Without any doubt , the way to Geneva is still fraught with difficulties because there  is no agreement yet about a specific date to hold  the conference. The main problem lies in the oppositions 'participation in the conference. Actually  Russia exerts great efforts   to make the Geneva conference succeed , but these efforts  are hampered by negative interference of  the  US tools in the region.

The US- Russian agreement represents an important international opportunity in finding a political solution to the crisis in Syria. But nobody can deny the absence of the serious stances of the parties sponsoring the foreign opposition,  especially the US.

Moreover, the US is foiling all international efforts to hold the Geneva conference as soon as possible. This seems clearly
 through the latest White House statement which fabricated accusations towards the Syrian government , the thing which put the conference in a dangerous circle.

Then , serious and positive stances are required from the US being the pivotal international player in the Syrian crisis. US must urge the foreign opposition to nominate the members who will represent them in Geneva conference.

On the other hand, the Russian stance is very clear in holding  the opponents liable for delaying the conference, and warning of the repercussions of the White House statement, confirming that the charges contained therein are doctored.

The Syrian government is legitimate and it represents all Syrians. Besides, the Syrian Army is the only one who enforces the rules of the game on the ground and achieves victories in cleansing all the Syrian territories from the terrorist groups.

However, the Syrian government agrees to attend the Geneva conference without any conditions aiming to cease the Syrian bloodshed and to stop the pyramiding attempts to destroy the infrastructure by causing more vandalism .

Regarding the Europeans countries, most of them began to take retreating stances towards the crisis in Syria. It seems obviously in the European officials' statements (Austria , Germany and others). They all stressed that the solution of the crisis in Syria is but through political negotiation and not through external intervention and arming terrorists.

In all cases, the US is joining the chorus of mercenaries and its direct involvement in supporting terrorism will not change anything on the ground, because the Syrians will determine the future of their country. Ultimately, the Syrians are the decision-makers and masters of the situation, and the Syrian army will call the tune when needed.


Ahmad Orabi Ba'aj

E&T: M.Wassouf