Erdogan presses ahead with his sinister role

The sinister Turkish role in the Syrian crisis has been crystal clear from the very beginning of the crisis. Apart from funding, arming and training takfiri terrorists coming from different parts of the world, Erdogan and his ilk ordered the Turkish army to attack the Syrian territories in support of the ISIS and al-Nosra terrorists.The declared policy of the Turkish government represents a real aggression against a member state of the United Nations. The move is a blatant violation of the United Nations charter, which stipulates respect for the national sovereignty of states and non-interference in their domestic affairs.

Turkey’s heinous crimes and attacks against the Syrian people and violations of the sanctity and unity of Syria’s territory have been recurrent in a flagrant violation of the UN charter and all international norms.The UN Security Council should make Turkey stop its violations against Syria and oblige it to implement the UNSC’s resolutions related to combating terrorism.

European visitshelp public opinion get a clearer image

The European MPs, journalists, and university professors have been invited to visit Syria to have a firsthand experience of what is going in there and convey what they see back to their governments, highlighting the importance of restoring the European states’ diplomatic relations with Syria.The European visits to Syria and their mingling with the Syrian people have been very helpful and will contribute to helping the public opinion get a clearer image to face the lies being fabricated in Europe on the events in Syria.

These delegations have discovered that the European governments picked the wrong side in the war in Syria, having stood by and supported the Wahhabi takfiriterrorists instead of siding by the legitimate Syrian government and army which is fighting terrorists on behalf of the whole world.

ISIS targets Syria's history, existence and future

Over the past six years, the Takfiri terrorists have been targeting Syrian people and infrastructure in implementation of the sinister Zionist project drawn for Syria and the region. However, the takfiri terror was not only restricted to killing and destroying infrastructure as the ISIS and other terrorist groups destroyed the archaeological sites and historical monuments with the aim of eliminating Syria's history and deeply-rooted civilization.

Concerns Iran may pull out of nuclear deal, would be failure for intl community – Russian diplomat

There are concerns that hostile rhetoric from Washington may lead to a collapse of the nuclear deal with Iran, a scenario that Russia considers a failure for the entire world community, a senior Russian non-proliferation diplomat has said.

 “We see some really hard line rhetoric from the American administration and hard line rhetoric in response from Tehran. Sanctions are being imposed on Iran. Naturally, this creates an unfavorable atmosphere for implementing the nuclear deal", Mikhail Ulyanov, the senior Russian diplomat on non-proliferation issues, told RIA Novosti, according to RT News.

President Al-Assad's Interviews with Arab, Foreign Media Change Negative Image about Syria

President Bashar Al-Assad’s interviews with media outlets that came from many  Arab and western countries have gradually changed public opinion in these countries and have affected-in a way or another- the political stances of them.

This is what member of the Baath Arab Socialist Party ‘s Regional Leadership Dr. Khalaf al-Meftah said during a forum held Monday in Damascus.

“Since the eruption of events in Syria in 2011 until last month, around 68 interviews and meetings between President Al-Assad and Arab and Foreign media outlets were made. 54% of them were made with hostile or non-neutral media outlets, while 46% were with friendly or neutral ones,” the Baathist official clarified.