From the very beginning of the crisis in Syria, the US has adopted double standards trying to change facts upside down, especially with regard to the political solution of the crisis. The U.S. statements and decisions towards the crisis also stress the U.S. administration's dishonesty and deceit in the efforts aimed to find a political solution to the crisis in Syria through convening the international conference in Geneva.

The reality about the U.S. intentions has been exposed to everybody as they aim for violence and terrorism to continue in Syria to disrupt security and stability in the region in service of Israeli American aggressive goals.

Since the outbreak of the crisis in Syria, the US has not stopped arming the terrorists and supplying them with all forms of support to carry out their criminal acts that target the Syrian people and the infrastructure. Throughout its Arab and regional tools, especially Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, the US has offered various kinds of weapons and ammunition to the armed terrorist groups not to mention the highly developed technological and sophisticated communication devices.

Despite the fact that the Syrian government’s stand towards solving the crisis politically was crystal clear and its agreement to attend Geneva conference without any pre-conditions, the US alleged that the Syrian government was not willing to participate in Geneva 2 conference. Such provocative statement is not strange for the US administration which has been practicing a political duplicity since the beginning of the crisis.  This US allegation was not strange as it came from an administration that adopted an approach devoid of credibility and reliability towards all the questions in the Middle East, especially with regard to the Palestine question and the crisis in Syria. The US was distorting facts by claiming that the leadership in Syria was not willing to participate in the international conference due to be held on Syria in Geneva without preconditions.  In fact, the US administration and its allies did not like the positive response of the Syrian government and its keenness on finding a peaceful settlement for the crisis through a comprehensive national dialogue away from foreign diktat, so they started to fabricate baseless accusations against Syria. 

The US and its Western and regional allies have confirmed that the only solution for the crisis in Syrian is political, but their covert actions and clandestine policies run contrary to their public statements. At the beginning of the crisis, President Obama and senior officials at the US administration and the White House claimed that the US believes in the political solution of the crisis through dialogue away from violence. But in reality, this stand was categorically contradicted when the US administration ordered its regional allies, especially Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia to offer funds and arms to the armed terrorist groups in Syria to kill Syrians and devastate their public and private properties.  News reports said that the princes of Al-Saud have recently funneled at least $100 million to the mercenaries fighting in Syria. The latest expenditure was reportedly $50 million, spent by Saudi Arabia to buy weapons from Israel for supply to the armed groups. Most of those weapons are going to the Al Qaeda groups, such as Al Nusrah Front and Islamic State of Iraq and Sham. The princes of Al Saud also appointed the notorious Bandar Bin Sultan to supervise funding, arming and planning attacks against Syrian people and their properties.

 Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called on the armed groups and members of the so-called National Syrian Council to press ahead with their criminal acts and atrocious crimes against Syrian people and refrain from taking part in any peaceful settlement or national dialogue aimed to end the crisis peacefully.  This means that the US interest in nonviolent solution is just propaganda to mislead the world public opinion and beautify the US sinister colonialist policies.

The US contradictory stand was manifested following the recent agreement between the Russian Foreign Minister Sergi Lavrov and the US Secretary of State John Kerry to hold Geneva 2 conference through which the political solution for the crisis in Syria is advocated. But this agreement was immediately breached by new US plans to provide the armed terrorist groups with highly-sophisticated weapons.  The US Secretary of State John Kerry and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov agreed on shifting the crisis into the political track while the US continues arming the opposition. Big amounts of weapons have been flowing to the armed terrorist groups in Syria and there are tens of thousands of foreign fighters fighting the Syrian army and committing horrible and savage crimes against the Syrian people. Despite the fact that the US has put Jabhat al-Nusra on its list of terrorist organizations, the US is still offering all forms of support, including arms to the terrorist groups.

The hypocrite and biased stand of the US has been exposed to world public opinion as it claims that terrorism threatens the international security and at the same time the US administration is cooperating with the same groups which they listed as terrorist, such as Al Qaeda and Jabhat al-Nusra, because this cooperation serves the American Zionist project in the region, especially targeting Syria, the key player in the axis of the resistance in the region. The US and Israel tried earlier to end this axis, especially in 2006 when Israel launched its aggression against Lebanon, but thanks to the heroic and valiant deeds of the Lebanese National Resistance men and the Syrian unlimited support, Israel was defeated in a humiliating way and the New Middle East Project proposed by former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was foiled.   

The US and its Western and regional allies have been facilitating the entry of extremist fighters to Syria after training and funding them. However, following their shameful involvement in exporting hundreds of terrorists to Syria, they began to express concern about the possible return of these terrorists to their countries. So, they encourage terrorists to commit crimes in Syria and take strict measures to prevent their return to their homelands for fear of their criminal acts.

The US doubled stand and biased approach continued regarding the armed groups’ use of chemical weapons in Khan al-Asal, near Aleppo. The Syrian government agreed to conduct an accurate and objective investigation into the possibility that chemical weapons were used in Syria and reached an agreement with the UN General Secretariat regarding having an international expert team coming to Syria.

Syria requested an honest UN investigation to look into the incident of using chemical weapons by the armed terrorist groups in Khan al-Assal area in the countryside of Aleppo which took place last March 19th and left scores of martyrs and injured among the civilians.

The UN and Syria announced late July that they reached an agreement on the work of the committee to investigate the chemical weapons use. The agreement was reached after a visit by the committee's delegation to Damascus.

The US dishonest stand towards the crisis in Syria was manifested when the US administration hindered the arrival of the UN team in charge of the investigation of chemical weapons’ use by the armed terrorist groups in Khan al-Asal and it was late for five months. The delay was deliberate to enable the armed terrorist groups to conceal evidence of using chemical weapons against Syrian citizens.

Instead of turning facts upside down, the US administration should acknowledge that the so called Syrian “opposition” has been placing several conditions to agree to hold the international conference on Syria in Geneva. This “opposition” posed several conditions to agree to hold it. The participation of the Syrian “opposition” in the Geneva conference is the main obstacle hindering it. After proposing the initiative with the US to hold the conference, Russia worked with the Syrian government which affirmed readiness to send a delegation with full authority to participate in the conference with no preconditions. But the so-called “opposition” did not give an indication about its intention to attend the conference.

The latest episode of the US conspiracy against Syria was fabricating the story of the chemical weapons alleging that the Syrian Arab Army used toxic gases in Eastern Ghuta.  The US ordered Saudi Arabia and Qatar to start a frenzied campaign and a false media fanfare through misleading channels of Al-Arabiya and al-Jazeera claiming that the Syrian Arab Army used toxic gases in al-Ghuta, Damascus Countryside. This politicised accusation came as a desperate attempt to make the Syrian people succumb to the American-Zionist pressure in light of the great victories realized by Syrian army in clearing vast areas of the terrorist groups.  The accusations came on the first day of the work of the UN committee in charge of investigating into the use of chemical weapons by the armed terrorist groups in Khan al-Asal.  The aim was crystal clear, namely to distract the UN investigation team from its original mission according to the agreement signed between the UN and the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry, because Syria has clear-cut evidence on the use of chemical weapons by the armed terrorist groups through eyewitnesses and soil and air samples. Syria has submitted clear evidence to the UN and Russia on the armed terrorist groups’ use of chemical weapons.

The US insists to accuse Syria of using chemical weapons without evidence to justify its aggression, in an attempt to keep the armed terrorist groups afloat after a series of astounding achievements by the Syrian army on the ground.

The U.S. allegations on chemical weapons use by the Syrian government in Damascus countryside are distortion of facts aimed at justifying a potential aggression against Syria and supporting the armed terrorist groups which are receiving severe blows by the Syrian Arab Army every day.

It was not sufficient for Obama’s administration to direct groundless accusations against Syrian government and army, but it went further when Obama and his aides started a frantic campaign to launch a military strike against Syria. By launching such strike, the US is working to impede all the political efforts being exerted to find a way out of the crisis in Syria.

Obama is committing the same mistakes of Bush’s administration ten years ago when he accused Iraq of possessing weapons of mass destruction and embarked on a disastrous war behind the UN's back. The Iraqi people are still suffering from the adverse consequences of Bush’s reckless military adventure. Violent acts and bombings are carried out by the Takfiri terrorist groups claiming the lives of scores of innocent people daily in Baghdad and several Iraqi cities.

The US and its allies are trying to impose the results of the investigation and threaten to use force against Syria in advance.  The US is seeking through these threats to make an adjustment in the balance of power to give a better bargaining position for the armed terrorist groups after they saw that the developments are not going to serve their interests anymore.

When a country violates international law, it is not for the US or its Western allies to hold it to account, for all these countries have to go back to the UN charter to see if this country did violate international law and jeopardized world peace.

US President Barack Obama has launched an intense lobbying effort on Capitol Hill to gain lawmakers’ approval for his proposed military strike against Syria. Earlier, more than 100 lawmakers signed a letter saying it would be unconstitutional for Obama to take a unilateral military action against Syria.

Obama is also facing a lack of support from allies abroad. British Prime Minister David Cameron suffered a humiliating defeat when British lawmakers refused to support his call for military strike on Syria. In addition, anti-war demonstrations have been held in different countries across the world in protest against the flagrant US military intervention in Syria.

Obama and his aides should realize that any US or foreign military intervention in Syria will have very grave repercussions, first of which would be chaos and fire which will burn the entire Middle East and Arab region. Obama's intention to launch a military strike against Syria means that it has completely succumbed to the pressure of the Zionist lobby and the US administration hardliners.  He should realize that the whole Middle East will be set ablaze if the US attacked Syria.

The US threats won’t weaken the will of Syrian people and their strong determination to fight Takfiri terrorism which targets their country and the peaceful co-existence Syria has enjoyed since time immemorial. Syria would remain as it has always been the land of amity, fraternity and tolerance and the birthplace of moderate Islam in spite of the universal war it is facing.

The Syrian people's steadfastness and the prowess of our valiant armed forces can guarantee foiling the U.S.-Israeli plots and eliminating their criminal tools in Syria which will remain the staunch defender of Arab causes.