Sanctions, unfair punishment for Syrians for their steadfastness

Syria's firm and principled stances  towards national and pan-Arab causes from the 1970s pushed the US and its allies to impose unfair sanctions against Syrian people with the aim of bringing them to their knees and making the Syrian government change its unwavering stands towards the Arab Israeli conflict and obey the American Zionist diktat with regard to the sinister colonialist projects hatched against the Arab region, especially the New Middle East project which aims, among other things, to enable Israel invade the Arab homeland politically and economically and perpetuate the Israeli occupation of the Arab territories.

The Balfour Declaration, British historic responsibility for the Palestinian tragedy

The British conspiratorial role against the Palestinian people started with the Sykes Picot Accord which was signed in 1916 between France and Britain distributing the Arab Homeland  to be occupied later by the two states as if it was their inheritance. Palestine was the share of Britain which offered Balfour Declaration to the Jews of the world.

On November 2, 1917, Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour wrote a letter to Britain’s most illustrious Jewish citizen, Baron Lionel Walter Rothschild, expressing the British government’s support for a Jewish homeland in Palestine. The government of Prime Minister David Lloyd George—elected in December 1916—made the decision to publicly support Zionism, a movement led in Britain by Chaim Weizmann, a Jewish chemist who had settled in Manchester. Despite Britain’s earlier agreement with France dividing influence in the region after the presumed defeat of the Ottoman Empire, Lloyd George had come to see British dominance in Palestine—a land bridge between the crucial territories of India and Egypt—as an essential post-war goal. The establishment of a Zionist state there—under British protection—would accomplish this, while seemingly following the stated Allied aim of self-determination for smaller nations.

Many Arabs, in Palestine and elsewhere, were angered by their failure to receive the nationhood and self-government they had been led to expect in return for their participation in the war against Turkey. In the years after the war, the Jewish population in Palestine increased dramatically, along with the instances of Jewish-Arab violence. This was a prime example of colonial arrogance by which Britain, which was not then in occupation of Palestine, promised the Zionist Federation, which did not represent all Jews, without the consent of the indigenous inhabitants of Palestine, the Palestinians, to facilitate the creation of a homeland for Jews in Palestine.

US policy: More Violence, More Gains

It seems clearly that the events that Syria witnessed in the last five years, have proved that there was no real political will of the powers participating in the aggression on Syria to reach to apolitical solution to end the crisis and restore security and stability to Syria.

Quite on the contrary, the US and western countries aimed at escalating the violence and continuing supporting the terrorism in all its forms which in turn led to more bloodshed and destruction.

Indeed, the main objective of the US and its allies policy is to create a state of separation in Syria the thing which serves the strategic ambitions of west-Zionism project. In addition, and most importantly, the western and regional countries seek to bring out the axis of resistance from the circle of Arab-Zionist conflict in the region.

Undoubtedly, the enemies of Syria feel media and political hysteria because all the excuses they use as a pretext for their aggression on Syria have fallen in front of the victories of the brave Syrian Army.

Russian support in Syria helps in curbing terror

From the very beginning of the crisis in Syria, Russia has been playing an effective role in supporting Syrian people and exerting strenuous efforts to find a political solution to the crisis in Syria. The Russian support has entered a new phase when the Russian military started to launch air strikes against terrorist gatherings in various areas.

The effective support provided by the Russian forces for the Syrian Arab Army in its war against terrorism has played a crucial role in repelling the attacks launched by ISIS, al-Nosra Front and other terrorist organizations.

The US has no political will to fight terrorism

A review of US government actions and words clearly proves the country has not taken and will not take any single step to save people from the clutches of terrorists in Syria and the region.

The US didn’t meet its obligations towards the agreement with Russia on Syria, because Washington has not separated between the so-called “moderate opposition” and the terrorists. On the contrary, Russia is the only side which behaves with big responsibility to make the cessation of hostilities agreement successful. The Americans have no desire to see the Syrian army liberates the cities from the terrorists, and whenever a region is liberated, they utter hostile statements against Syria and the Syrian army.