The United States of America has a right to enter in the  European mind to know what  it thinks about. So,  It will be very angry if the European countries as France, Germany, England tried to say : we  refuse this action from the American side .

This fact has changed its place from darkness to light when all the world discovered that the American authorities spied on the telephone calls of European leaders and business men.

Now we have a big desire to see the reaction of the old continent.  The French president François Hollande spoke about future results to leave their effects on the relationship between the two sides , and we understood that the situation will be very dangerous especially when he said : we cannot accept this kind of behavior between partners and allies.” the spying should “immediately stop .

Here we have short comment and we have courage to tell Mr. Hollande that the spying will resume its quite journey soon after a short pause .

After these sharp words, the American president Barack Obama felt  that he was very afraid of the French position. Further,  in Berlin, a spokesman for Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, Steffen Seibert, echoed Mr. Hollande’s anger over the eavesdropping. “We’re not in the cold war anymore,” he told the anger overshadowed efforts by Secretary of State John Kerry to play down concerns about American surveillance, telling reporters at a conference of Southeast Asian nations in Brunei on Monday that “every country in the world” involved in international affairs engages in activities to protect its national security porters.

Now we are facing real problem concerning both the place and the time .

The first problem is our looking for ourselves ,because we do not know if we are living in the cold war epoch or in the hot war epoch.

The second problem is related to the form of this war , and we are able to give many examples ; what had happened in Afghanistan and Iraq ,what are happening in "the Arab spring" countries , the Iranian nuclear file , the tense situation in Korean peninsula.

The American administration persists to name this epoch "the American Democracy"  and under this term we have to expect many surprises : constructive confusion , ethnic conflicts in many places , continued arms race between Russia and the western block , universal economic and financial crises.

It seems that the road of human suffering with the results of this  American democracy will be very long and very hard at the same time .


Dr. Jihad Taher Bakfalouni