Fabrications in mind of Western Officials

The war in Syria was about capturing the hearts of the people, and you cannot capture the hearts of the people by bombarding them, underscored President  Bashar Al-Assad in his recent interview with RT-UK TV Channel.

President Assad noted in reply to other questions regarding ''chemical' attacks against Syrians that such fabrications existed in the mind of the Western officials; it’s a narrative that was the pretext to attack Syria.  So, it was only allegation; never, never has the Syrian army used chemical weapons before we handed over all arsenals to the international committee.

Now, it’s been since 2013, we’ve been here, in the same allegation, couldn’t they prove it after six years?  And every time they say, Syria has used chemical weapons.  Is it possible to be under this precise, let’s say, supervision by the whole Western world and we’re going to use it again and again?!  This is not rational; I mean the whole story, we don’t need it, we are advancing, outlined President Assad.

Al-Baghdadi and Le Mesurier are West's terrorist tools

Days after the United states announced the liquidation of the leader of Daesh terrorist organization Abu Baker al-Baghdadi, western media outlets announced the death of the founder of the so-called "White Helmets", former British intelligence officer James Le Mesurier, who was found dead today at his house in Istanbul within suspicious circumstances.

The news of the death of Le Mesurier, reported by UK's "The Independent" newspaper, was absolutely not strange as it came a few days after the Russian Foreign Ministry has unveiled Le Mesurier's connection to al-Qaeda terrorist organization and called on the British government to explain his suspicious relation with the terror group, an analysis published by SANA (Arabic) said.

Some analysts described the death of Le Mesurie as part of a campaign aiming at liquidating the west's terrorist tools after their criminal role in Syria has ended.

Mr. Thief President!

US President Mr. Trump's mafia-like policy of usurping and robbing the Syrians from their main income of living has been condemned worldwide as an armed illegal occupation and robbery in violations of every law and norm.

 Among those objective and anti occupation voices was the US presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard who accused Trump of wanting to take oil from Syrians. US President Donald Trump aims to seize oil fields belonging to the people of Syria, US Congresswoman, Presidential candidate, Gabbard told Fox News.

Erdogan's regime the world’s worst jailer of journalists

The severe criticism directed against head of the Turkish regime's internal and external policies, the corruption charges against Erdogan and his son pushed Erdogan and his ilk to launch an unprecedented large scale arrest campaign against journalists and writers making Turkey the world’s worst jailer of journalists. Over the past three years, Turkish authorities have shut down or taken over scores of independent news outlets, because they opposed Turkish regime's policies, especially its policy towards the crisis in Syria and the Turkish aggression on the Syrian territories.

A group of Turkish journalists have demanded from Erdogan's regime to immediately release their colleagues and the writers who were imprisoned because of their opposition  to Erdogan's internal and external policies, especially the Turkish offensive against Syria.

Lebanese demonstrations, anti-resistance scheme

It is an established fact that the resistance axis has been the main target of the American Zionist plots hatched with the aim of ending resistance acts against Israeli occupation and enabling Israel to penetrate the Arab region politically, economically and culturally.  One of the sinister tools used by the US and its allies is the unfair unilateral sanctions imposed on Syria and Iran. The tight economic siege imposed by the US and its allies on Syria and Iran directly hinders the achievement of economic and social development and affect the daily life of Syrian and Iranian peoples. Those who impose the unilateral sanctions are the states that think that they can punish the states which oppose their policies of imposing hegemony on the world under the pretexts of defending human rights or combating terrorism.