Counter terrorism

Despite the fact that the UN Security Council has adopted several resolutions to combat Takfiri terrorism, the world is still suffering from this devastating phenomenon.

The reason is that the US and its Western allies have politicized these resolutions to achieve the objectives of their colonialist project in the Middle East region, which aims, among other things, to end the axis of resistance and enable Israel to invade the Arab region politically, economically and culturally.

The main responsibility for the failure of the international community in fighting terrorism is due to certain UNSC member states’ lack of commitment to implementing the global counter-terrorism strategy, their breaches of relevant Security Council resolutions, and the laxness in holding these terrorism-sponsoring states responsible.

Mosul victory

The great victory achieved against ISIS in Mosul is considered a great incentive for both Syria and Iraq to press ahead in  eliminating the ISIS and other terrorist groups completely.The Syrian people and army are going ahead alongside the Iraqi people and army, and PMU to eradicate what remains of ISIS, because the mobilization of the joint efforts of the two countries is the main factor to guarantee that ISIS or any other form of terrorism will not return to these two countries or any other part of the region.

 Mosul victory is a victory for all those who believe that eradicating takfiri terrorism is  the first step to restore security and stability to the Arab region.

The will of the political solution

The Syrian dialogue in Geneva, which is concerned with finding a political solution to the crisis in Syria can’t reach positive results if it does not start from discussing needs and desires of the Syrians.

To reach these results requires political will from the parties of the dialogue and the regional and international forces involved in the crisis. Without this willing, the Geneva dialogues will remain in vain.

A crime against humanity

Over the past fifty years, successive Israeli governments have been working to Judaize the city of Jerusalem and its holy sites. The current closure of al-Aqsa Mosque is part of the old Zionist Judaization plan. Palestinians continue holding demonstrations outside the al-Aqsa Mosque compound to voice their outrage at Israel’s latest move to impose new restrictive measures at the holy site. After coming under fire from the Muslim world, Israel reopened the compound, but with metal detectors and surveillance cameras at entrances. Since then, however, Palestinians have been refusing to enter the al-Aqsa compound through the metal detectors and hundreds of worshipers have been holding prayers outside the site with clashes that resulted in the death of several Palestinians and the wounding of scores.


Throughout the past seven years, the US and its regional and Arab tools have resorted to fabricate groundless allegations about Syria with the aim of prolonging the Syrian crisis,preventing the Syrian Arab army from achieving its sublime goals regarding uprooting terrorism and restoring security and stability to the whole Syrian territories and hindering the strenuous efforts being exerted to resolve the crisis peacefully and politically.The US claims of new chemical attacks allegedly planned by the Syrian government are unsubstantiated. These accusations are not backed up by anything. No one is putting forward any facts and the goal is to aggravate tensions. This complicates the negotiation process, negatively affects the efforts being made in Astana and Geneva.The statements and accusations fabricated in the past few days by Western officials and representatives of their governments are part of a cheap political and media war that has been always coincided with the Syrian army and its allies’ real achievements in the fight against terrorism and the intra-Syrian talks, whether in Astana or Geneva,  to hinder the Syrian government’s efforts to achieve a political solution among the Syrians without foreign interference.