On Baath Party 70th anniversary, Syrian people more determined to defeat terrorism

As the Syrian and Arab people mark the 70th anniversary of the Baath Party foundation, they become more determined to adhere to the noble principles of the Party which has always been expressing the aspirations of the Arab people nation-wide.  The Baath Party, which has been coping with the people’s struggle since its founding conference on April 7th, 1947 is now strengthening its commitment to its responsibilities in defending the Arab causes of destiny and confronting the conspiracies being hatched against the Arab people.

Middle East future belongs to people: British Analyst

London - The Saudis' interference policy in the region has been a failure so far and the future belongs to the people of the region, said Stephen Bell of Stop the War coalition in London.

He made the remarks in a recent exclusive interview with IRNA in London.

As for the role played by the Saudi Arabia in the region, Bell said that he believed “Saudi Arabia’s role in the region has been negative in recent years.

“The invasion and occupation of Bahrain has set back the democratic movement there and the war upon Yemen has created a major humanitarian disaster.

Land Day, an assertion of the Palestinians' right to return to their homeland

One of the superstitions fabricated by leaders of the Zionist movement was Palestine is a land without people to be given to people without land. In implementation of this superstition, successive Israeli governments have been pursuing a policy of land confiscation with the aim of changing the demographic and geographic status of the occupied Palestinian territories and building settlement units to meet the accelerated influx of hundreds of thousands of incoming Jews.  

The land confiscation is not simply part of an official systemic policy to evict Palestinians and replace them with Jewish residents, but part of an endorsed Zionist strategy.

Following the Zionist tenets, Israel has systematically and callously followed an intricate and continuous process of Arab land expropriation through the promulgation of new laws, the circumvention of existing laws, harassment and duplicity. Recognizing the naked truth, Y. Ben-Porat, a known ‘hawk’ wrote ‘One truth is that there is no Zionism, no settlement, no Jewish state without evacuation of the Arabs and confiscation and enclosure of their land.

Why Russia-Iran Cooperation Has the Edge Over US-Saudi Ties

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani paid an official visit to Moscow on March 27-28 at the invitation of Russian President Vladimir Putin. During the visit, Rouhani met with Putin and Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

"The relations between our two countries demonstrate the development of our bilateral ties over the past year in the context of the economy and growth in trade and tourism. The decisions which have been made in the last several months show that we are moving toward multifaceted development and strategic relations," Rouhani said Tuesday after meeting with Putin.

Firil center asserts outcome of Hama countryside battle will tip scales

Undoubtedly, Syrian Arab army will achieve a major victory against foreign -backed terrorist originations in Jobar, Barzeh, Qaboun, Harasta districts in Damascus and in the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus.

This victory will be enhanced with another victory in the northern countryside of Hama and will tip the scales, according to Firil Center for Studies in Berlin.

The center recently published two reports on attacks on east of Damascus and on the northern countryside of Hama province where important details were unveiled.