Not limited to Bloodshed - Erdogan's regime Burns and plunders Crops of Syrian Jazeera Region

With help of terrorist mercenary tools, the Turkish regime, under the leadership of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is continuously stealing and looting the Syrian people's economic capabilities in the context of an open economic war targeting Syria's strategic wealth, especially that which directly relates to food security, such as wheat and barley crops.

Erdogan has turned into a thief, stealing the wealth and capabilities of the Syrian people. Turkey’s Sanliurfa Governor, Abdullah Erin,said: “The Turkish Agricultural Crops Office shall buy wheat and barley of Syria’s Tal Abyad and Ras al-Ayn cities, at a value not less than the market price, in addition to facilitating purchase of the crops by private companies.” Clearly, this is a routine used by the Turkish occupier to steal and plunder strategic crops.


Stealing and plundering wheat and barley crops, or setting fire to crop in war- ravaged agricultural areas, is a policy adopted by the Erdogan regime, whose aggressive goals have become clear in a systematic economic war, aimed at starving the Syrian people, following the failure of Turkey-supported terrorist militants to subjugate the Syrians who have rejected all forms of occupation.

Zaman Turkish newspaper had earlier this month confirmed that with the start of wheat harvest season, Turkish trucks loaded with grains, coming from Syria’s Jazeera region, have been regularly entering Akchale crossing in the city of Sanliurfa, in southeastern Turkey, in open theft of Syrian agricultural crops and grains in the areas occupied by the Turkish regime forces.

The newspaper quoted a truck driver named Saleh Gondogdo as saying that he transported barley and wheat from the Syrian city of Tal Abyad to the Turkish side, and then this cargo would be unloaded in the warehouses of the Turkish Agricultural Crops Office, in Sanliurfa.

In addition to that, civil sources from Syria’s Jazeera region confirmed weeks ago that the Turkish occupation forces had entered through the border Sukkariya village with several trucks, loaded with prefabricated compartments and construction materials, heading south to their illegal base in Abu Rasayn countryside in northern Hasaka. The occupation mercenaries, on their part, began harvesting wheat fields and stealing the crops from the local famers in Abu Rasayn area, using the combine harvesters recently introduced by the Turkish occupation to facilitate stealing the wheat from the locals.

It is worth noting that since the beginning of the summer, there were several fires in the Jazeera region, which burnt down hundreds of hectares planted with wheat and barley, most of which were caused by mercenaries of the Turkish regime and the American occupation forces, who are illegally present there, with the aim of depriving people of their livelihood, and putting pressure on them to collaborate against their will and market their crops to the Turkish regime, as well as  negatively affecting the Syrian economy as a whole, in light of the unfair blockade and coercive measures imposed by Western countries, led by the United States.


Rayan Faouri