No strange what Egypt is facing nowadays. A huge failure to the brotherhood in controlling the state's government resulting in popular congestion overboard more than of what was going on before the downfall of Mubarak.

The deteriorating economic situation among Egyptians, declining in tourism and investment, degeneration of the general situation, failure to meet the challenges, declining of Egypt's important role on the Arab and regional arenas and harnessing the state's agencies for the benefit of the Muslim Brotherhood, all these circumstances combined were an apparent reason that precipitated the downfall of Mursi and his government. Therefore, Mursi and the Muslim brotherhood were an envitable decision.

The Muslim Brotherhood believed that the access to the Egyptian's presidency means their right to harness the state's agencies for their benefits.

And thus they could gradually dominate the Egyptian society and influence their  perceptions on various social and political spectra though organized terrorism.

Owing to the Gulf political finances and the enormous media marketing, which accompanied the election period in Egypt to steal the dreams of the Egyptians and their hopes to have a promising future,all Egyptians' hopes went in tatters having been hoodwinked by Saudi Arabia and Qatar to provide a substantial assistance in the event of accepting the Brotherhood regime.

It is noteworthy that the adoption of the American Master of the political Islam in Egypt and marketing it as an additional stalwart or alternative supporter to the Turkish rule to be as an economic or political role model through the brotherhood rule.

 The American Master abandoned the brotherhood and Mursi's rule. U.S.A usually dumps the losing horses when they are wrong.

Some of the Arab governments have their role ended by the American master and others will follow suit when the brotherhood's conspiracy transpired in addition to Turkey and the Gulf States who were exposed in front of their people.

During his speech, Mursi disappointed the Egyptians. He wasted a chance for the national reconciliation unless the Egyptian army played a role by ridding Egypt of risks of further collapse. This great army fought along with the Syrian one in Tishreen war.  

The statement of the Egyptian armed forces quelled the political congestion resulting from the lack of experience of Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood who affirmed mismanagement in ruling the country that could lead it to a civil war because of Mursi's foolhardiness. The army intervened to save Egypt from disintegration by drawing out a national map in accordance with the youth, religious and political events to announce isolating Mursi and his government  and to hold snap presidential elections headed by the chief of the constitutional court.

 Will Egypt emerge from its crisis?

Will it return to take its large Arab and regional role ?

Ahmad Orabi Ba'aj

T & E : H. SH