Turkey can’t play both roles of supporting terrorism& fighting it simultaneously

Despite the keenness of the Syrian government delegation to make Astana and Geneva talks a successin a way that would serve Syria’s higher national interests, it is very difficult to achieve success in these talks, because one of the states that claims to be among the guarantors of the talks is hindering the achievement of any tangible progress. Turkey can’t play both roles of causing a fire and fighting it at the same time. Turkey is now playing the role of causing fire and must withdraw its invasive forces from Syria and respect the statement of Astana 1 meeting that stressed the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria.

On March Revolution’s Anniversary, Syrians Are Determined to Foil Conspiracy

March 8th Revolution is an important turning point  in the modern history of Syrian people.  On March 8th 1963, Syrian people revolted against attempts to marginalize Syria’s pan-Arab role in defence of the Arab causes. The Revolution was strong reply to the secession of the first unity in the modern Arab history, namely the Syrian-Egyptian unity which was broken up by the enemies of the Syrian people in cooperation with some local reactionary forces that were linked to colonialist forces at that time. 

History repeats itself. The forces that conspired against Syria in the past are now trying to revive their colonialist dreams through hatching a global conspiracy against Syrian people with the aim of diverting Syria from its firm principles in confronting the colonialist and Zionist projects in the region. Syria’s enemies have been conspiring against Syria with the aim of undermining the Revolution’s pan-Arab project of democracy and unity.

Maintaining Security and Safety, Army’s Main Task

Undoubtedly, Syria’s political decision and the main task and doctrine of our brave Syrian Army is to restore all Syrian areas that were controlled by the terrorist groups in the last six years.

The Syrian Army, with the support of all allies intends not to  stop pursuit the terrorist groups wherever they are, the Army's main task is to eliminate terrorism from all Syrian territories and restore the legitimate authority where the government's establishments return working. The thing which permits Syria to return a secure and stable country, the thing which reflects security to the whole region, this is the fact that the world began to realize very well.

Erdogan presses ahead with his sinister role

The sinister Turkish role in the Syrian crisis has been crystal clear from the very beginning of the crisis. Apart from funding, arming and training takfiri terrorists coming from different parts of the world, Erdogan and his ilk ordered the Turkish army to attack the Syrian territories in support of the ISIS and al-Nosra terrorists.The declared policy of the Turkish government represents a real aggression against a member state of the United Nations. The move is a blatant violation of the United Nations charter, which stipulates respect for the national sovereignty of states and non-interference in their domestic affairs.

Turkey’s heinous crimes and attacks against the Syrian people and violations of the sanctity and unity of Syria’s territory have been recurrent in a flagrant violation of the UN charter and all international norms.The UN Security Council should make Turkey stop its violations against Syria and oblige it to implement the UNSC’s resolutions related to combating terrorism.

European visitshelp public opinion get a clearer image

The European MPs, journalists, and university professors have been invited to visit Syria to have a firsthand experience of what is going in there and convey what they see back to their governments, highlighting the importance of restoring the European states’ diplomatic relations with Syria.The European visits to Syria and their mingling with the Syrian people have been very helpful and will contribute to helping the public opinion get a clearer image to face the lies being fabricated in Europe on the events in Syria.

These delegations have discovered that the European governments picked the wrong side in the war in Syria, having stood by and supported the Wahhabi takfiriterrorists instead of siding by the legitimate Syrian government and army which is fighting terrorists on behalf of the whole world.