US Massive Setback

The UN General Assembly unanimous vote on Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine is a massive setback for the United States. The resolution was a step in the right direction and a blow to Trump's announcement. The UN members had shown that dignity and sovereignty are not for sale. The illegal decision made by the US administration to recognize al-Quds as  Israel's capital and move its embassy to al-Quds had proven beyond any doubt that the United States only thinks about maximizing the interests of the Zionist regime without any respect for the legitimate rights of Palestinians, including their right to self-determination.

Trump's ominous declaration

The US administration’s decision to recognize occupied Jerusalem as capital of the Israeli occupation entity and to move its embassy to it constitutes a flagrant violation of the UN Charter and the resolutions of the international legitimacy, a desecration of the national and historical rights of the Palestinian people, and a clear attempt to liquidate the Palestinian Cause.

This decision will not change the truth that occupied Jerusalem is an Arab Palestinian city and it is one of the inalienable rights of the Arab Palestinian People which couldn’t be tampered with by any state, whatever the military power it possesses, as it is the case with regard to every inch of the Palestinian lands. The US administration should be aware that the rights, which the peoples have acquired through their cultural eligibility, couldn’t be dropped by improvisational decisions which do not realize the truth of the conflict taking place in the region. This measure will constitute a new cover by the US administration to the Israeli entity to go far in violating the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people and continue displacing them and depriving them of their right in establishing their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital. This decision is worthless because history is not made by people who are in a state of confusion, but it is made by the loyal ones and those who have a cause, and Trump is not one of them.


From the very beginning of the crisis in Syria, the UN and its affiliated bodies have been taking biased stands towards Syria.It is regrettable that the UN and its bodies have been subjugated by the US and its allies to be partner in the global conspiracy against Syria. In fact, the UN bodies have become one of the tools used by the enemies of Syria to press ahead with violence and bloodshed of Syrian people ignoring the brutal crimes committed by the armed terrorist groups against Syrian citizens. Some international organizations have failed to meet their duties and sometimes attempted to politicize their mandate to swerve it away from its humanitarian dimension.

The renewed spirit of Correction

Syrian people nation-wide remember today with great pride the glorious Correction Movement which constituted a luminous turning point in the history of Syria and the Arab nation as a whole. The Correction Movement laid the bases of comprehensive progress in all walks of life, which allowed Syria to achieve advancement on the political, economic, social and cultural levels. The Correction Movement’s track didn’t stop yet as it is a daily approach that keeps up with the requirements of the era and stage to maintain achievements and realize self-sufficiency, which constitutes a guarantee of sovereignty and dignity.

More Than A Scenario!

The forces that targeted the Syrian State used all possible means only to overthrow its political system and destroy its military, economic and human structure and make Syria divided and in conflict.

This is part of a project that included many countries of the region, which was adopted by the American administrations as strategies related to the Middle East region in general and the Arab region particularly.