The Scandalous Role

It is no longer hard to say  that with the accession  of the Justice and Development Party to power in Turkey in 2002, the Western Countries and the USA, in particular tried to highlight the model of  the Turkish Justice and Development party as the best  Islamic role model to be exported to Muslim countries.

The said party, however, benefited from the bubble of the sudden economic growth was assisted by funds pumped from Western countries, resulted in a boom welfare that formed a suitable social foundation to impose its policies..... Or rather the West's policies through it.

Certainly, all these Western aids are not directed to Justice and Development Party, or to Turkey without a price, rather come as a way to beautify and export the Turkish Islamic model  and disseminate it to the Middle East and Arab countries in particular in order to get  through it  to the Arab region and the Islamic countries and to impose and perpetuate  their own policies the way  they want.

Under the rule of the Justice and Development party , Turkey does not work individually on its own, or through a political program presented  to the Turkish people, but works within  the context of a regional project it seeks to  intersect with Western interests,  meet the interests of the US and Israel and open the way before the  leadership of this party to achieve its interests and influence and reproduce the Ottoman Empire in a modern way based on the expanding  influence and interference in the internal affairs of countries in the region . A project  that makes of Turkey  an arm to implement its policies and a tool for Western intervention in the region. With all that ,the Turkish justice and development party  is linked to a  common alliance    with Islamic organizations, led by the Muslim Brotherhood, aims to overturn the  political situation in the Arab and Islamic countries by all available means and ways to serve  their  common  interests and  achieve the objectives of external parties supporting and producing them.  Thereby, the U.S. policy in the region converges with the policy pursued by Turkey under the  rule of the justice  and Development party and the Islamic groups, led by the Muslim Brotherhood , and its affiliated parties, whose  goals are  intersecting with the interests of these parties and  countries and fall  ultimately in the interest of the US project in the region.

As a result, the role played by Turkey of the «Justice and Development Party» is declining to be  scandalous role  and  thus cannot be that model in a region which enjoys  a  thousand year old  civilization of great history  and culture . What is happening now in the region does not exceed a historic bubble  that passes across the Arab countries  as earlier ones throughout bygone eras known in  many interventions and will be ended with the triumph of peoples owners of  homelands and the victory of the open enlightened thought over   the obscurantist ideology, its marketers, campaigners  and temporary beneficiaries.

Ahmed Orabi Baaj


Edited & Translated

T. Fateh

Syria-The death of a country


An eye catching title. Undoubtedly! The title on the front cover of The Economist magazine dated February 23rd-March 1st 2013. And this is where it stops! The content of the article is surprisingly meager and has nothing to offer the reader either in way of information or in analysis. Indeed the very first sentence is misinformed. It says, "After the first World War Syria was hacked from the carcass of the Ottoman empire." Syria is of course much older than the Ottoman empire and there is no need to hack something that already exists.

        The article goes on – and the picture it paints of what is happening in Syria is far removed from reality . It describes the terror of what is happening as a sectarian war .It says, “ By getting his Alawite brethren to massacre the Sunni majority , he has drawn in jihadists and convinced Syrians from other sects to stick with him for fear that his own fall will lead to terrible vengeance “  What is happening in Syria isn’t a war of the sects – it isn’t all the minorities against the Sunni majority . After all the Syrian army which is doing the fighting is composed of all sects of which the majority as indeed should be are Sunni . To simplify the issue and wrap it all up as Alawites fighting Sunnis shows a complete lack of comprehension of the mosaic in Syria – of the different sects all Syrians belong to, that have forever lived together enriching their lives by the presence of others .

       What is sadder are the things that the article didn’t mention. The article never mentioned the theft of Syria’s antiquities and artifacts. It never mentions how this” revolution” looted the museums of Idlib and stole from archeological excavations. How at least 18 ancient mosaics depicting scenes from Homer’s “ The Odyssey “ have gone missing from northern parts of Syria . The article doesn’t mention that the UNESCO has launched an appeal for the protection of Syria’s cultural heritage.

       Another fact that the article misses while describing the misery of Syrians is the American led sanctions against the civilian population. It doesn’t say why targeting civilian populations  has turned into a foundation stone of American Foreign Policy . It doesn’t talk of the defective” unintended consequences “argument used to justify civilian targeting sanctions . It doesn’t talk of vital medicines that have gone missing ( like the treatment for cancer )or  of the much needed funding that Syrians require for education , construction and indeed self-  improvement that have now been denied them.

     What is striking about the article is that it could have been written a year ago and most of it would have passed .It is much a regurgitation of old rhetoric with no insight into how things are in the country. No new approach has been adopted for the article has adopted the same old approach that aims at discrediting whatever the government says or does and with that attitude there isn’t much hope that the west and the USA will one day see the situation with both eyes


Reem Haddad

Where are we going?

Syria has been witnessing increased fighting since March 2011- what started off as a peaceful demonstration in the governorate of Dar’a was quickly hijacked by outside forces which exchanged these demonstrations for armed militias and gangs that have spread terror and havoc through certain parts of the country.

 As money and arms poured into the hands of what was later called the “ Free Syrian Army “ the fighting spiraled . It is very important to note that those fighting the government in Syria are many different groups of which the FSA is only one and not the most important . The “ Nusra Front “ which has been listed as a terrorist organization by the U.S and is a branch of Al Qaeda, has been the cause of many explosions and acts of terror and is stronger than the FSA . The different gangs and militias in the country act independently of one another and have no central command and so to label them all under the FSA is a mistake, giving the FSA far more weight and power on the ground than it really has.

Today, Syria has reached a critical stage where its future can only be determined through national dialogue – where the government and the armed opposition must initially give up their differences and sit around a table and discuss their options with no preconditions attached. Unfortunately up till now the outside opposition has refused to do this and it has been aided and abetted by the U.S and the EU . Just recently the “ National Coalition “ has again rejected dialogue. Moaz Al Khatib has in a very roundabout way shown a willingness to talk but the question here is really who does he represent? The SNC?The National Coalition? Neither apparently since they both rejected his calls for dialogue. The future of Syria should encompass a democratic political process where the first step is dialogue resulting in free parliamentary and presidential elections. The future of Syria must offer a guarantee to all different sects and religions that make up Syria . Up till this date the outside opposition has made no attempt whatsoever to offer the minorities any kind of guarantee or reassurance  - other than words. Moreover, it hasn’t presented the people of Syria or indeed the outside world with any political narrative. Their fixation is simply to oust the regime with nothing planned for the day after. In addition, the outside opposition hasn’t tried in any way to engage with the opposition inside Syria – the latter ,not being funded by Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and so see things in a more realistic light than those feasting in 5 star hotels in Arab and European capitals . Sanctions are another problem that should be dealt with immediately . The US led sanctions violate international humanitarian law due to the negative health effect they have on the Syrian civilian population . These sanctions should be immediately lifted  so that the people of Syria can pursue the right to economic development.


Reem Hadad

When Homeland Calls Sons Must Answer

Meeting the needs of the homeland's prosperity, security and stability is a natural, logical and national duty of all who live on its lands.

One of the most urgent need of our homeland today is dialogue, so whatever our political orientations or social backgrounds are, we, as citizens of this homeland need to join efforts to ensure a healthy environment and a suitable ground for making this dialogue a success and fruitful.

The homeland, adores unity, seeks coexistence and respects tolerance, amity and cooperation among its citizens. It rejects fragmentation attempts and renounces all who are connected with foreign agenda's. However, the question is would sons of the homeland be honest enough to respond positively to its calls so as its bleeding wounds are cured?

What is sure is that a wide range of Syrians are convinced that the potentials of the homeland and the blood of its sons could be saved to the main battle with Israel, the homeland's sole enemy.

Therefore, it is time for all to stop the bloodshed in Syria, go back to the right track and unify efforts to defend the homeland, preserve the unity of its land and maintain its social cohesion and state of coexistence among all components and spectra of the Syrian society. All are invited now to contribute to enriching dialogues and consultative meetings which pave the way for comprehensive national dialogue that restores security and stability to the homeland. All must also contribute to rebuilding Syria on new bases under the umbrella of the homeland, the guarantor of its citizens' rights.

No need to remind of facts or repeat the talk about the common interest shared by all the Syrians. No need also to review the homeland's firm principles as they have become evident. What is the most urgent now is to mobilize the Syrians' efforts and work together for a better and a stronger Syria.


Ahmad Orabi Baaj


Translated and Edited by H. Mustafa

Terrorism is but terrorism

Terrorism has no homeland; wherever it exists, it has the same tools and destruction, whatever its name and color are. However, the important question remains: is terrorism allowed in one country and prohibited or undesirable in another? terrorism must be fought and isolated in any country in the world and that all countries and peoples should cooperate to combat and surround it wherever it exists.

What is happening  now is that politics plays a big role in using  terrorism as a weapon to fight peoples, although, by the ultimate end  this dangerous weapon ends up in exploding in  the face  of its  supporters at any time without permission or notice.

Qatar, the «petrodollar» state supports and funds terrorism in Syria in order to please its American master, and its European followers helped to that by Erdogan of Turkey. Similarly, Qatar  also supports  and funds terrorism in Mali, but this time behind the backs of its masters, who do not accept rather  condemn it in a paradox  that sometimes seems difficult for the  mind to understand or accept.

Is what we hear about the connection between terrorism and  those States confuses things in the mind about what is happening these days  in the world and in Syria,  in particular.?

Why the West keeps a blind eye off terrorism in Syria , and supports funds and pushes it across the border, especially the Turkish border, and at the same time a high voice is heard in Washington, London and Paris to fight terrorism in Mali ,considering it a threat to world peace?

Do terrorists in Mali share labels and objectives with terrorism coming to Syria from outside its borders, or not?

Then why such duplicity in dealing with such a big and dangerous issue to this extent does exist!

Perhaps the  nearest  answer  comes in   what we know about the big colonial powers of  pursuing doubled standards in dealing with Arab issues, in return for  full support to Israel. It is evident that history has never known a dispute in which the West side by people and their legitimate rights.  Rather, it is always work for its own interest and does not shy away to do anything for that, even if it is through terrorism. 

Doubled standards in this matter will destroy world peace; Western countries and the USA tasted and tested in its long-term involvement in the Afghani issue. They lost a lot for pursuing this policy. . . When  they will understand that terrorism is but terrorism  which has no country, no religion, affecting  its backers, the same as  its  opponents, but, this time , according to terrorism agenda this time , conditions are appropriate  to pounce on its supporters and sponsors. The   experience in Afghanistan and the resulting fallout is the best example!!

Ahmed Orabi Baaj