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Triumph Secret

H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad has recently given a transparent, as usual, detailed interview to Russia 24 TV. One of the main interesting topics raised by the journalist was about the secret which enabled the Syrian people to survive and avoid despair.

Simply President Assad cited many reasons for the Syrians' triumph against multinational terrorists and their backers. An important factor for this glorious triumph, not mentioned by President Assad , is his own leadership.

First and foremost, President Assad has been bravely defending his country and people fiercely and masterfully. A captain doesn’t think of life and death, he thinks of saving his ship. If the ship sinks, everybody will die, so we would rather save the country, President Assad declared in his interview with the French 'Paris Match Magazine, December 4, 2014.

Erdoğan reaping what he sowed

Mr. Erdogan of Turkey is to meet President Vladimir Putin of the Federal Russia after along  waiting on the door of the Kremlin. It is according to many reading a meeting between a terrorist and anti-terrorism hero.

It is a meeting between an occupier and a staunch fighter for freedom and independence. It is but Erdogan's crying wolf for what his hands has been slaughtering of the innocents and anti-terrorism fighters.

The silly threats of manipulating his hand-made refugees crisis are never to work this time. The refugees from tens of countries worldwide have been exploited by Erdogan himself. Thus, the fabrications, lies and distortions and empty promises are never to work more!

The Gangster!

President Erdogan of Turkey has indeed lost what remained of his brain! In a mafia and gang-like show, Erdogan called on Russia, which has been pioneering the fight against terrorism, to get out of his way and allow his occupying forces to invade the more of Syria!

Erdogan, the liar and butcher, claimed in his yesterday hallucinations that the Syrian people demanded him to send his occupying forces , if not thousands of multinational terrorists into Syria!

The Syrians have every legitimate right to defend their country; has Erdogan any right to invade Syria!? Erdogan's occupation troops were mingled with terrorists, who were too dressed in Turkish military uniforms. Should the Syrian Army and its allies welcome by roses the invading terrorists!

The Ibrahimi Mosque massacre 26 years on

The Palestinians these days are commemorating the 26th anniversary of the Ibrahimi Mosque massacre committed on February 25, 1994 by an extremist Israeli settler named Baruch Goldstein.

The settler, who was a physician in the Israeli occupation army, opened indiscriminate fire from his automatic rifle at some 500 Palestinian worshippers as they were performing the dawn prayer on a Ramadan day at the Ibrahimi Mosque in the West Bank city of al-Khalil (Hebron).

Several minutes of constant shooting were enough to kill 29 worshippers and wounding tens others before people managed to kill the murderer.

The occupation forces, in complicity with the settlers, closed the doors of the mosque to prevent worshipers from leaving it at the time of the massacre and prevented the paramedics from arriving to save the wounded. Later in that horrible day, the occupation forces opened fire towards the Palestinians during the funeral of the massacre victims, bringing the number of martyrs to 60 and the injured to 150.

The people of the Syrian Army

The liberation of Aleppo, the industrial capital of Syria, Damascus Countryside, Daraa, Deir Ezzor, Raqqa and every Syrian quarter and portion of territory has been the focus and the center of Syrians and their anti-terrorism allies'  hero fight against multinational terrorists from around the globe.

As the Syrians celebrate the recent liberation of Aleppo Countryside from terrorists, the steadfast and hero citizen president Bashar Al-Assad made a televised speech to the nation, if not to all humanity.