Patrick Henningsen: President al-Assad’s recent interview came at a crucial juncture in Syria’s eight-year long conflict

Patrick Henningsen, global affairs analyst and executive editor of 21st Century Wire argued that President Bashar al-Assad’s interview given to the Syrian and Alikhbaria TV channels on October 31, 2019, was an extremely important media event, and came at a crucial juncture in the country’s eight-year long conflict.

“ The interview was one of the most comprehensive and thorough discussions with the President to date, with in-depth coverage of military affairs, domestic and societal issues, the Kurdish question, international relations, constitutional reforms, the state’s fight against internal corruption, and Syria’s struggling economy,” he told the Syriatimes e-newspaper in response to a question about his comment on the interview.

Turkish regime's use of internationally-banned weapons against Syrian citizens

The recent evidence revealed by the British "The Times” newspaper about Erdogan regime's use of chemical weapons and other internationally- banned weapons in Syria constitutes only one episode in a series that started following the beginning of the crisis in Syria.

The severe injuries and terrible scorches the victims are suffering from the Turkish regime’s attacks are a result from something that is worse than explosions.  This offers clear evidence about the use of the internationally-banned white phosphorous against Syrian civilians by the invading Turkish regime.

Erdogan's party begins to decline: New splits looming

The Justice and Development Party (AKP) led by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan began to fall with the succession of a series of splits in its ranks.

These splits revealed the size of the rifts within the ruling party with Erdogan’s insistence on domination and turning over his allies. 

A Turkish political figure, who is close to Erdogan’s former Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, said to the Turkish al-Zaman Newspaper that the AKP will witness a number of resignations in the coming period and that Davutoglu is about to announce a new party this month(November).

The politician, whose name is not being released, stated to al-Zaman Newspaper that the resignations are continuing within the AKP in the coming period.

The Member of Parliament of the of the Justice and Development Party Mustafa Yanaroglu has recently resigned at the request of Erdogan after criticizing his policies.

“They made him resign because of his criticism and this weakens the alleged democracy of the Justice Party,” the politician, who is close to Erdogan’s former Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, commented on Yanar'sresignation.

Analyst says : Syria and Iran and the Iraqi people who made huge sacrifices in the fight against ISIS.

Sweden (ST) – An author and analyst based in Sweden highlighted the root causes of the emergence of the Daesh (ISIS or ISIL) terrorist group, whose leader was recently killed in Syria, and said the US-British-Saudi support to Salafism has produced suffering and destruction by such groups. “The US-British-Saudi support to “Salafist jihadism” has produced incredible suffering and destruction over the past three decades, Hussein Askary said in an interview with Syria Times.

Transparency and Actuality

President Bashar AL-Assad tackled, in his recent interview with Syrian TV, different issues as regards foreign and domestic fronts, and on top of the issues related to foreign front are the continued fighting against terrorism, US, Russia and Turkey. Actually the continued fight against terrorism necessitated a deep reading for President Assad's description of the roles played by such countries.

President Assad outlined that "the reality is that the Americans are occupiers, whether they are in the east, the north or the south, the result is the same" asserting that when we are finished with the areas according to our military priorities and we reach an area in which the Americans are present, the fate of the Americans will be similar to their fate in Iraq."  This patriot popular resistance has to have the necessary support against the occupier.