With what those two countries are representing of a colonial history full of carnage, hatred, and persecution of people- who have already received their slice of aggression - are making a comeback today to play on the same malicious chord in their support for terrorism in Syria.

Both France and Britain are taking US echo voice roles, reflecting its dark history in supporting the bigot Zionist entity. That entity being the engine and compass directing the United States, colonial powers, oil and gas Arabs, and neo – Ottomans; in their antagonism either by authenticity or deputy, or by shabby and villainy .

France and Britain do not but see, what the United States wants to see. Therefore, Holland and Cameron 's remarks about chemical weapons are unsurprising, as well as their incitement to launch an external aggression on Syria.

Al Saud has bought the remaining scruples in king of Jordan’s court, which has currently became a planning and training main base, and the platform from which most of the wicked and aggressive plots against Syria are launched, carrying across executive orders to terrorism machine to increase innocent Syrian’s blood shedding at the hands of Takfiri killers funded and supported by Wahhabism, with the United States and its allies consent. All after, Saudi oil tank vampire undertook terrorist operations board from Oman, due to its proximity of the decision making in Tel Aviv, not having to travel great distances to communicate with interested parties and Arab event planners.

The Amman meeting of US allied armies leaders, is but an unrelenting support of terrorism, increasing its pace and beating war drums. Surely, Israelis are not far from that meeting, nor outside its lobbies; having been present in a way or another. Therefore, the situation becomes more pronounced , underlining Jordan’s official and conspiratorial role on Syria, and dropping  every made-up talk about its casting away from intervening in the Syrian crisis.

All this hysteria and shouting have been raised because the recent Syrian Arab army blows over terrorism, especially in Damascus suburbs, in addition to many other places where they suffered huge losses.

Whatsoever U.S. and its allies flutter to launch an external aggression on Syria, they well know that they cannot endure this aggression outlays, that might blowout in the region and the world.

The International status quo could change, as the United States is no longer the world's policeman, such as it was from the 1990s of last century. 

Syria will arise victorious from this crisis, history and geography do not lie. Our martyrs blood is the bridge to victory, where future generations will inherit dignity and pride .

In contrast, all those who tried to sabotage Syria will lose, and Gulf princes will pay a heavy price for betraying their homelands and contributing to the aggression against Syria, whose people will not forget those who stand by the right side, as well as also those who contributed to the destruction of their country and killing its people


Lama Hassania .