UN must lead battle against ‘pandemic’ of fake news & disinformation – Russian FM spokeswoman

The UN should create a set of international rules to help stop the pandemic of fake news and Cold war-style disinformation, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said during a session of the UN Committee on Information in New York.

“Our delegation proposes the UN to define a strategy for battling fake news and disinformation. Russia will be ready to fully support this initiative which is extremely important for developing a healthy environment for news reporting,”Zakharova said at the 39th Session of the COI on Tuesday, RT reported.

Independence relentless struggle, inexhaustible source of inspiration for defeating Takfiri terrorism

 As the Syrian people celebrate the 71st anniversary of the Independence Day, they are more determined to step up their struggle against takfiri terrorism and its supporters.

This year's celebrations co-incided with landslide victories realized by the heroes of the Syrian Arab army against al-Nosra and ISIS terrorists in different Syrian areas.

The National Independence Day has been an honorable stage in Syria’s modern history. As we celebrate the 71st anniversary of Independence Day, we remember with great pride the sacrifices of our fathers and forefathers who refused to bow or surrender.

The struggle of the Syrian people started immediately after the decision of the French army to enter Syria. Following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the colonialist states represented by France and Britain, immediately divided the Arab homeland between them according to the notorious Sykes Picot Agreement as if it were its inheritance.  France took Syria under its sphere of influence and issued the ill-famed Guru Ultimatum before sending Guru himself to occupy Syria.

US aggression against Syria a “generous gift” to the terrorists

From the very beginning of the crisis in Syria, the US support for the takfiri terrorists has been crystal clear through providing them with weapons to kill Syrian people and destroy Syria's infrastructure.

The US stance was and remains committed to supporting the terrorists in Syria to achieve the Israeli goals and to weaken Syria. The US Congress has just passed a bill allowing Washington  to send shoulder-mounted anti-air systems to terrorists in Syria.

The main objective of the  US aggression on Syria is to weaken the Syrian Arab Army. The United States threatens security and peace not only in the region but also in the world which will have serious repercussions on the international situation.

On Baath Party 70th anniversary, Syrian people more determined to defeat terrorism

As the Syrian and Arab people mark the 70th anniversary of the Baath Party foundation, they become more determined to adhere to the noble principles of the Party which has always been expressing the aspirations of the Arab people nation-wide.  The Baath Party, which has been coping with the people’s struggle since its founding conference on April 7th, 1947 is now strengthening its commitment to its responsibilities in defending the Arab causes of destiny and confronting the conspiracies being hatched against the Arab people.

Middle East future belongs to people: British Analyst

London - The Saudis' interference policy in the region has been a failure so far and the future belongs to the people of the region, said Stephen Bell of Stop the War coalition in London.

He made the remarks in a recent exclusive interview with IRNA in London.

As for the role played by the Saudi Arabia in the region, Bell said that he believed “Saudi Arabia’s role in the region has been negative in recent years.

“The invasion and occupation of Bahrain has set back the democratic movement there and the war upon Yemen has created a major humanitarian disaster.