“unprecedented heights” of hypocrisy

The United Nations Security Council  reduced yesterday the cross border  points from Turkey into Syria to one to Idleb: Bab Al-Hawa. The deliberations as to reduce the number of such points underscored the yet-to-be resolved Western bias, and hypocrisy!

Some so-called big powers in the UNSC rejected to table the unbearable suffering of the Syrians under unilateral EU and US sanctions imposed. The main preoccupation for representatives of the USA, Britain, France, and Germany was just to work for extending the passage of 'humanitarian aid' through Turkey into Idleb.

The representatives of the said countries shed crocodile tears for the Syrians, who are but the victims for their unjust sanctions and blockade. As a matter of fact, all humanitarian aid should be channeled through the Syrian sovereign and legitimate authorities.

The two vetoes by Russia and China: the main 2 pillars of international order and justice, saved the Syrians from more hypocrisy and injustice. Why should the convoys come and pass through places outside the control of the Syrian government. Even the UN itself has no presence in the places through which and to which the conveys cross and head for.

One crossing-border point from Turkey should be more eye-witnessed and controlled by the legitimate Syrian authorities; all kinds of humanitarian assistance have to be from within Syria.

Before adopting the resolution Saturday, the council rejected two amendments proposed by Russia, including one suggesting that US and European Union sanctions on Syria were impeding humanitarian aid.

Russia’s deputy UN ambassador, Dmitry Polyansky, said after the vote that from the beginning Moscow had proposed one crossing — from Bab Al-Hawa to Idlib — and that Saturday’s resolution could have been adopted weeks ago. He said Russia abstained in the vote because negotiations over the resolution were marred by “clumsiness, disrespect.”

Polyansky accused Western nations on the council of “unprecedented heights” of hypocrisy, saying they were ready to jeopardize cross-border aid over the references to unilateral sanctions.

He said cross-border aid to Syria’s northwest doesn’t comply with international law because the UN has no presence in the region, which he described as being controlled “by international terrorists and fighters” that make it impossible to control and monitor who gets aid.


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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