The political scene regarding the Syrian crisis is clearly different now especially after the US'  played down threats about  launching an aggression against Syria despite the fact that   these threats are still on the table.

 Therefore, the US found in the Russian initiative concerning the Syrian chemical weapon  a means to escape the  embarrassment which is  caused  by its  decision to launch an aggression against  Syria. For the US has faced externally, an international and popular  protests  about its  aggression, internally, this aggressive work has been described as a departure from the international legitimacy.

 Following  the agreement between the two ministers Lavrov and Kerry, the  disappointment of Istanbul opposition  and the countries which supported the  US aggression against  Syria, became conspicuous. Actually, the Russian-American agreement is far from  the issue of chemical weapons in Syria to be  put  under the  international supervision only.

 Hence  the  two ministers Lavrov and Kerry  stressed that the solution in Syria  will be realized but  only through political means. They  also agreed on  paving the way for  an international conference onpeace in Syria  which aims at obliterating  terrorism that struck Syria for more than two  years and a half.

 Much to the chagrin of the supporters of  terrorism in Syria , those who  rejected strongly the Russian-American agreement as if they were the arbiters of such decisions, forgot that  they were mere tools no more. Their  hatred for  the Syrians made them prepare  a fertile environment for takfiri and  Wahhabi terrorists  groups by breeding  them and facilitating their infiltration  into Syria  to destroy the country.

Regarding the French position, it  is but to implement the orders of  its  master, the  US. The   French  government's role  will finish when the US gives orders to stop.

 On the other hand, with the advent  of the  political process, all those who were calling for aggression against Syria  will turn to look for a place at the table of the  political dialogue. They will not find this place and will only reap the shame and curse of the Syrian people.

 Syria will steadfastly overcome the conspiracy through its honorable people and  brave  army. Syria will remain the  impregnable fortress in the face of the Zionist conspiracies and  all its lackey  allies from the Gulf states and western countries who will be relegated into the ash heap of history. 

 Ahmed Orabi Ba'aj

 E&T: Maysa Wassouf