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Terrorism Fellas

Terrorism benefactors are convening again, after having made their marks respectively. Each  by his own way and vision in supporting terrorism on the Syrian ground, to increase the furnace of hatred coming from across the borders backed by Evil countries lurking behind Syria and its people. Countries well known for their historic hostility to Arabs and Muslims ... and not willing to change.

This comeback arose this time via putting Israel interest on the surface, since this is what “nouveaux hostile to Syria” countries (oil and gas countries), fair- weather friends bending to Mr. Israel afore U.S. Crown grace; asking for Patriot to protect their borders from Syria, but not from the Zionist entity throughout long years of Israeli occupation to Palestine.

Unsurprisingly, the United States has kept its missiles, aircraft and troops in Jordan by the Syrian borders, as it is an Israeli demand. All that is  in preparation for garrison warheads,  in waiting to intervene when opportunity comes, with Patriot as tool.

Whereas,  “Arabists” weeping the Syrian people have finally got the political cover -which they were panting behind- though coming under the excuse of forcing the Syrian state to attend Geneva International Conference− satirically presenting themselves as “friends of the Syrian people”, showing love to Syrian citizens by killing them.

Is prolonging the crisis, moving away from the International conference, and making more massacre and destruction in Syria's interest? Is it  in the Syrian people benefit? No sane person in Syria nor anywhere else, could believe that terrorism supporters really want the Syrians welfare.

As European countries are disintegrating  terrorist networks, other countries are sending, supporting, and arming new networks. Not in the intention of showing  affection for Syrians, but love for their killing. Sadly, today “oil and gas wells owners” are irrationally  pumping dollars and weapons to Syria, at the incitement and service of their Israel master.

Previously, Al-Manar Al-maqdsia newspaper revealed Saudi security officials intense convenes, linked with “terrorism fellas” decisions to support armed terrorist groups; exposing Israeli armament deals purchased with Saudi and Qatari money.


Finally, No doubt the whole issue is revolving around Israel, since its interest is premium for the United States. Everything else is but political hypocrisy maneuvered on short minds, “new Syria haters” from Gulf and “Arabists” geographically closer to Syria.


Ahmed Arabi Baaj


Translated & Edited by: L. Al-Hassanieh

Historical Relations between Syria & Egypt Unbreakable

Actually, the recent stupid statements of the leader of the Moslem Brotherhood (Egyptian President Morsi) about Syria, indicate his  reckless policy since he stole  power. Morsi  hijacked the revolution and exploited  the deteriorating internal conditions that led to the bad  situation in Egypt. This attitude of Egyptian President  was preemptive to  the escalatory steps  which are being  prepared  by  the  anti-Mosllem Brotherhood forces  and other political parties in Egypt.

On the other hand,  the Egyptian public and political forces rally  vis-à-vis the Brotherhood's hegemony . For the present Egyptian regime  is trying to change the face of Egypt's pan-Arabism  and change its  national tracks .

In fact,  the decision of the leader  of  the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt to severe relations with Syria  comes in cahoots with  what Washington , Israel, and their allies  are practicing  in their hostility to Syria, state and people.

It seems clearly that the  US needs to have  a regional role to compensate  for  the loss of  its allies gradually. Then it took many decisions such as arming the opposition and  retaining  the Patriot and the «F-16» in the wake of  its military maneuvers in Jordan and the insinuation  of military intervention and the establishment of a buffer zone.

The Russian response  clearly stated  that it will not allow the imposition  of a no-fly zone over  Syria which is  a clear message to some narrow-minded leaders , including the  leader  of the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt. Thus,  Morsi will never be a regional alternative to the upstart reckless  Erdogan  who is  mired in problems with his  people due to  his hostile policies in the region.

Through  his  antagonistic  stances against Syria, Morsi  tries to  involve Egypt into  intervening  in Syria's internal affairs , the thing which does not comport with   Egypt's role in the Arab conscience and its  honorable partnership with Syria in the  Liberation War of October .  Morsi's  target is but to preserve the satisfaction of the  US following  the  reports issued  by the White House which refer  to the disappointment of the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt because of their  lack of leadership capabilities.

It is no wonder  that Morsi utters  such  statements that do not harmonize with the  President of the largest Arab country  of such  a national  history.  Indeed it will be more surprising that Morsi will  continue to rule Egypt after he burned  all  his cards, since  the deep-rooted relationship  between  the Egyptians  and the  Syrians   is over  Morsi's head . Hence, no one can break the historical relations between the two countries which are  united  in defense of the rights of the nation and its history.

Ahmad Orabi Baa'j

Edited &Translated: M. Wassouf

The Syrians Determine Future

Without any doubt , the way to Geneva is still fraught with difficulties because there  is no agreement yet about a specific date to hold  the conference. The main problem lies in the oppositions 'participation in the conference. Actually  Russia exerts great efforts   to make the Geneva conference succeed , but these efforts  are hampered by negative interference of  the  US tools in the region.

The US- Russian agreement represents an important international opportunity in finding a political solution to the crisis in Syria. But nobody can deny the absence of the serious stances of the parties sponsoring the foreign opposition,  especially the US.

Moreover, the US is foiling all international efforts to hold the Geneva conference as soon as possible. This seems clearly
 through the latest White House statement which fabricated accusations towards the Syrian government , the thing which put the conference in a dangerous circle.

Then , serious and positive stances are required from the US being the pivotal international player in the Syrian crisis. US must urge the foreign opposition to nominate the members who will represent them in Geneva conference.

On the other hand, the Russian stance is very clear in holding  the opponents liable for delaying the conference, and warning of the repercussions of the White House statement, confirming that the charges contained therein are doctored.

The Syrian government is legitimate and it represents all Syrians. Besides, the Syrian Army is the only one who enforces the rules of the game on the ground and achieves victories in cleansing all the Syrian territories from the terrorist groups.

However, the Syrian government agrees to attend the Geneva conference without any conditions aiming to cease the Syrian bloodshed and to stop the pyramiding attempts to destroy the infrastructure by causing more vandalism .

Regarding the Europeans countries, most of them began to take retreating stances towards the crisis in Syria. It seems obviously in the European officials' statements (Austria , Germany and others). They all stressed that the solution of the crisis in Syria is but through political negotiation and not through external intervention and arming terrorists.

In all cases, the US is joining the chorus of mercenaries and its direct involvement in supporting terrorism will not change anything on the ground, because the Syrians will determine the future of their country. Ultimately, the Syrians are the decision-makers and masters of the situation, and the Syrian army will call the tune when needed.


Ahmad Orabi Ba'aj

E&T: M.Wassouf

Death By Democracy

He never thought , as he was taking part in ‘’ pro- democracy ‘’ demonstrations in Aleppo that  he was in a way signing his own death warrant , not because the government would crack down and arrest him- oh no – but because those who he hoped would come and save him from the regime – those he called upon to bring him democracy did come in the end- bringing him not democracy but death- his own. At the end of the day he was just another poor boy .

His name was Mohammad Qatta and he was only fifteen years old . He sold coffee on the corner of the street and on that fateful Saturday he had the bad luck of running into one of the religious fundamentalists who wanted to buy his coffee but not pay for it ! Apparently , the story goes that the man asked Mohammad(the coffee vendor) to consider the price of the coffee as a loan and Mohammad replied that he doesn’t lend money “ even if Mohammad(the prophet) were to come back to life. “ This of course is a common phrase used by many Syrians and doesn’t in any way signify blasphemy or  a lack of respect to God or prophet Mohammad ( Peace be upon him )

They came for him- the members of a rebel group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria- and they took him. They brought him back sometime later with signs of torture on him and in the middle of the square they assembled the people of Aleppo, including his mother and father and issued their warning- “ this is the fate of he who takes the name of the prophet in vain. “ They were speaking a classical Arabic dialect and not a local Syrian one signifying that they were foreigners- and so they turned their machine guns on him and shot him down once in the neck and once in the head. So died Mohammad named after prophet Mohammad!

And indeed it is ironic that a Syrian should die at the hands of a Chechen or a Turk or some foreigner in his own country!!But the irony doesn’t stop here. In Deir Al Zor in the village of Hatleh  (a Shiite village)where at least thirty people were massacred and then dissected and then videoed by religious extremists one cannot help but wonder at the video of a dead woman-her body cut into pieces as is shown by the video yet when the camera moves to show her face one of her killers shouts ”haram-don’t show the face of a woman.”Haram meaning it is sinful. For in this man’s warped vision of Islam it is sinful to show the face of a woman because of her gender, but it is right to dissect her because of her sect!!

Democracy died a long time ago in this “revolution” of Syria! It died when the demonstrations became armed-it died when foreign money and arms flooded the border and it died when those calling for democracy thought that democracy would come in the shape of foreign fighters and terrorists. It died when Mohamad Al Qatta the anti government demonstrator died at the hands of those he thought of as his saviors and when a woman’s gender and sex became more important than the crime of her murder and mutilation!

Reem Haddad

"Dwarf with an ogre's appetite"[1]

It is well known that Media, journalists and other experts in Paris, are key players in the French democratic process; thus contribute to the construction of the Qatari partner image introduced to the French public. The aggressiveness of Qatar, not only in France, seems to have aroused in them a "national" notion, and increased their vigilance against Franco-Qatari relations, which they begin to suspiciously judge. Opinion Experts, newspaper articles, and reports on the "Qatari risk" are abundantly multiplying in France.

Two books recently published in Paris, will help fuel the controversy surrounding Franco-Qatari relations over future stage: journalist Nicolas Beau's book, entitled "The Ugly Qatar", Editions Fayard, 2013; and great reporters Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot's  book, entitled 'Qatar: les secrets du coffre-fort' (Qatar: the secrets of the Vault), Michel Lafon Editions, 2013.Qatar, according to Michel Lafon publishing house is: “a dwarf perpetually hungry,only slightly larger than Corsica, thanks to its huge gas reserves, can afford all on the planet: sports clubs, large parts of European industry, palaces, and the 2022 World Cup... What are the real causes of this "bulimia"?”

After a long investigation in “Al-Jazeera country” to discover the reasons behind their liberation from Iraq where they were held hostage in 2004, Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot, remove the veil from this confusing country coulisses.In their booktheyexplore thepower gamein Doha,the emirate's external policies, and Franco-Qatari relations, showinghow thispowergets tocreate anunarmedempire by purchasingthe world as refers a banker working with Doha "The True

Story of Qatar… is that of a nouveau riche ... I would say nouvelle richness, where power is concerted in three or four people. This is certainly a unique case in the world. What to do with 40 or 50 billion? This is the question the magic trio (Emir- HBJ[2]-Moza) is posing every year."[3]

From oil and gas reserves (estimated to sustain200 to 300 years) to sumptuous palaces of the Emir Sheikh Hamad;  passing by AlJazeera influential Information resources through Qatar weight in secret negotiations with “Western Islamic states” −power articulations are revealed. We learn that "Qatar, failing to expand its borders to consolidate its power, has chosen to create an empire, without weapons (only Al Udeid Air Base),a war by purchasingthe world!"But who saidWorld is for sale!

The book also discloses how Qatar tried to buy a Russian veto in the UN[4], and the mysteries  of its investment in France, and how it controversially went from the "book checks diplomacy" to arming Libyan and Syrian terroristic groups. This book is a journey into the surreal world of an empire of pocket; making us wonder why it is seeking to infiltrate international institutions such as UNESCO and the Arab League. Is Qatar rolling for Islamists or does it, by its frantic infiltration, ensure its safety as its reputation?

Regarding their political investments,Qataris have supported the Muslim Brotherhood, the overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya " 6 of the 12  Qatari 2000 Mirage are engaged by the side of NATO's operations in Libya, throwing bombs, accomplishing combat missions. Qatari pilots are having their first War overseas.'They were the sole to land without countermeasures in response to the commands of their two C-17 American Globe-masters' a French soldier declares.[5]" They have also backed up armed opposition in Syria “In fact, Americans have never known exactly the weapons recipients’  identity, that Qatar was  delivering on behalf of the Occidentals  in Libya. Since then, some of the weapons went to north Mali... other were sent to Syria in favor of rebels.” They have also played a role in Tunisia and Egypt uprisings. Nothing can stop Qatar's ambitions towards influence, according to Chesnot and Malbrunot,"Qatar: les secrets du coffre-fort".

In his interview with ‘Ouest France’ about the book[6], French writer and journalist, Christian Chesnot, indicates how Qataris bought ‘Centre Kléber’, the largest conference center in Paris, which Emir of Qatar Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thany has (coup de foudre) fell in love with. Paying 400 million euros while its price in the real estate market is estimated at 350 million euros. An economic strategy followed by Qatar, based on higher prices proposals of about 30% to 40% than the market prices, and funded from its financial strength that allows it to take over everything.

Chesnot adds that the book is devoting an important part for the Qatari's role in the ongoing events in Syria. As the French journalists reveal the Qatar's Emir obsession with this file, considering the matter a personal battle, meaning if President Al-Assad survives Shaykh Hamad will pay the price, so he is employing all his treasury energy to gain the game[7]. The authors are literally recapulating one of Qatar's Emir cousins' words "If the Syrian crisis prolongs, it will shake the internal balance in Doha."Therefore, Qatar is arming and financing opposition groups, but not necessarily the most democratic or moderate ones. Moreover, some of those groups are supported by organizations recorded under U.S. list of terrorist organizations.

The French journalist goes on to say: Qatari officials declare when asked about their role in supporting Islamic groups, "We want to be up to date with historical changes.  Today, wind is blowing with Muslim Brotherhood, who has achieved victory in the elections", in reference to the rise of Islamists in Tunisia and Egypt.

The outstanding reporter in Radio France, Christian Chesnot, reveals that a large number of American, Russian, and French diplomats have been interviewed to obtain details incorporated in " Qatar: les secrets du coffre-fort."

"The objective of writing is not to attack, propaganda, or show this country's miracle", according to Chesnot, "but to explain aspects related to Qatar issue, since the financial capacity and over wealth of this country, led to questioning  its purchase of companies, and weapons."
From Al-Jazeera podium, Chesnot declared that this channel, as authorities sponsoring it, has lost its neutrality and its motto "AL-Raii& Al-Raii Al-Akhar" (Pro & Counter opinion) in favor of unilateral promotion.

For his part, writer and political analyst specialized in Arab affairs, Georges Malbrunot- a French intelligence services close contact - mentioned the growing criticism of the ruler of Qatar and his wife, particularly his policies contrasting with tribal customs and traditions prevailing in Qatar culture. He also pointed out that there is turmoil and fear in Qatar, accusing Prince Hamad of wasting the country's wealth for the benefit of U.S. companies.


Lama Alhassanieh

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