Undoubtedly, the Arab  princes and rulers owners of  oil, gas and petrodollar, suddenly   appear on the political landscape in this inopportune  time. Hence ,they are trying to change the movement of history and steal its  facts  through   helping the  foreign and colonial powers to fight  people in the region. Those rulers do their best to  offer the countries of the region a gift to America and Israel by plundering its riches and disintegrating   its  people  by inflaming the sectarian strife. 

The ulterior motive of the Arab rulers is to turn the  region back to the era of satellite colonialism. However, They are but puppets which  are greatly controlled by the  external powers. They are known by their  reckless and half-assed  policy, so they practice  all kinds of political obscenity. Why not! They have  neither  conscience  nor ordinance  in their political dictionary. For them,  the glare of  money is  predominantly stronger than  that  of thinking or equilibrium  the thing which  blinded their  insights and to become more  malicious and atrocious. 

Those Arab rulers have built their  false emirates  on straw bases, drowning  in   their dreams, irrespective of the movement of history and its greatness because they do lack  civilization. Indeed , Arab rulers  think that they have the right to control the destiny  of all countries because they have indepletable riches. But they  do forget that  there are  effective  powers  who believe  in their  issues , and have the right to make  their history.  Those people  are trying to scheme their own  future away from foreign powers which do not hesitate to meddle with  their  internal affairs.

 Certainly, those who pursue  the culture of sedition and killing, and participate  in the conspiracy against  the people of the region,  will ultimately lose the game. For the sons of this land  are  strongly attached to  their noble history and  culture. Throughout history, they  used to carry  messages of love and tolerance and renounce all forms of  violence and hatred. No doubt they will overcome  those who  have no  civilization as they emerged from the  caves  of history accompanied with their hateful primitivism and bigotry.

 Dr. Khalaf al-Meftah

E&T: Maysa Wassouf