The US is still practicing its contradictory policy towards the crisis in Syria. The last stance of the US is to launch military attack against Syria , and it is , as usual, based on weak and trivial arguments to justify this aggression.

In fact, it is crystal clear after two years of the Syrian crisis that the US was depending on its allies such as Saudi Arabia , Qatar and Turkey. All these countries support terrorism in Syria with the continuous blanket of Israel. But the US changed its plan concerning the battle and decided to interfere publicly in Syria.

Hence , the US was displeased having witnessed the great victories achieved by the Syrian army who pursued the terrorists and eliminated them in most of the Syrian territories. The US' stance clearly leads to an inference in a direct message from Washington that "no victory over terrorism."

On the other hand, the repercussions of the British Parliament's refusal to participate in  the aggression raised a lot of questions and analyses . The French opposition has similar stance in forbidding the government from getting entangled in military attack against Syria.

As for the so-called Arab League, it is indeed a surprising and shameful stance of Arab countries. They simply jumped the gun and did not hesitate in accusing the Syrian government of using the chemical weapons even before the investigation committees and the United Nations probed into the investigation who was the side using the weapons.

Thus, most Arab countries had strongly supported the US stance to launch aggression against Syria. But on the other side, there are honorable stances of other governments which support the independency of Syria's political decision such as the BRICS countries and other friendly countries.

Moreover, no one can deny Egypt's official and popular stance towards the US aggression against Syria. Hence, Egypt has not been tempted by the Saudi Arabia's aid but on the contrary Egypt of Arabism has returned to the regional and Arabic political fold .

The Egyptian army realized that the US is trying to implement a dangerous plan aiming at destroying the Arab armies. Whereas the US began this plan in Iraq, and is seeking now to destroy Syria , then in Egypt when it supported the Muslim Brotherhood.

Whatever the results of the US' escalating stances about the aggression against Syria, Syria will remain steadfast. In conclusion every one calling for the military foreign intervention in his country must be deemed a traitor to his homeland.


Ahmed Orabi Ba'aj

E&T: Maysaa Wassouf