EU organization has 'compelling evidences' that Saudi Arabia sent chemical weapons to armed groups in Syria

Secretary General of The European Organization for Security and Information in Beirut Ambassador Haitham Abo Said has confirmed that Saudi Arabia provided al-Nusra Front [Jabhat al-Nusra] and other armed groups in Syria with toxic gas.

He told the Damascus-based al-Watan newspaper that the organization has compelling evidences that Saudi Arabia had provided al-Nusra Front [Jabhat al-Nusra] and other armed groups in Syria with ' Cyanogen chloride' which they used in an attack on Khan Touman  town in Aleppo countryside.

All Syrians adhere to their National Identity

It is crystal clear from the beginning of the war on Syria in 2011 that the enemies of Syria are plotting to topple the country by all sinister means. The most dangerous one is that which aimed to destruct the Syrian social structure by igniting sectarian strife.

President Bashar al-Assad has warned of the sedition in his speech to the Syrian people shortly after the start of the events in Syria. His Excellency explained that the failure of this conspiracy is considered the responsibility of all Syrians by virtue of their national consciousness of the desperate attempts of the enemies of Syria to stir up sedition, incitement, provocation and violence that some shades of the Syrian people had suffered from.

Brutal bombings, desperate attempt to hide victories of Syrian army

The recent brutal terrorist attacks that were committed by takfiri terrorist groups in Lattakia and Tartous are part of a strategy put forward by Al-Saud Regime, Qatar and Erdogan with the aim of terrifying Syrian people, destroying Syria and dividing it into mini-states on sectarian basis in implementation of the sinister US Zionist project. The escalation of terrorist actions in a number of Syrian areas comes upon orders from the terrorist organizations’ backers and financers on top Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey in an attempt to hide the victories achieved by the Syrian Army at all fronts and to raise the morals of the terrorists to achieve false victory on the ground.

American project in fighting terrorism

American Foreign policy always uses the same tricky style or to give wrong answer to deal with the Russian Defense Ministry about fighting terrorism alongside with Russia and Syrian government.

America said that it wants to fight terrorism of ISIl and al-Nusrra front, but the facts say that America used to say but it does the opposite through its tools of “moderate opposition” that stands behind al-Nusra front terrorists.

My Year in Syria

My Year in Syria: Cuban Journalist Gives Sputnik Exclusive Interview

For almost a year Miguel Fernandez was the only journalist from the Western world accredited to work in the Syrian capital, Damascus, and on his return to Havana gave Sputnik Mundo an exclusive interview about his experiences.

 For almost a year Miguel Fernandez was the only journalist from the Western world accredited to work in the Syrian capital, Damascus. 

He worked there on behalf of the Prensa Latina news agency, which has been present in Syria since 2011. After returning home to Havana, he gave Sputnik an exclusive interview about his experiences.

"Seeing how these people don't give in, that they dream about a prosperous country, is the biggest lesson that Syria gave me," Fernandez said.

"Fear is the first thing that war creates, that fear which forces people to be on guard. However, Damascus broke that pattern. When my colleague arrived I took him around the city and he noticed that buses and taxis are traveling around, people are sitting in cafes and going shopping, children are going to school. He asked me, 'where is the war?'"