It seems  clearly  that there is an international slowdown  about  the political solution to the Syrian crisis by the main countries which  are largely responsible for what is happening in Syria since more than two years. Hence , many  variables had  occurred after the decline of  both  Hamad of Qatar and Erdogan of Turkey who   are still  waiting for new roles to be   determined by the US administration. The  US new  proxy is Saudi Arabia who undertook the task of financing and arming terrorists  in Syria.

 Undoubtedly, the US had  planned to create chaos in most of the Arab countries since its invasion of Iraq. And what is happening now in Egypt, Lebanon,  Iraq  and Syria serves the US' interests in the region  at the hands of the Wahabis  of  Saudi Arabia. The US sponsores  the  Saudi Wahabis  terrorists who  are financed by the Gulf states and logistically backed by Turkey and Jordan by facilitating  the  influx of weapons  and terrorists  into Syria.

 The  chaotic  situation in the region is but to   serve  the US and Israel's  common interests , the thing which contradicts  the Russia 's efforts to find a political solution to what is happening in Syria.

On the other hand, the  dangerous scenario which  the US has been  playing  in Egypt through  the upstart of  Muslim Brotherhood  to the  political scene  is considered a part of the conspiracy against Syria. Actually, the US wants to derail Syria from the axis of resistance by exterminating  the Palestinian Cause in the interest of its arch ally, Israel.

 But Syria's steadfastness in the face of  the international conspiracy is worrying the US and Israel. That's why they have to accelerate  negotiations with the Palestinians fearing the convergence of the Syrian and Egyptian armies after the expulsion of the Muslim Brotherhood  in Egypt.

In fact, the Syrian unique  steadfastness  gives the creeps to Israel, the biggest beneficiary of what is happening in the Arab world, especially Syria.

 Which way the wind blows!  The brave  Syrian Arab army is the winner in the  battle field. The army continues tracking down  terrorists and eliminating them from  all Syrian territories .

The future is promising for the people who are protected by the army who unswervingly committed to homeland.

 Ahmed Orabi Ba'aj

E&T: M.Wassouf