Historical Relations between Syria & Egypt Unbreakable

Actually, the recent stupid statements of the leader of the Moslem Brotherhood (Egyptian President Morsi) about Syria, indicate his  reckless policy since he stole  power. Morsi  hijacked the revolution and exploited  the deteriorating internal conditions that led to the bad  situation in Egypt. This attitude of Egyptian President  was preemptive to  the escalatory steps  which are being  prepared  by  the  anti-Mosllem Brotherhood forces  and other political parties in Egypt.

On the other hand,  the Egyptian public and political forces rally  vis-à-vis the Brotherhood's hegemony . For the present Egyptian regime  is trying to change the face of Egypt's pan-Arabism  and change its  national tracks .

In fact,  the decision of the leader  of  the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt to severe relations with Syria  comes in cahoots with  what Washington , Israel, and their allies  are practicing  in their hostility to Syria, state and people.

It seems clearly that the  US needs to have  a regional role to compensate  for  the loss of  its allies gradually. Then it took many decisions such as arming the opposition and  retaining  the Patriot and the «F-16» in the wake of  its military maneuvers in Jordan and the insinuation  of military intervention and the establishment of a buffer zone.

The Russian response  clearly stated  that it will not allow the imposition  of a no-fly zone over  Syria which is  a clear message to some narrow-minded leaders , including the  leader  of the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt. Thus,  Morsi will never be a regional alternative to the upstart reckless  Erdogan  who is  mired in problems with his  people due to  his hostile policies in the region.

Through  his  antagonistic  stances against Syria, Morsi  tries to  involve Egypt into  intervening  in Syria's internal affairs , the thing which does not comport with   Egypt's role in the Arab conscience and its  honorable partnership with Syria in the  Liberation War of October .  Morsi's  target is but to preserve the satisfaction of the  US following  the  reports issued  by the White House which refer  to the disappointment of the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt because of their  lack of leadership capabilities.

It is no wonder  that Morsi utters  such  statements that do not harmonize with the  President of the largest Arab country  of such  a national  history.  Indeed it will be more surprising that Morsi will  continue to rule Egypt after he burned  all  his cards, since  the deep-rooted relationship  between  the Egyptians  and the  Syrians   is over  Morsi's head . Hence, no one can break the historical relations between the two countries which are  united  in defense of the rights of the nation and its history.

Ahmad Orabi Baa'j

Edited &Translated: M. Wassouf