Necessity for World Balance

There is no doubt that Russia’s involvement in the ongoing fight against terrorism in Syria has many positive aspects… underscored H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad.

In his recent interview with Russia 24 and Rossita Sevodnya, President Assad outlined that Russia is a superpower and has international duties and responsibilities.  These responsibilities serve the world and also, Russia and the Russian people. 

Russia has the choice of either playing the role of a superpower, or withdrawing into itself and becoming a very ordinary state, which would not be good for the world. 

US military bases, established under groundless pretexts to blackmail nations

The US has more than 160 military bases spread all over the world constituting another form of occupation. Through these bases, Washington has managed to interfere directly or indirectly in the states where these bases spread. Moreover, the US has gained huge amounts of money in return for its military presence, especially under President Trump who has demanded from many states, especially Japan, South Korea and Saudi Arabia to pay more.

Using the military bases as a pretext to help in preserving security, Trump has asked Japan to pay four times the sum it used to pay in the past. Massive demonstrations were staged several times in Japanese cities demanding an end to US military presence in the city of Okinawa.

The renewed spirit of the Correction Movement

 Despite the elapse of 49 years after the launching of the Correction Movement, led by the late great leader Hafez al-Assad, its renewed spirit is still alive in the hearts and minds of  successive Syrian generations due its great and all-out achievements in all domains of life. These great and comprehensive accomplishments are considered an important incentive that motivates the Syrian people to start a process of rebuilding and construction to rebuild the infrastructure which was destroyed by the terrorist war launched against Syria.

A committee in the US House of Representatives begins sessions to hold Trump accountable next week

The Intelligence Committee at the US House of Representatives will hold three days of public hearings next week as part of its inquiry into President Donald Trump's accountability, the chairman of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee said on Tuesday.

The US House of Representatives has recently passed a resolution to launch the public phase of the investigation into Trump's impeachment, with 232 votes to 196; the first official vote in a battle that could run until the 2020 presidential election.

Treacherous assassinations, Netanyahu's attempt to export internal crisis

The recent Israeli cowardly crimes of assassinating leaders of the Palestinian resistance in Damascus and Gaza are an attempt made by extremist Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to export his internal crisis represented by his failure to form a coalition government and to flee the corruption charges facing him. The extremist,  who lost consecutive elections,  is trying in a desperate attempt to stay in his position.  For a decade, Netanyahu has been working to perpetrate the Israeli occupation of the Arab territories and undermine prospects for peace in the region and this is what he did in his recent assassinations.