The worker who seriously works every day loves his home, yet expressing his love by his own way. When we find various kinds of vegetables and fruits in our markets we should remember that our farmer is fond of his home, however he might find an outstanding manner to express this love. We have virtuous teachers, as unknown soldiers, those teaching and educating our children how to cherish their motherland, reading the tome of love in their eyes, drawing, and songs.

We all have strong emotion towards our home, yet each would express those sentiments of love and respect through various ways and means. Nevertheless, some of us believe that there is no need to express this love as  it is profound and can be felt everywhere. We want to breathe and stay on this land, since we consider it as the most lavish pearl in the world, in which we hear the agreeable echoes of our past, and see magnificent imageries of our future.

We are proud that it was the land of civilization and the heavens messages cradle. Although Syria incorporates several religions, sects, beliefs; yet all citizens live peacefully.

Some people ask why do Syrians revere their home so much. We will give them a big affirmative answer: we like this home because our bread is made from its wheat, our clothes from its fabrics, and our fresh water from its springs. Our grandfathers had lived on this land , and we will continue living on this land, as will do our children after us, they will also grow on the love Syria. Our grandmothers had recounted us many tales about this land, but the most memorable one is:

Your homeland  is your present as well as your future, so cherish and preserve it forever.

Dr. Jihad Ttaher Bakfalouni

Edited by: Lama Al-hassanieh