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Erdogan's Regime and Israeli Occupation Entity – Trade Increased / Animosity Faked

The renewed theatrical shows, staged by Head of the Turkish regime Recep Tayyip Erdogan about the state of animosity with the Israeli occupation entity, have piled lies about defending the Palestinian people’s interests. Such shows have truly become exposed to the public opinion especially so that Israeli entity’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently described the increased intra-trade and strategic relations with turkey as deeply rooted, thus exposing the whole issue albeit the propaganda ‘animosity’ bubble.

Erdogan's regime lately tried to cover up an Israeli cargo plane landing in the city of Istanbul, saying it was delivering medical aid to confront the Corona virus, demanding from its media outlets not to talk about the matter. However, Israeli website ‘Israel in Turkish’ revealed that the new cargo plane would lead to a thrive in commercial relations between the two sides to record levels .

Broken Promises!

When all people of the world are in a dire need for humanitarian solidarity, unity and cooperation as to face COVID-19 risky challenges, Mr. Donald Trump, the US President, has sent a letter to Congress last Thursday announcing that he is renewing US sanctions against Syrians and their country.

The Syrians have never been the enemy for the USA and its people. Instead the Syrians have condemned every attack against Americans and the Syrians have been fighting for years multinational foreign-backed terrorists who are supposedly the enemy for US citizens in the globe village of today.

Turkey Lied to Us

The Investigative Journal has recently published a well-documented report about Turkey's dirty role played in Syria and Libya. 

 “I just got back from Libya yesterday,” said Zein Ahmad*, a Turkish-backed so called Syrian National Army (SNA) militant in Afrin. “But I had been trying to leave for more than a month.” When the Libyan National Army (LNA) neared Tripoli in April 2019.

Turkish forces began heavily recruiting militants and terrorists  from its affiliated to terrorist groups and began flying hundreds to Libya every week. The exact number of terrorists Turkey has sent is unknown, but estimates range from 5,000 to 17,000.

Ahmad is a member of Ahrar al-Sharqiya,  and had been based in Afrin with the faction since Turkey’s Operation “Olive Branch” in 2018. The Turkish invasion of Afrin led to the deaths of hundreds of civilians and the displacement of hundreds of thousands. Ahrar al-Sharqiya perpetrated widespread war crimes in the city, including looting, murder, kidnapping, and serial rape.

When asked if he believed in Turkey’s mission in Afrin, Ahmad laughed. “I was a mercenary going to Afrin, and I was a mercenary going to Libya.

The militants in Libya were promised salaries ranging from $2000-3000 per month, but reports assert that they received nothing. One member said he’s been paid $2000 every month and a half rather than every month. Some Faylaq al-Majd members who have been in Libya for more than three months say they were paid once and never again.

“They told us we would be paid $3000 a month. That never happened. The first month we got $2000. The second month, they gave us $1400. The third month, we weren’t paid at all,” Ahmad said. “So we looted. We took copper from the homes, anything gold we could find, anything valuable we could find. And the Libyans with us would take the items and sell them for us.”

After arriving in Libya, Ahmad stayed in a house in Tripoli with ten other Syrian militants and a Libyan militant who accompanied them whenever they left the house. The house was a well-appointed villa, almost certainly abandoned by its rightful owners when clashes intensified and drew closer.

 “It was nothing like we are used to in Syria,” Ahmad said. “It’s urban street combat. We don’t have the right weapons or the right skills. We are being slaughtered. And so, many of us started to refuse to fight. Or we’d be taken to the frontlines and hide there.”

Ahmad says that when the militants began defying orders, Libyan soldiers would come and beat them. He says once, when a Syrian had refused to fight three times in a row, a Libyan militiant shot him in the leg.

The number of the terrorists brought from Syria to Libya by Turkey desperate to leave Libya is growing by the day. “The last lie that Turkey told us was that we would only have to stay for two months, or three months,” Ahmad said. “But more than three months had passed for my group, and they weren’t letting us back.”

Ultimately, Ahmad was forced to pay his commander $700 to fly home to Syria. “There were around 100 of us,” he said. “Some paid $500, and some as much as $1000, but then they put us on a plane with the dead and injured and allowed us to return to Syria.”


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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A ''global truce''

The UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called for a “global truce” in the war-torn regions on condition that this does not affect the war against terrorist organizations.

The global village of today is in a dire need as not only to stop wars, but further for a balanced and wise policy making away from sword-rattling, sanctions, and groundless accusations.

It shouldn't be an egg first or a chicken first dilemma as regards COVID-19; rather it has to be a unanimous shouldering of responsibilities as to save the globe from such a pandemic.

The global coronavirus death toll approached 200,000 as the globe continues to suffer and work on  to limit the economic devastation unleashed by the virus, which has so far infected nearly 2.8 million people.

"We face a global public enemy like no other," Guterres told a virtual briefing on Friday, asking for international organizations, world leaders and the private sector to join hands. 

"A world free of COVID-19 requires the most massive public health effort in history," asserting that the vaccine should be safe, affordable and available to all, Guterres.

What has Washington offered to the Syrian people other than terrorism and sanctions?

US officials continue to provide lies and misinformation to the American public opinion and the whole world. They attempt to cover up the apparent role of the USA in supporting, financing and arming terrorist organizations in Syria, led by ISIS and the Al-Nusra Front, which stand out as the two major forms of terrorism throughout the war on Syria. The US has covered their terrorist acts by false humanitarian pretexts, but all in vain, as the truth of their terrorism was eventually revealedthrough field facts on the ground.

US special envoy to Syria James Jeffrey has recently come along with a bunch of lies about what he called “a humanitarian support” provided by Washington to the Syrian people, estimating it to billions of US dollars!