Desperate attempt to boost terrorists’ morale

The Israeli cooperation with the terrorist groups has been so clear through supplying them with arms, facilitating the movement of terrorists and their weapons and equipment within occupied territories, and helping them in their attack on the UN forces along the zone of separation. Israel did not hide its support to the armed terrorist groups and the treatment of more than 2000 terrorists in the Israeli hospitals is a clear evidence on such support. Hospitalization is only one form of the support the Israeli authorities overtly provide the terrorist organizations with. This support has mounted to the Israeli army launching attacks on sites inside the Syrian territories to support the terrorists.

Terrorist explosions, desperate attempt to cover humiliating defeat

Over the past five years, the terrorist groups have been trying to cover their humiliating defeats at the hands of the Syrian Arab army through perpetrating heinous crimes against innocent civilians.

The barbaric terrorist bombings that targeted Tartous countryside, Damascus Countryside, Homs city, and Hasaka city two weeks ago and claimed the lives of scores of innocent civilians are part of the desperate efforts of terrorist organizations and the states supporting them to undermine the Syrian people’s steadfastness and determination to eliminate terrorism and restore security and stability to Syria.

The attacks show the terrorists’ frustration over the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army and over the reconciliations being carried out in the country. The bombings constitute a trivial attempt to make up for the defeats terrorists are suffering at the hands of the Syrian Arab Army, the most recent of which being establishing control over the military academies area and other neighborhoods in the city of  Aleppo.

Terrorism replaces terrorism!

The talk of the Turkish regime about the exit of ISIS from Jarabulus was in reality an entrance for other terrorist organizations to this city, which means it is a terrorism that substitutes another terrorism. Turkey prevents purging Jarabulus City and al-Raqqacity of the ISIS terrorists as it has become a country that rejoices at the death of civilians under the ruling of the government of the Justice and Development Party. The ISIS terrorist organization receives a political and financial support from the Erdogan's government in a way that prevents eliminating this terrorist organization.

Turkish mass media revealed that Erdogan’s regime, in the framework of its support to different terrorist organizations in Syria, has recently sent aid to the terrorist groups in Lattakia countryside.

Media Misinformation

The hostile media against Syria  has  played a subversive role since the beginning of the events in Syria in 2011. This media has greatly contributed in escalating more violence as well as it works at  showing the  Syrian scene in a way that it is different completely  from  what  is really   happening in all Syrian cities. This in turn helped greatly to incite the world public opinion against the Syrian government.

It seems clearly from the beginning of the war on Syria that the hostile media tries to   ignite the  sectarian strife in order to create division in the Syrian society to show that  the conflict that is happening in Syria is not for political goals. But the Syrians,  thanks to their consciousness and their  national belonging to their homeland,  could  overcome this sinister  conspiracy. Furthermore, they could  refute the misleading  media  which turns the truth upside down during the five years of the crisis in Syria.

Moreover, the foreign powers also seek to create  fictitious gains  to their terrorist  mercenaries  in some fronts  of confrontation in order to raise the morale of their  terrorists  and to cause psychological defeat of the Syrian people.

In fact, the hostile  media which  has a  great and development technology can never alter the facts of what is happening in the battlefield, because there is in turn  a national  and resistant media which depends firstly on the  confidence of the Syrian people.

 The defeat and failure  is the natural result of the enemies of the Syrians  in particular and humanity in general  for the Syrian Army really has the great will and intention to achieve victory  and to eliminate terrorism from all the Syrian territories.

Dr. Khalaf al-Muftah

E&T by M.W

Crocodile tears on Syrian children

Over the past five years, the US and its Western allies have been using the UN and its various bodies to politicize the crisis in Syria and prevent finding a political solution that halts the bloodshed in Syria and guarantees the Syrian sovereignty. The humanitarian aid and the situation of children have been taken by several UN bodies to elongate the crisis in Syria and achieve sinister political objectives, because all the UN reports have ignored the real reason behind the suffering of the Syrian people and children, namely the takfiri terrorism and its Western and regional supporters.