Terrorism benefactors are convening again, after having made their marks respectively. Each  by his own way and vision in supporting terrorism on the Syrian ground, to increase the furnace of hatred coming from across the borders backed by Evil countries lurking behind Syria and its people. Countries well known for their historic hostility to Arabs and Muslims ... and not willing to change.

This comeback arose this time via putting Israel interest on the surface, since this is what “nouveaux hostile to Syria” countries (oil and gas countries), fair- weather friends bending to Mr. Israel afore U.S. Crown grace; asking for Patriot to protect their borders from Syria, but not from the Zionist entity throughout long years of Israeli occupation to Palestine.

Unsurprisingly, the United States has kept its missiles, aircraft and troops in Jordan by the Syrian borders, as it is an Israeli demand. All that is  in preparation for garrison warheads,  in waiting to intervene when opportunity comes, with Patriot as tool.

Whereas,  “Arabists” weeping the Syrian people have finally got the political cover -which they were panting behind- though coming under the excuse of forcing the Syrian state to attend Geneva International Conference− satirically presenting themselves as “friends of the Syrian people”, showing love to Syrian citizens by killing them.

Is prolonging the crisis, moving away from the International conference, and making more massacre and destruction in Syria's interest? Is it  in the Syrian people benefit? No sane person in Syria nor anywhere else, could believe that terrorism supporters really want the Syrians welfare.

As European countries are disintegrating  terrorist networks, other countries are sending, supporting, and arming new networks. Not in the intention of showing  affection for Syrians, but love for their killing. Sadly, today “oil and gas wells owners” are irrationally  pumping dollars and weapons to Syria, at the incitement and service of their Israel master.

Previously, Al-Manar Al-maqdsia newspaper revealed Saudi security officials intense convenes, linked with “terrorism fellas” decisions to support armed terrorist groups; exposing Israeli armament deals purchased with Saudi and Qatari money.


Finally, No doubt the whole issue is revolving around Israel, since its interest is premium for the United States. Everything else is but political hypocrisy maneuvered on short minds, “new Syria haters” from Gulf and “Arabists” geographically closer to Syria.


Ahmed Arabi Baaj


Translated & Edited by: L. Al-Hassanieh