The Turkish president has now recognized the danger of al-Qa'eda organization and the branches affiliated to it. He wants to collect the falling papers by forgetting what his government did and how it  opened the borders to the terrorists to infiltrate into Syria, and how he also concluded a devilish contract with them including al-saud, the salafist Wahhabi thoughts  and al-Doha rulers. He tries to catch up the Salafist project represented by Bandar al-Saud who represents the armed terrorist groups affiliated to the foreigners in all aspects of the scene.

The concerted efforts of the Syrian Arab Army and the achieved victories made the terrorists retreat, not only the terrorists but also those who support them to change their opinions towards the Syrian crisis.

Politically, though the United States insists on exerting pressure in a bid to issue a UN Security Council resolution by imposing force or military intervention in Syria, deliberations between the Russian foreign minister and his American counterpart continue to accelerate in order to convene' Geneva 2' next month. Hence shelving  chapter seven of the Russian-American project as long as  Syria honors its decision to remove the chemical weapons.

The Organization for the protection of chemical weapons (OPCW) announced that Syria had handed over the detailed files about its chemical weapons to the organization, Pointing out to the compliance of the Syrians side to its obligations under the items of  the Russian-American agreement.

Subsequent steps need an agreement on the conditions  and procedures to destroy the chemical weapons as there will be no hindrance from the Syrian side about the materialization of this agreement.

Syria is ready to attend the International Conference of Geneva 2 without any conditions, which will embarrass the foreign opposition which is void of  any patriotism calling for  a foreign military intervention against Syria. They were annoyed by the  Russian-American agreement which broke the back of their financiers, especially after it was refused by the terrorist organizations  in an attempt to confound the whole scene.

The Western contradictory attitudes put these groups into a shameful position, who do not know where  the events are heading to recognize on which ground they shall stand, awaiting  what the Russian -American talks will unfold, and what the international stance will produce, to find a political solution to the current situation in Syria. It is sooner than expected any time but shortly the terrorists groups will be out of the equation.

Ahmad OrabiBa'aj

E & T : H. Shammout