American Jewish Australian Martin Indyk, who served as USA ambassador to Israel, strongly defending it when he was working at "AIPAC" and then at  Washington Institute for Near East Policy. Therefore, he was appointed to represent Washington's  solicit desire to characterize pre-negotiation results.

Regional and world political circumstances have served US and Israel, giving them the chance to eliminate the Palestinian case by taking advantage of the Arabs sinking  in the so-called " Demolishing Spring" drawn by anti-Arab forces. Thus, they swooped on the Palestinian case to impose their so desired solutions

Through the American enthusiasm, John Kerry, "chairman of American diplomacy" has made a series of visits to the occupied territories and petrodollar countries, since the U.S. is  urging to complete the negotiations as soon as possible, to impose a solution whatever form or way to solve postponed complex problems. Consequently, no one will dare any more approaching those problems as Jerusalem issue, sovereignty and the right of return, but in an embellished diplomatic manner.

Obama in Kerry's mask, is trying to show good intentions by resuming negotiations and diplomatic statements which are completely free of good will, and reveal Washington's desire to reach a solution that will topple the Palestinian cause, ignoring all the degradations of this oppressed people throughout history.

Washington's desire to erase the Palestinian cause, associated with Arabs' hypocrisy  who permanently assume their false loyalty to the Palestinian people  return to its homelands.

At this time, the American hypocrisy is still continuing by providing advocacy for Israelis to increase the settlements in exchange of some prisoners release, who have already ended their period of unjust sentences. It is well known, that America will not reward the Palestinians at the expense of Israelis.

Though, political chaos is spreading all over most of Arab countries, Israel is unable to pass its sinister scheme. In addition to another dilemma  that Palestinians are facing represented by their disability to execute Israeli requests. As a matter of fact, Israel's goal is to liquidate Palestinian rights remaining under the so-called  "Peace negotiations". Nonetheless,  Palestinian cause liquidation is a far-off goal,  even though under Saudi- Guarantee.

Ahmad Orabi Ba'aj

E & T : H. Shammout