Erdogan's regime applies a policy of Turkification in the areas occupied by its forces in northern Syria

The Turkish regime, headed by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, continues its systematic Turkification policy in the areas occupied by its forces and terrorist organizations in northern Syria.

This Turkification policy includes changing the Turkish occupied area’ features, making a demographic change in it, displacing its residents, imposing deals in Turkish lira instead of the Syrian national currency, changing school curricula and the names of towns and villages in it.

In a new step in the context of Turkification policy on August 15, media outlets revealed that the Turkish Higher Education Council approved the expansion of the (Gaziantep) University branches and opening three new study departments in the Turkish -occupied areas in northern Syria.


According to the media sources, the new departments include teaching mathematics, science,  Turkish language, social and political sciences, and public administration. 

The Turkification policy started with the occupation of northern Syria and was represented when  Syrian schools were renamed after Turkish officers killed during the Turkish aggression on Syrian lands and by imposing the Turkish language as a basic subject in the teaching curricula.

The Turkish regime forces displaced hundreds of thousands of Syrians from their homes and destroyed hospitals, schools and the infrastructure.

Local sources and press reports confirmed that the Turkish regime worked to settle terrorists and their families in the homes of the people who were forcibly displaced from them as part of a demographic change plan for the Turkish occupied areas in northern Syria.

According to local sources, since the Turkish occupation forces invaded Afrin in 2018, the Erdogan regime has given Turkish names tovthe main squares, towns and villages in Afrin such as the replacing the name of the town (Qastal Miqdad) to become (Seljuk Obasi) and naming (Ataturk) the main square after the displacement of thousands of people and seizeing their homes and properties.

In the Turkish occupied town of Ras al-Ain in the governorate of al-Hasakah, a school nmed(Ankara) was opened in the presence of the Turkish governor of Mardin, which is the eighth school in the town.

The Turkish opposition media sites and newspapers revealed that the Erdogan regime is trying to strengthen its occupation of the Syrian areas by printing new maps showing those areas as belonging to Turkey.

The Turkish writer Cetin Gurer said in an article published by the Turkish Ahvalwebsite, that the recent map shown in the media of the ruling Justice and Development Party reveals the true face of Erdogan’s regime, as it shows the expansion of Turkey, including regions of Syria, Iraq and others.

O. al-Mohammad