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Transparency and Actuality

President Bashar AL-Assad tackled, in his recent interview with Syrian TV, different issues as regards foreign and domestic fronts, and on top of the issues related to foreign front are the continued fighting against terrorism, US, Russia and Turkey. Actually the continued fight against terrorism necessitated a deep reading for President Assad's description of the roles played by such countries.

President Assad outlined that "the reality is that the Americans are occupiers, whether they are in the east, the north or the south, the result is the same" asserting that when we are finished with the areas according to our military priorities and we reach an area in which the Americans are present, the fate of the Americans will be similar to their fate in Iraq."  This patriot popular resistance has to have the necessary support against the occupier.

Balfour Declaration, the original sin

November 2nd coincides with the 102nd anniversary of the notorious Balfour Declaration which paved the way for the creation of the Zionist entity on the Palestinian lands.

The British conspiratorial role against the Palestinian people started with the Sykes Picot Accord which was signed in 1916 between France and Britain distributing the Arab Homeland  between the two states as if it were their inheritance. Palestine was the share of Britain which in turn offered the Balfour Declaration to the Jews of the world. On November 2, 1917, BritishForeign Secretary Arthur James Balfour wrote a letter to Britain’s most illustrious Jewish citizen, Baron Lionel Walter Rothschild, expressing the British government’s support for a Jewish homeland in Palestine. The government of Prime Minister David Lloyd George—elected in December 1916—made the decision to publicly support Zionism, a movement led in Britain by Chaim Weizmann, a Jewish chemist who had settled in Manchester. Despite Britain’s earlier agreement with France dividing influence in the region after the presumed defeat of the Ottoman Empire, Lloyd George had come to see British dominance in Palestine—a land bridge between the crucial territories of India and Egypt—as an essential post-war goal. The establishment of a Zionist state there—under British protection—would accomplish this objective.

Damascus Is the Place!

The delegation, supported by the Syrian government, arrived in Geneva to participate in meetings of the committee of discussing the constitution.

The discussions will start next Friday and then there will be a small committee of 45 members, 15 supported by the Syrian government, 15 for other parties and 15 from the civil society.

Thus, the Syrians are to discuss their own constitution in Geneva; BUT Damascus is the place of action. The Syrian Army, along with its allies, have already inked the main article in the constitution, based on anti-terrorism, on light, enlightenment and unity.

An International State Banditry

The US foreign policies are based since the very beginning of the US foundation on exploitation, robbery and occupation under different silly pretexts.  A brief review of the such US policies would point to the exploitation of the Middle East, Latin America, Asia, Africa and even Europe itself.

The ongoing crisis in Iraq and Syria is yet another example for the US exploitation and robbery. The USA claims to keep its illegal presence and occupation of some territories in these two sisterly countries as to fight terrorism! Meanwhile US Troops have been working on transporting hundreds of ISIL Takfiri terrorists whom they detain from al-Jazeera region to Iraq after gathering them at the US bases in Syria.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has ambitions in Syria, Iraq and the Arab region and he is occupier

Dr. Haytham Mouzahem, head of Beirut Centre for Middle East Studies talks to Syria Times on the current situation in Syria and the Turkish aggressive military operations on Syrian territory and the implications for the region.

Turkey, especially its president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has ambitions in Syria, Iraq and the Arab region that wants to restore Turkish hegemony to the territories occupied by the Ottoman Caliphate. Erdogan makes no secret of his desire to change the Treaty of Sèvre of 1920, which required the Turks to cede all non-Turkic territory, including Arab countries, and the Treaty of Lausanne, signed in July 1923, which defined Turkey's current borders despite annexing part of Syrian territory, most notably Kilkya and Iskenderun.