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Get Out Occupier

President Erdogan stated yesterday that Turkey's occupation troops will not leave Syria until the people of Syria demand that!

"We will not leave Syria until the people of Syria say, 'Thank you, you may leave now'", Erdogan  said at a rally in Istanbul according to the Sputnik.

What a deception! The people of Syria have never invited Erdogan's occupation troops to their country. All the people of Syria of all Syria's rich mosaic components have been paying a very heavy price and great losses at the hands of terrorist groups affiliated to Erdogan.

Definite Liberation

The Syrian hero Sidqi Al-Maqt's rejection of Israeli occupation  deportation  to Syria instead of setting him free from its notorious prisons and detention camps to his own family and part of Syria, majdal Shams, is another lesson of solidarity, steadfastness and resistance.

It is but as H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad, stated in a message to the hero Al-Maqt: a demonstration of unwavering struggle by a national hero brought and grown up mingled with pride, honor and dignity

The sovereign integrated homeland lives in your heart, all and every part of Syria, which is proud of your rejection of conditional release under occupations terms, underscored President Assad. You once more have preferred the agonies of detention to non-complete freedom and that glory is never to be gained through half-solutions but by dignity, pride and steadfastness in the face of aggressors.

Erdogan's atrocious crimes aim to create demographic change

Since the beginning of its treacherous offensive on the Syrian territories on Oct. 9th, the ill intention of Erdogan's regime was very clear, namely making a demographic change  in the areas it occupied. Turkey and its mercenaries from the terrorist groups are working to create a vast demographic change in the occupied areas.

This sinister objective have led Erdogan and his sponsored terrorists to  commit wide-scale war crimes, in addition to causing a humanitarian crisis combined with renewed fighting which could accelerate the return of Daesh and other terrorist organizations.

Defending People against Terrorism

President Bashar Al-Assad's answers in his recent interview with Paris Match regarding the ongoing internationally backed war of terrorism against Syrians represent further more facts, details and realities about Syria and its allies' fierce fight against super powers spread and support for terrorism.

When ISIS attacked the Syrian Army in Deir Ezzor, the Americans bombed the Syrian Army instead of ISIS, outlined President Assad, asserting that such powers, when the Syrian Army was advancing in the fight against terrorism and they were looking for a pretext to strike at it, and that’s what happened. You cannot cooperate in the fight against terrorism with those who are supporting terrorism, declared President Assad.

Erdogan and the Ottoman Dream

By: Dr. Anas al-Raheb

After the end of World War I and the defeat of the Ottoman Sultanate by the allies, the Paris Peace Conference was held in 1919 to  discuss distributing the gains of the war, to impose the principles of peace on the defeated powers and draw the new boundaries of the Ottoman Sultanate which had occupied wide areas of lands in the Arab and European regions.

Responding to the Paris Conference, the Ottoman Parliament convened on January 12th 1920. Following several debates on the future of the Turks, the parliament announced on January 28th of the same year the so-called "Misak Milli" (Charter or constitution) that consisted of six principles. Among these principles was one that said that the future of the occupied areas inhabited by an Arab majority at the time of the signing of the Armistice of Mudros will be determined by a referendum. On the other hand, the areas which were not occupied at that time and were inhabited by a Turkish Moslem majority are the homeland of the Turkish nation.