Borderless COVID-19

COVID-19 has no borders in the global village of today. It is a threat for humanity everywhere, with no slight distinctions between colors, ethnicity, nationality, or whatsoever human-made racial discriminatory barriers.

In the global village of today all hands should unite as to fight such a pandemic , threatening almost every human, if not other non-human creatures. Unfortunately, the way through which some countries deal with this global threat , especially the USA and its unjustified sanctions, is at least, can be described as non-human.

The activities of Erdogan’s Shadow Army in Syria

During the battles that erupted in northwest Syria at the beginning of this month, there were conflicting reports about the death toll of Turkish soldiers as the Turkish regime officially acknowledged that 59 soldiers were killed, while field sources close to Syria and its allies said that hundreds of Turkish soldiers were killed and injured.
To understand the reason behind these conflicting reports, one has to have an idea about Turkey’s SADAT company [also known as Erdogan’s shadow army], which has been involved in Erdogan’s training of terrorist groups fighting in Syria and elsewhere, according to the Arab intellectual Dr. Ibrahim Alloush .

The Syrians’ complete victory over terrorism looming as war on Syria enters its tenth year

Today marks the 9th anniversary of the eruption of a foreign-backed terrorist war on Syria during which the Syrians’ ability and determination to resist this conspiracy was inspired by the sacrifices and legendary steadfastness of the Syrian Arab Army in the battle against takfiri terrorists who came from all over the world to fight the secular Syrian state.

In a statement to the local “al-Watan” newspaper published on Sunday, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Ayman Soussan has stressed that following nine years of heinous foreign-backed terrorist war on Syria, the Syrians are now proceeding towards complete victory over terrorism after a tireless struggle to maintain the country’s unity, sovereignty and independent national decision.

The end game approaching

Syria and its anti-terrorism allies fight against multinational terrorism has indeed been remarkable in defense of all humanity, not only anti-terrorism countries and people.

According to a better late than never recent analysis by John McLaughlin, a former deputy director of the US spy agency CIA on OZY:  “Global Eye: Foreign Affairs Through an Intelligence Lens,”,  Syria has managed to score a victory in the nine-year war, while Turkey is “pulled agonizingly” in several directions.

“Syria’s [President Bashar] Assad has won — at least militarily, “John McLaughlin wrote in an article titled “Syria: is the end game approaching?."

The Syrian Arab Army has been fighting against a host of foreign-backed terrorist groups, which have been wreaking havoc on the country since 2011. The Syrian government has managed to win back control of almost all regions from terrorists. Syria has now been engaged in a liberation operation in Idlib Province, the last major bastion of terrorists in the country.

The recent sweeping Syrian army gains, however, have coincided with a massive deployment of troops and military equipment by Turkey, which is evidently upset by changing conditions on the ground. Ankara backs terrorists fighting to topple the Syrian government. Those elements continue to target Syrian troops and allied Russian personnel.

Analyzing the situation in Idlib, the center for numerous terrorist groups, the largest of which is an al-Qaida offshoot, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, McLaughlin wrote that while Syrian government forces are advancing from the south, NATO member Turkey is pushing back.

Erdogan keeps exploiting the migrants issue to blackmail the EU, cover his troops' losses in Syria

Dozens of media reports have highlighted the "malicious intentions" of the Turkish regime to exploit the issue of migrants on its territory to blackmail the European Union, achieve political gains and cover the repercussions of its aggression on Syrian lands.

The Russian newspaper Izvestia stressed in  a report on Thursday that the regime of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is using the Syrians, who have been displaced because of terrorism, as a card to pressure the European Union and blackmail its countries. To do this he has opened the Turkish borders for the displaced to cross into Europe and manipulated their numbers, the newspaper said.

Russian military expert Vladislav Shurygin, on his part, said that Erdogan's regime has exaggerated the number of the refugees in order force Europe to assist it in its aggression on Syria, to receive more funds and to pressure Russia through international organizations aiming at stopping the counterterrorism process in Idleb.