Tracking Down Terrorists Continued

It seems  clearly  that there is an international slowdown  about  the political solution to the Syrian crisis by the main countries which  are largely responsible for what is happening in Syria since more than two years. Hence , many  variables had  occurred after the decline of  both  Hamad of Qatar and Erdogan of Turkey who   are still  waiting for new roles to be   determined by the US administration. The  US new  proxy is Saudi Arabia who undertook the task of financing and arming terrorists  in Syria.

 Undoubtedly, the US had  planned to create chaos in most of the Arab countries since its invasion of Iraq. And what is happening now in Egypt, Lebanon,  Iraq  and Syria serves the US' interests in the region  at the hands of the Wahabis  of  Saudi Arabia. The US sponsores  the  Saudi Wahabis  terrorists who  are financed by the Gulf states and logistically backed by Turkey and Jordan by facilitating  the  influx of weapons  and terrorists  into Syria.

 The  chaotic  situation in the region is but to   serve  the US and Israel's  common interests , the thing which contradicts  the Russia 's efforts to find a political solution to what is happening in Syria.

On the other hand, the  dangerous scenario which  the US has been  playing  in Egypt through  the upstart of  Muslim Brotherhood  to the  political scene  is considered a part of the conspiracy against Syria. Actually, the US wants to derail Syria from the axis of resistance by exterminating  the Palestinian Cause in the interest of its arch ally, Israel.

 But Syria's steadfastness in the face of  the international conspiracy is worrying the US and Israel. That's why they have to accelerate  negotiations with the Palestinians fearing the convergence of the Syrian and Egyptian armies after the expulsion of the Muslim Brotherhood  in Egypt.

In fact, the Syrian unique  steadfastness  gives the creeps to Israel, the biggest beneficiary of what is happening in the Arab world, especially Syria.

 Which way the wind blows!  The brave  Syrian Arab army is the winner in the  battle field. The army continues tracking down  terrorists and eliminating them from  all Syrian territories .

The future is promising for the people who are protected by the army who unswervingly committed to homeland.

 Ahmed Orabi Ba'aj

E&T: M.Wassouf


The day after the bombing attacks in Reyhanli, the co-chair of the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP), which is the only pro-Kurdish party in Turkey’s parliament, Mr Selahattin Demirtas rushed to Mr Erdogan’s rescue:

“The fact that the attacks took place at Reyhanli on the Syrian border brings instantly to one’s mind a Syrian connection of this matter. [...] [These attacks] could be interpreted as the extension of Syria’s civil war and internal chaos to Turkey. [...] Were [these attacks] connected to the ongoing resolution process [between the Government and the Kurdish opposition] in Turkey? It is hard to figure that out. What is clear is that the political atmosphere in which Turkey currently finds itself was the target.

Since the day the civil war began in Syria, we have been pointing out that the Government’s stance, its foreign policy is wrong. [...] However, particularly in the face of attacks perpetrated in this period against Turkey, attacks which target civilians, our citizens; our priority should be to act in unity instead of holding the Government responsible. [...] We will stand by the Government [in its efforts] to take precautions against these attacks, to adopt an attentive, sensitive stance towards these attacks.”

Mr Demirtas’ stance is all the more surprising considering the sheer number of false-flag operations of the past three decades which have targeted Kurdish politicians, activists and civilians in Turkey. At the end of April, four days after the PKK’s military leader Murat Karayilan announced the withdrawal of the PKK guerrillas from Turkey in line with a ceasefire agreement, The Times reported the transfer of over 1,500 guerrillas from Turkey into northern Syria to secure the Kurdish areas there. In an interview held eleven days after the bombing attacks, Mr Demirtas spoke even more straightforwardly:

“Three Kurdish states may come into being: A Kurdish state in Iran, a Kurdish state in Iraq, a Kurdish state in Syria. Now it is certain that there will be an autonomous region in Syria just like the one in Iraq. Of course, if the Kurdish entity in Syria incorporates Lattakia as well, a big problem for the Kurds would have been resolved. [Then] they would have access to the sea and a total dependence on Turkey would come to an end. [...] The Kurds are Turkey’s luck. There is a Kurdish buffer [separating Turkey from both Syria and Iraq] . If the central administration in Iraq persists in its current mentality, then the Kurdish state in Iraq may come into being as a fully independent [entity] .”

Nine days after the bombing attacks, the co-chair of the Democratic Society Congress (DTK), which is another pro-Kurdish party in Turkey, Mr Ahmet Turk visited the United States. Following three consecutive meetings held at the U.S. State Department, Mr Turk spoke to the press:

“A Turkey that embraces its own Kurds, that wins the hearts and minds of its own Kurds will play a more effective role in the Middle East, will be an actor capable of bringing democracy to the Middle East.

We need to bring into life the project of a Syria where all sorts of different [identities] could freely exist, could freely express themselves. [The U.S. officials] have very clearly stated that they see eye-to-eye with us on this matter.”

The ‘peace process’ with the Kurdish armed and political opposition in Turkey is actually a classic divide and rule strategy which aims to pacify the Kurdish opposition in Turkey ahead of a planned invasion of Syria and Iran whilst implementing the U.S. plan to divide both the occupied Iraq and Syria into three separate entities.


The day after Israeli Air Forces’ May 5th attack on Syria, Turkey and Israel have launched separate military exercises near their respective borders with Syria. Israeli drills took place in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights, while Turkey’s ‘Yildirim-2013 Mobilization Exercise’ was held at NATO’s Incirlik Airbase.  

According to a statement by Turkey’s General Staff, the aim of Yildirim-2013 exercise was to test Turkish Armed Forces’ readiness for battle and coordination with Government ministries. The ten-day exercise finished on May 15th, the day before Mr Erdogan met Mr Obama in Washington D.C.

The same day, a unit consisting of hundreds of armed personnel carrier vehicles carrying ‘Free Syrian Army’ militants, accompanied by tanks defending them, crossed from Turkey’s Ceylanpinar border gate into Syria. This military deployment, considered to be the largest ever from the region, occurred at a time when the militants squeezed in Ras al-Ayn [in Northern Syria] needed help.

Again, on the same day, U.S.-led IMCMEX 2013 naval exercise in the Persian Gulf against Iran was launched. Although the list of participant countries has been kept secret, in all likelihood Turkey is among the 41 countries taking part in these exercises which runs from May 6 until May 30.

Turkey will also be among the 18 countries taking part in the U.S.-led ‘Eager Lion 2013’ exercise due to be held in Jordan in June.

Recently, particularly in the run up to Prime Minister Erdogan’s visit to the United States, there has been an increase in flights along Turkey’s border with Syria to detect Syria’s air defence systems, collect military intelligence and transmit intelligence to armed groups supported by Turkey’s government.

Furthermore, according to the Government’s own figures, in 2012 Turkey has spent over 694 million Turkish Liras (over 386 million U.S. dollars) from its discretionary operations fund.  This fund is financing Turkey’s covert war on Syria.

It is worth bearing in mind that NATO’s Incirlik Airbase is notorious for the role it played during the wars against Iraq (1991), Yugoslavia (1999), Afghanistan (2001), Iraq (2003) and Libya (2011) and for hosting the largest nuclear weapons of mass destruction arsenal outside the U.S. territory.


When the U.S. and its allies launched the covert war on Syria in 2011, they were expecting that either Syria’s political establishment would collapse within a short duration or they would find a way to ignite an open war. As Syria’s leaders and people proved to be exceptionally resilient, increasingly more brutal means have been deployed to tear the country apart. Being at the forefront of this covert war in every respect, Turkey has been thoroughly complicit in monumental war crimes committed against the neighbouring people of Syria.

Having very skilfully manipulated the world public opinion with the help, among other measures, of a gigantic public relations apparatus, for more than ten years; Mr Erdogan’s government, like its main allies, is currently experiencing a deep crisis of legitimacy both at home and abroad. Instead of boosting Mr Erdogan’s standing, the false-flag bombing attacks in Reyhanli have actually unleashed a nationwide popular reaction against his total subservience to Western imperialism.


H. M.

Why Bringing Chemical Weapons into Focus ?

Chemical weapons had been used as a pretext by the west to interfere in the Iraqi sovereignty.

The same manner had been replicated to meddle in Syria, accusing it to have chemical weapons seeking  to achieve more colonial powers in the region.

First of all, it is noteworthy to mention that there is an international ban on the production and use of the chemical, biological weapons although some countries,  the Zionist entity, has a huge nuclear arsenal which is known worldwide.

A state, possessing  chemical weapons is a case that has many goals; for instance the accused state obtaining chemical weapons will be subject to international inspection by specialized experts.

Sovereignty and the national security of the states put under scrutiny will be violated. But the more dangerous part of it is that if the possesion of chemical weapons is confirmed in any conflict, the Security Council authorized to take a decision to confront the accused state.

None of the five permanent members in the security council has the right to Veto the decision or halt the intervention of the Security Council.

The Syrian Arab Republic asked the U.N Security General to dispatch a specialized international investigation committee to probe  events in Khan al-Assal in Aleppo.

It is noteworthy that Khan al-Assal was a prelude to prejudice the Syrian Sovereignty on the assumption that  chemical weapons have been used in more than 13 locations in Syria.

The Syrian response was evident to reveal  and prove that the international inspectors could visit two locations of the 13 ones where chemical weapons were allegedly used to conduct inspection under  the Syrian authorities control.

The time span for the international committee is 14 extendable days subject to the approval of the Syrian competent authorities. The Syrian government takes all necessary measures to ensure the safety of the inspection committee.

Professionalism, objectivity and neutralism of the   inspection team are of paramount importance which have to be taken into consideration owing to the seriousness of the conclusions and their upshots on the international arena especially the UN security council. The UN permanent members have no right to veto any decision pertaining to the use of chemical weapons or humanitarian issues.

So, it is so important to have a Syrian professional specialized team with high quality to keep track of the task they are going to accomplish, noting that some of the areas to be inspected are under the control of the terrorist groups which may slant the samples results to serve their purposes against Syria. 

Dr. khalaf  al-Mouftah

E & T : H.Shammout 

US Hypocrisy

It is  not a pointless  stance from  Russia  to talk openly about the U.S. contradictory attitudes towards the crisis in Syria. The Russian stance based on accurate  data,  has been  entrenched  in the past few months, where Russia has maintained its principled position with  the obvious  continuity of the  US in its  hypocrisy.
Moreover, when the foreign and defense ministers of Russia and the United States meet in Washington to discuss the key issues, especially the situation in Syria, the White House announced the postponement of the upcoming meeting between President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin. This meeting  was about   to be held in Moscow  next September, before  the holding  of the Group of Twenty summit in the fifth and sixth of the same month in the city of St. Petersburg.

In an  press  conference   at the Russian Embassy in Washington, Lavrov  focused on Russia's serious  stance about the calling to the Geneva meeting  as soon as possible.

"Russian and US diplomats will meet at the end of August to discuss the organizing  of this international conference, but the main  priority should be  about the fighting  against terrorists and  expelling them out of Syria." Lavrov added.

The US  is still pursuing a policy of prevarication,  it is talking about a political solution in Syria , but at the same time it avoids any serious  agreement  with Russia about that. It thus seeks  to gain time in a failing  bet aiming that the battle on the ground ends in its interests.

Undoubtedly, the US-Zionist destructive  project in the region has failed and the bet of toppling Syria has really been downed. Thanks to the great determination of the brave  Syrian Arab Army  and the determination   to eliminate the terrorists and destroy their weapons in all Syrian  territories .

No one can deny the contradictory policy of the US  administration to resolve the crisis in Syria. This seems clearly  in the US procrastination in setting a date for the convening of an international conference in this regard. The US hurries  to order  its  mercenaries and allies as to steer  political and security escalation in Syria in order to foil  all the political efforts .

Hence, what happened  in the region  is  a real evidence of the hostile policies of the US  and Israel towards  the Arabs in general and Syria in particular .

As for the Palestinian cause , there is a  game of negotiations that takes place between the US and Israel, not between the Palestinians and the Zionist entity. These negotiations  have deformed  the Palestinian Cause  by  increasing  the number of  settlements  in exchange for promises to release some prisoners from Israeli jails.
The basic aim  is to end the Palestinian Cause  quickly  because the US does not want  to yield to the  political benefits of the convening of an international conference about Syria. The US  is still supporting  terrorism in Syria  using its dirty allies especially  Saudi Arabia , Qatar, and the Moslem Brotherhood government in Turkey.

Then, the comparison is not permissible between the US and the Russian stances , because Russia adheres to finding a political solution to the crisis in Syria , while the United States continues its  prevarication and hypocrisy until the end.


Ahmed Orabi Ba'aj

E&T : Maysa Wassouf

Peace Negotiations in Devilish Mask

American Jewish Australian Martin Indyk, who served as USA ambassador to Israel, strongly defending it when he was working at "AIPAC" and then at  Washington Institute for Near East Policy. Therefore, he was appointed to represent Washington's  solicit desire to characterize pre-negotiation results.

Regional and world political circumstances have served US and Israel, giving them the chance to eliminate the Palestinian case by taking advantage of the Arabs sinking  in the so-called " Demolishing Spring" drawn by anti-Arab forces. Thus, they swooped on the Palestinian case to impose their so desired solutions

Through the American enthusiasm, John Kerry, "chairman of American diplomacy" has made a series of visits to the occupied territories and petrodollar countries, since the U.S. is  urging to complete the negotiations as soon as possible, to impose a solution whatever form or way to solve postponed complex problems. Consequently, no one will dare any more approaching those problems as Jerusalem issue, sovereignty and the right of return, but in an embellished diplomatic manner.

Obama in Kerry's mask, is trying to show good intentions by resuming negotiations and diplomatic statements which are completely free of good will, and reveal Washington's desire to reach a solution that will topple the Palestinian cause, ignoring all the degradations of this oppressed people throughout history.

Washington's desire to erase the Palestinian cause, associated with Arabs' hypocrisy  who permanently assume their false loyalty to the Palestinian people  return to its homelands.

At this time, the American hypocrisy is still continuing by providing advocacy for Israelis to increase the settlements in exchange of some prisoners release, who have already ended their period of unjust sentences. It is well known, that America will not reward the Palestinians at the expense of Israelis.

Though, political chaos is spreading all over most of Arab countries, Israel is unable to pass its sinister scheme. In addition to another dilemma  that Palestinians are facing represented by their disability to execute Israeli requests. As a matter of fact, Israel's goal is to liquidate Palestinian rights remaining under the so-called  "Peace negotiations". Nonetheless,  Palestinian cause liquidation is a far-off goal,  even though under Saudi- Guarantee.

Ahmad Orabi Ba'aj

E & T : H. Shammout