playing on words to satisfy their allies, especially Turks and Gulf people. No one can deny that those mercenaries feel regional embarrassment due to the Russian US compatibility without regard to their inter because of their foolish policy towards Syria's  tow – year crisis .

 Media published that Doha has spent     $3 billion in supporting terrorism in Syria but the real number of this bill is more than that . In fact Doha admitted this modest number to suggest that it was not involved in the Syrian crisis as its important supporter Saudi Arabia or as" the losing player all the time" , Erdogan Actually in his recent to  Washington , Erdogan proved  his   political stupidity and his utter failure , when he changed his  stances towards the  upcoming conference on the crisis in Syria. But while the consultations take place for a political settlement towards the crisis in Syria, the brave Syrian army realizes great victories on the ground through purging all areas of terrorism.

Ahmad Orabo Baaj

Edited & Translated: M. Wassouf

Losing the Fight over Corruption

 “Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain . It hurts the integrity of people in a position of authority .” (Transparency International ) 

  No country in the world doesn’t suffer from corruption . No country in the world is immune from it . It ranges from the United States to Venezuela to African nations to the Middle East reaching Asia.

Corruption is often stated as one of the reasons for the Arab spring . So fed up were the Arab citizens of different Arab countries with their governments and their systems that often never gave them a fair chance – where hope for the future was bleak- where children and young people could not be guaranteed a decent life and where corruption was rife-that they took to the streets.

Syria, like the rest of the Arab countries, suffered from corruption . The economy was under socialist inspired policies characterized by extensive regulation ( indeed  there were numerous government departments each with an opaque bureaucracy and discretionary powers) protectionism and  public ownership – all these are policies vulnerable to pervasive corruption and slow growth.

 In 2005 the Baath party congress called for the creation of a” social market economy” without ever defining what the term meant .A lot of Syrians blame that economy for the poverty it left behind and the chasm it created between classes-a phenomenon not common to Syrians before! Economy also suffered because of a persistent drought that devastated farming communities in North Eastern Syria .

Everyone was aware of corruption in Syria including  the government,  and indeed there was a lot of emphasis by the president himself on fighting corruption with positive results being achieved, but on a minor scale. With the American invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the Israeli aggression on Lebanon in 2006 followed by the Israeli war on Gaza in 2010 fighting corruption never got prioritized.

It is understandable that at the beginning of the crisis in Syria corruption was one of the reasons why people took to the streets-but could corruption be a reason for kidnapping? Or for raping? or indeed for killing?

The minute the 'revolution" armed itself, it lost its fight against corruption! Indeed it lost its credibility! Had it remained peaceful and accepted negotiations with the government, then many of the grievances would have been addressed-grievances caused by corruption.

A quick look at Dara' will prove the point. The people of Dara' had suffered sorely over two points-selling land that was considered to be on the boundary line and the second point had to do with the digging of wells. Some bureaucracy procedures  left the people of Dara' then, unhappy and dissatisfied and rightly so! But surely now they are even more unhappy and more deeply dissatisfied with the results than before?

Reem Haddad

Geneva Conference and the Future of the Crisis in Syria

It is obvious from the beginning of the crisis in Syria that all parties participating in the  global war against  Syrians   seek to increase the deterioration of the situation. They do their best  to prevent the success of any effort to resolve the crisis peacefully .This was evident firstly  through  provoking   the Syrians   and  investing  the weaknesses inside Syria  at various levels to exploit them for their destructive interests . This incitement has been realized  through a huge media campaign carefully prepared to play a negative role in the escalation of the crisis. 

This escalation was associated with  western-regional  political  and diplomatic activity to isolate the Syrian government by taking unprecedented  diplomatic and economic  decisions and procedures,  including  the closure of some  embassies and the recalling  of ambassadors.

On the other hand, an  economic sanctions have been imposed  on Syria in order to weaken the state to lose its  ability to ease  the burden of the crisis on the Syrian  citizens. 

These  international procedures coincided with the negative role of the Arab League by adopting completely  the  point of view of the abroad opposition. Instead of playing the role of a mediator who can help in solving the crisis in Syria, the Arab League  has sought to internationalize and militarize  the crisis by asking  the Security Council to  adopt a   resolution against Syria, but  Russia and China vetoed it.

However, the Syrian government has dealt with all the political  initiatives that have been put forward to resolve the crisis positively and diplomatically,  because prolonging the crisis means a lot of loss of lives of  the innocents  and destruction of  infrastructure in addition to the economical , societal, and military loss.

So the Syrian  government  choice is but the political solution  through internal  dialogue between  the Syrians  only in a manner that preserves national sovereignty and achieve a high degree of national reconciliation according to the mechanisms of internal democracy in the production of representative , sovereign and  political structures 

Thus what is  the  expected from Geneva 2 conference  that will be held recently? This conference  should realize  an international environment  and arrange  clear obligations on all  the parties involved greatly  in the crisis in Syria, this practically means  the cessation of the  military ,  financing and logistical support to the terrorists.

And when such a  societal and psychological climate is realized , Syrians will be able to start an effective dialogue with the participation  of all political parties.

 Dr. Khalaf  al-Muftah

Edited &translated by M.Wassouf

Criminal Behavior !

"Security and safety,"  two words which are  small in the number of  characters but have a dangerous implication to the Israeli occupation which is  still determined to occupy the Golan Heights and to continue its daily brutal practices in it.

In Palestine ,the brutal Israeli entity built its alleged state on Palestinians'  land which was and is still Arab whether Israel agrees or doesn't.

 The Zionists believed that the policy of  oppression, imprisonment, displacement and burning  the  agricultural crops of the Palestinians does  not lead, as the Israeli occupation claimed, except to the lack of security and safety for Palestinians.

So the person whose land was robbed by Israeli occupation  will not stand silent but he  will resist till he could uproot this occupation.

The  Israeli prisons ,however, increased the Palestinian prisoners' determination and strong belief that victory will be achieved.

The  inhuman  Zionist practices are difficult to explain. The violations perpetrated by Israeli occupation are endorsed to reflect how they don't differentiate or distinguish between a little kid or an elderly man or even a woman.

Our people in the occupied Golan and Palestine do not care about the Israeli criminal act, they are insisting on defending and resisting occupation till obtaining freedom and liberation.


F. al-Taleb

T & E : H.SH