Towards a National Charter of Honor

All plans by the parties responsible for the ongoing twenty two months old Syrian crisis to overthrow the Syrian government, undermine the state, hit the national unity and weaken the army have been destined to failure, as the Syrian leadership and people have been able to win complicated battles at several fronts.

The leadership has acknowledged the need for renewing the political structure of the state, so, a parties law was issued to make an essential change and widen the circle of political partnerships. More importantly was the formulation of a new constitution as a turning point in the state’s political life based on new democratic and institutional principles that restructure power in accordance with honest parliamentary elections in which all political and social parties take part and which guarantees that the democratic result will be the only standard for drawing a new political map which gets its legitimacy and strength from ballot boxes.

The Syrian leadership continued to respond positively to the requirements of the crisis. In his latest historical speech on January 6th  , President Bashar Al-Assad specified the basic elements for an exit from the crisis and drew a road map towards a future Syria where all have the opportunity to take part in figuring the country’s political features and identity throughout wide national dialogue comprising all components of the Syrian people and which leads to a new social cohesion on which all the Syrians agree.

Consequently, through its positive response to the crisis requirements, the Syrian leadership has been able to uncover the stances of some opposition parties which reject political solution first, by snatching the claimed “reform card” from their hands and heightening the reform ceiling to a degree agreed on by all the Syrians within a national charter of honor and second, by uncovering some opposition parties’ limitless cooperation with foreign forces which aim to implement domination schemes in the region in general and in Syria in particular. This sort of cooperation had led these parties to lose their alleged credibility and social presences among their supporter whom they bet on from the very beginning and whom they were able to move under false slogans like “reform” and “freedom”.

At present, the opposition which refuses political solution, in addition to all its supporters are in a real trouble, particularly after President Al-Assad has launched a national initiative and after the Syrian leadership has accepted the principle of political solution as stressed by the latest Geneva meeting.

As all ways before the opposition parties, which refuse political solution, are blocked, the final option before them seems to be giving up their dreams and political aspirations, engaging themselves in an all-out national dialogue, being active inside Syria and joining the country’s political and democratic process after announcing their complete boycott to foreign forces and stopping all forms of violence and armed action which only serve the enemies of the Syrian people.


Dr. Khalaf al-Miftah

Translated by H. Mustafa

Innocence of Muslims, an offense against the values of humanity

Needless to say, the US Zionist circles have been using media, technology and film making in concocting sinister plans against the Arab and Islamic nations.  

The agreement of the US for the production of the film "Innocence of Muslims" means that the White House wants to announce war on the essence of holy religions, then our role and that of the world is to confront the US-Zionist practices that desecrate religious principles and the sanctity of religion.

The immoral act of producing and directing such American film is a new US-Zionist attempt to insult Islam and the Muslims all over the world, in addition to stoking sectarian sedition in the Islamic society, because advocating sectarian wars have been one of the main tools used by colonialist states to weaken the Arabs and Muslims, divide them and plunder their resources.

The film is a real reflection of the Zionist policies which aim at feeding religious and sectarian tensions through exploiting media and culture to serve its notorious colonialist projects.

The encroachment on Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) in the film "Innocence of Muslims" constitutes an offense against the values of humanity and a flagrant violation of the alleged democracy of the US and its allies which claim that they are defenders of human values.

This film, produced by the US-Zionist malicious policies, offended more than a billion and seven hundred million Moslems, and it contradicts the most important bases of democracy.

The noble people in the world should expose the plot of the film which aimed at stoking sectarian strife. The Arab and Islamic worlds should be united in facing plots aimed at inflaming sedition since the failure in warding off these plots will allow extremist powers to go ahead with their Zionist project. So, the film is an episode in the Western conspiracy against the Arab and Islamic world.

The film came as completion of using suspicious media and satellite channels to stir up sedition and spread chaos. The producers of such condemned film aim to sow sedition and foster grudges. This hateful film seems to be deliberately designed to sow bigotry and bloodshed. Such desecrating acts are aimed at causing discord among the people of different faiths.
The anti-Islam film instigated massive protests and condemnations in front of the US embassies in a number of countries in the world. Protests have spread across the Middle East and further afield.

Thousands of Muslims gathered outside the US embassies in various parts of the world to protest against the US film which abused Islam and Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him.

Protesters waved placards condemning the film which is aimed at instigating religious conflicts, blaming the responsibility on the US administration which allowed the production and broadcasting of this film.

The "Innocence of Muslims" was produced in the US by amateur Israeli-American director, Sam Basil, from South California who is known to be anti-Islam and pro-Zionist activist.

All those involved in planning, producing, releasing and promoting the American film, which is based on derogatory, defamatory and blasphemous material quite against the historical facts, have very badly hurt the sentiments of Muslims.

These irresponsible actions yield no good and draw attention away from real problems like the fate of the Palestinians and the lack of stability in the Middle East because of the Israeli occupation of the Arab territories. It is a wonder how those running a country claiming to be a superpower and defender of democracy and human rights become so stupid in taking such actions!


Investing potentials to curb open war

By:Ahmad Orabi Ba'aj

Syria and Iran have recently signed memorandum of understanding on economic cooperation and construction of power plant.

The said agreement includes a number of items.Most importantly,the USD 1 bln credit facilitation signed between the Commercial Bank of Syria and the Iranian Export Development Bank.

Undoubtedly, the agreement will boost and cement ties of cooperation ,strategic partnership and available potentials in Syria and Iran only to confront the open war that targeting the two friendly peoples .

Needless to say that Syria and Iran are the cornerstone of resistance in the region.Hence,the agreement will definitely bolster their steadfastness against vicious schemes.

Furthermore,other important contracts on power energy have been signed  with the Iranian side during the premier ,the ministerial and technical accompanying delegation's visit to Tehran.

These agreements are but a firm stance by the Iranian side to consolidate Syria's steadfastness against terrorism and the blatant siege imposed on Syria by the aggression forces.

The premier's successful visit will upgrade the already continuous partnership –with all its forms-between the two brotherly countries in the benefit of the two peoples.

This(visit)will help surpass the ongoing crisis in Syria , restoring security and stability and meeting the citizen steadfastness and living standard's requirements only Syria to come out victorious as ever.

Translated by:


Obama, I just want to remind you




More than 1,000 Americans have been killed in gun-related violence since last month’s elementary school shooting carnage in Connecticut that killed 20 young pupils and six staff members, new data show.

According to the new data, collected through an interactive project conducted by, the tally of those killed in gun violence across the US since the Connecticut massacre has surpassed the 1,000 mark, showing that as of 5 a.m. GMT on January 18, the figure has reached 1013.

Obama I just want to remind you, Two weeks before the start of your second term, the British daily, The Guardian, noted that "U.S. use of drones has soared during your time in office, with the White House authorizing attacks in at least four countries: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. It is estimated that the CIA and the U.S. military have undertaken more than 300 drone strikes and killed about 2,500 people."

The newspaper reported that a former member of Obama's "counter-terrorism group" during the 2008 campaign, Michael Boyle, says the White House is now understating the number of civilian deaths due to the drone strikes, with loosened standards for when and where to attack: "The consequences can be seen in the targeting of mosques or funeral processions that kill non-combatants and tear at the social fabric of the regions where they occur. No one really knows the number of deaths caused by drones in these distant, sometimes ungoverned, lands."Do you remember?

 And why, in Syria, is the United States of America recognizing terrorists? Does President Obama not know that the "legitimate representative" he supports has been responsible for the murder of thousands of people? Does President Obama not know that his "legitimate representative" has committed unspeakable and demonic acts of torture, kidnapping, summary executions and sodomy? Does President Obama not know that his "legitimate representative" attacked a school recently with military hardware? And now Aleppo university. The world cries over children killed in a school in the US, yet there is no mention in the western media about the students killed in Syria when a US backed car bomb attacked a university. killing more than 80 people, and 170 received injuries of varying severity.

Does the west think that Syrian children are unworthy of getting any acknowledgement or sympathy, except from Russia and Iran.

 Your country is supporting such dangerous groups as Al-Qaeda to destabilize Syria and fight the Syrian Army at the expense of the lives of innocent Syrian citizens whose only crime is supporting their government..

The Syrians send their condolences to the bereaved families of the victims over the mass murder of their beloved school children and others, and voice deep regret over the shooting incident in the US.

But we call on the US society to be part of the movement against warmongering and massacre of innocent people by gunmen in terrorist attacks in different parts of the world.

It is indeed as Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehman-Parast stated earlier "as far as humanity is concerned, there is no difference between the children and teenagers who are victimized by armed attacks in Gaza and the US, Afghanistan or Pakistan and Iraq or Syria, and everyone should try to ensure overall peace, security and tranquility for all the people around the world."





Faithful Translation to Our Convictions




Attacking thermal Mharda station in Hama, stealing a quantity of crude oil from Al Kahhar wells in the countryside of Deir al-Zour, burning it and preventing firefighters from putting out the fire, attacking Al Baath Dam in Al Raqqa city, bombing a car  at Barzeh station for fuel in Damascus that killed innocents, targeting  citizens’ lives, electricity stations, water and oil resources are samples of terrorist acts you do not need to explain or interpret the motives and goals that stand behind them, and are in favor of the enemies of Syria and destroy the lives of citizens directly.

Who follows these details and other daily news can see the continuous work exerted by the government to offer services and necessary materials to facilitate the citizens' lives during the crisis.The destructive, aggressive, acts offer a valuable service to the Zionist enemy.

Audio-visual news show the government’s determination to contain the effects of the crisis and ease its pressure on citizens, provide relief work and care for families affected by terrorism, monitor chronic diseases and follow-up treatment of patients in temporary shelters.

It is logical to say that it is no longer difficult, not only to the concerned observer, but also on the ordinary citizen, to compare and differentiate and judge this work and that act.

We don’t ask anyone to give an opinion or an impression, except to the extent he sees and feels every day and refers clearly to both scales of the scene to reach the conviction and build on it his role and position.

The government’s continued work and shouldering responsibilities towards the citizens through its economic and service establishments and the working to fix what the subversive elements have destroyed, is more than necessary, but equally it is everyone's responsibility as individuals and citizens, social, civil and intellectual institutions.

The role of the elite to perform their duty is also needed and to identify its components to be also a partner in the defense of his convictions and his role.


We are certain that the government and its institutions have determined to contain the effects of the crisis and exert all efforts and potentials to ensure requirements of the people's living.

What we need at this stage is a conviction equivalent to a role that integrates with and an activity that intersects in a lot of responsibilities placed on all of us to achieve major objectives that the crisis imposed its priorities and the resulting to be all true to translate the conviction that the broader spectrum of Syrians share, especially with the exposure more of the facts and the roles!!

Ahmad Orabi Baaj

Translated by: SH  Kh.